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Amanda Nordstrom

Jul 5, 2015, 10:29:08 PM7/5/15
to Invicta
(( DeVeau’s Quarters, USS Invicta ))

:: Chythar and Devlin had been out for a walk exploring the ship. The
little canine kept roaming from side to side in the corridor, sniffing
everything as canines tend to do. CD allowed the pup to keep walking
ahead of him and paused when he got to the door of Alora’s quarters. As
Devlin got another two feet ahead, he called out to his friend. ::

Skyfire: Devlin!

:: Devlin padded back to his master’s side as the doc rang the chime. ::

:: The sound was answered with a parting of doors, which allowed access
to the quarters within. As the door opened, Devlin charged in at a full
run and jumped into Alora’s waiting arms. The doc followed a few steps
behind his enthusiastic companion as the doors swished shut behind him. ::

Devlin: oO Lora! Oo :: and licked her face enthusiastically. ::

Skyfire: He missed you, Alora. :: and gave a soft chuckle. :: I just had
a nice discussion with Saveron I thought you might want to know about.

::The exuberant greeting on part of the canine resulted in a series of
giggles on part of the scientist. As Devlin showered her face with a
thousand kisses, she cradled the dog in one hand and used the other to
offer a hefty rub upon his back. Finally, he calmed and she set him
down in order to pay some attention to the dog’s owner.::

DeVeau: Oh?

:: Skyfire offered her a PADD which contained all the information
Saveron found out from their earlier discussion regarding his specific
case, and he did what he could to remove all references of Ris, though
somehow he got the feeling Alora already knew of their connection,
though not the extent of it. ::

::As her eyes perused the report, a single eyebrow arched upward. She
skimmed it once, then shifted back to read it a bit more in depth,
allowing the silence to settle between them during her study.

While Alora and Chythar were distracted, poor Devlin was no longer
offered any attention - at least, not by the humans. Rather, in the
shadow of a corner where a large, newly acquired fern squatted, it’s
fronds arching over and spilling onto the floor from their low lying
shelf, a glitter of two orbs flashed, winked out, then appeared again,
trained upon the furry, hyperactive animal.::

DeVeau: He’s been studying your situation?

Skyfire: He’s more of a telepathic master than I am, and is also
fascinated by this sort of thing. He offered to sequence my genetics
after we...spoke...following his return from the dead.

DeVeau: He didn’t return from the dead - he was never dead to begin with.

::Unfortunately, that could not be said for his duplicate.::

DeVeau: And no, I never expected you to let it go. Honestly, I would
have been more worried if you hadn’t looked into it. They say curiosity
killed the cat, but evidence seems to prove otherwise. It _is_
fascinating. How do you feel about his findings?

:: Skyfire chuckled and glanced over toward his little canine companion,
who seemed to have found a new playmate within the fern. The little
Beagle walked over to the fern and began sniffing around. ::

Skyfire: Looks like your cat seems very much alive. :: He paused and
returned his gaze to her, his face once more returning to seriousness.
:: I am...intrigued by them. Granted, it’s interesting. I’m going to try
getting in touch with my Dokkaran contact, per Aron’s request, to see if
this is supported in their literature.

DeVeau: Do you think it’s referenced?

::That would be even more fascinating.::

DeVeau: I’d be interested in knowing if it does and what it does.

::The reflecting eyes followed the dog’s movements, then suddenly
blinked out of sight, leaving only the darkness behind.::

:: Devlin continued sniffing around for the unfamiliar scent, padding
around to the other side of the plant. Chythar raised a brow and allowed
himself to relax a little as he pondered over the implications. ::

Skyfire: I’m not altogether sure. Azin seemed surprised when I mentioned
what happened for some reason. :: He paused and bit his lip. :: I
did...have a crazy moment last shore leave with time...

::Unfortunately, Devlin was rewarded with empty space. Somehow, the
feline had managed to sneak past him. She appeared a moment later,
hunched beneath a small side table next to the couch, her tail twitching
and eyes half closed in amusement.::

DeVeau: Time?

::Alora glanced over at the two animals, but as neither seemed inclined
to start a fight, she refrained from interfering with their interactions.::

DeVeau: What do you mean?

:: Devlin continued sniffing around the plant until he’d made a complete
circle, then started making his way gradually to the side table. He was
curious to find out what this strange and unfamiliar scent was. ::

Skyfire: Asleep one minute, and in Peppelaxia the next. Prehistoric,
like before….with Virah-Latyi aged about ten years from when I last saw her.

DeVeau: Wow. How did that happen?

::Sachiko edged backwards and rounded the corner of the table, then to
the other side of the sofa in order to allow it to block her view. This
actually brought her to the front and, once completely out of sight, she
turned, trotted past the two humans, arched around the other edge of the
couch, then slowly began to stalk Devlin’s bottom.::

:: Devlin continued sniffing around and continued circling the cat’s
path without noticing she was actually behind him. ::

:: Chythar gave a somewhat clueless shrug. ::

Skyfire: I have no idea. I wish I ---

::There was no fade, no darkness, no blurriness. One minute, Chythar
was speaking with Alora and the next he stood in a large, dimmed room.
As his eyes adjusted to the shadowy atmosphere, shapes began to form
into recognisable contours. A large bed draped with light, filmy
material which twitched slightly as a gentle breeze flitted through
towering double doors which had been left open to allow for airflow.
Within the bed a form lay, then stirred before sitting up.

Vira-Latyi: Who’s there?

:: Chythar blinked a few more times before his eyes adapted to the
light. The familiar voice of the Peppelaxian Queen told him at once
where he was… and he didn’t like it. ::

Skyfire: Dr. Skyfire. oO What the hell am I doing back here? Oo

::Silence was followed by a rustling as the queen rose from her bed.
After a moment in the darkness, a gentle glow appeared and thrust
shadows against the walls. She lifted a small saucer like object from
which a flame danced and teased.::

:: Fortunately for him, he couldn’t sense a carrier wave from her. Just
the emotions that went along with his abilities. She seemed just as
confused as he was, and he had no idea how to explain his presence this
time. ::

Virah-Latyi: You have returned.

::Confusion was laced with amusement as the queen approached.::

Virah-Latyi: How do you find yourself here this time, and how long will
you remain?

:: He honestly couldn’t respond for several seconds, as he didn’t have
any answers. Once he finally came up with a response he gave it without
missing another beat. ::

Skyfire: I don’t have an answer to either question.

Virah-Latyi: It seems you appear randomly. It has been two years since
your last coming.

::Long, slender fingers motioned toward a table accompanied by four

Virah-Latyi: I would hear of your adventures.

:: “Appear randomly” was a bit of an understatement. Chythar had no
explanation for his jumps through time, and had not done anything
noteworthy since the last time he was here. Especially not enough to
cover two years worth of history. ::

Skyfire: There hasn’t been much to tell, Your Majesty. I’ve treated
people, eaten, slept, then got up and did it all over again.

Virah-Latyi: As a fine doctor should.

::There was a pause in her step, Virah-Latyi drew still for a moment,
then continued to the table. In the dim light, her belly was extended
and she had to lower herself with some effort.::

Virah-Latyi: How long has it been for you? You do not seem to have aged
at all. Or are your kind long lived?

:: He blinked against the light, his eyes still adjusting to the
dimness. He could make out that she was obviously pregnant, though he
didn’t speak on it. ::

Skyfire: Humans age about the same as you, I’d imagine. It has only
been… :: He counted quickly on his fingers. :: A few months, since my
last visit?


Lt. Alora DeVeau
Chief of Science

USS Invicta

Lt. Cmdr. Chythar Skyfire

Chief Medical Officer

USS Invicta

Devlin the Beagle

Therapy Dog

USS Invicta


Queen of Ancient Peppelaxia

Simmed by: Lt. DeVeau
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