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Rune Jolara

Nov 26, 2016, 12:08:56 AM11/26/16
to UFOP: StarBase 118: USS Invicta

((OOC: Sorry for taking so long. Didn't mean to drag it out... crazy, rough week.))

((Astrofori One, Starfleet Officer’s Lounge))

Walker: Danni, I need to catch Rune.. Commander Jolara.. before she runs off.  Be right back.

:: Danni’s eyes sparkled with mischief as she downed the rest of her drink. ::

James: Okaay but if you’re gone too long I may have to find someone else to party with.   

:: Grinning, Luna gave her a quick kiss::

Walker: Well, I do know where you live.  Try that and see what happens.  

:: Danni only laughed as Luna rushed away. ::

Walker: Commander.. Rune!  

Jolara: What? Do you want to tell me how it should have been someone else too?

:: Rune immediately regretted the words flying out as she turned to fully look at Luna. ::

Walker: No... I was actually coming over to see what was wrong. Nothing happened to Krystyan I hope...

:: Rune let out a sigh and shook her head. ::

Jolara: Krystyan is fine. I am just tired of… just tired.

:: Luna half guided, half lead Rune to a nearby bench. ::

Walker: Ok, since you are obviously being as ridiculous as I was the first time you spoke to me Counselor.. want to talk about it?  

Jolara: No I do not but you apparently think I am ridiculous.

:: Luna smiled slightly and shook her head. ::

Walker: No.  And it wasn't quite what I said, but I think your response was something about sitting with you until you got it off your chest.  :: She smirked:: You know, the standard annoying things people say when they want to help you... and you just want to burn a hole in the ground and hide in it.  

:: Rune’s jaw tightened. She didn’t like that Luna was cornering with her own words… Even if it was true. ::

Jolara: People think I should not have been the one to pilot the shuttle or we could have found another way. Kilrod even said it to my face… someone like him should have done it. Like I am not as good as he is.

Walker: Yeah.. I guess you could take it like that.  No one likes to see someone "throw themselves away".  And when someone else is doing it.. after the fact.  There's always another way.  But.. :: she nudged the other woman:: there was this smart woman I used to talk to in a mandatory fashion.  And SHE said that even if they were right.. it didn't matter.

Jolara: So tell me why does it not matter?

Walker: It doesn't matter because at that moment.. you made a choice.  And you have to live with your choice.  You chose to risk your life, and possibly your child's, doing something to save the ship.. and maybe everyone in the timestream ahead of us then.  Could you have chosen better?  Probably.  Could someone else have done it better?  Sure.  But they didn't, or couldn't.  You did.  That's why you deserve that medal a dozen times over.  

Jolara: And if I do not believe I deserve it?

Walker: Well that's a different question.  Did you do it because you didn't want to live anymore?  That you thought you'd lost everything and this way your death would have meaning?  If that's why you did it.. then maybe you need to talk to someone more counselly than I am…

:: Rune couldn’t look at her. The woman was half right. She had believed she had already lost everything. After all, she had thought the would be Chancellor Gorkon was dead and with him their entire future. ::

Jolara: Perhaps at first I did not believe it mattered whether or not I survived as long as the rest of the crew had a chance. But it was not because I was suicidal oOagainOo or to give my death meaning. ::sigh:: Perhaps you are correct. I am being ridiculous and I am most likely being over sensitive right now.

Walker: [tag - if any]

Jolara: I appreciate your concern. I really do but I will be fine. ::forcing a smile:: I should get back to Krystyan and you should be focusing on your fiancée and enjoying the evening.

Walker: [tag - if any]

Jolara: ::nodding:: Really. Thank you.

Walker: [tag - if any]


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