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Amanda Nordstrom

Nov 19, 2015, 11:26:12 PM11/19/15
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((WC5C Forest))

DeVeau: Isn’t this _gorgeous_?

::The forest had begun about a mile away from the camp, a scattering of
spindly trees which soon led into a paradise of timber. Great trunks
wider than even Saveron could encircle with his lengthy embrace squatted
in between trees that were shorter, younger. An array of greens and
blues speckled the sky as the canopy closed overhead, diffusing the
light and casting them in a gentle dusk, though it was by no means
difficult to see. As they walked, underbrush crackled beneath their
feet with every step, for there was no attempt to be silent as they
moved along, though Alora idly wondered if they should make more effort
to do so. If they did, they might see some wildlife rather than scaring
it away before they even approached. Regardless, simply enjoying the
natural habitat of the planet and walking through its offered scenery
was spirit lifting, at least in Alora’s case. Raissa, however, didn’t
seem to share the same outlook.::

::Raissa was walking beside her friend. In one hand she held a staff
that was almost as tall as she was. She used it to help her walk. But it
was also useful to use as a weapon if need be. She was also wondering
why she was out here. While she loved spending time in the arboretum,
she looked upon this untamed wilderness with a wary eye. She kept in
mind everything her father and grandfather had taught her of the old ways.::

Moonsong: It is lovely… though I wonder if we should be doing this alone.

DeVeau: We’re not alone. You’re my buddy, so if I fall in a big hole
and break my neck, you can go break the news to Saveron.

::Raissa gave her a look that implied tribbles were migrating from her

Moonsong: Seriously? Lor, we’re out on an unknown world with minimal

DeVeau: Come on, Ris, it’s okay. We have commbadges, we have each
other, we’re surrounded by beautiful trees on a planet where we can just
relax. So relax!

::Raissa rolled her eyes.::

Moonsong: And just how detailed was that survey before we evacuated
here? It seemed a bit rushed.

::She paused. Alora was being cheerful and she was being grumpy. She
needed to lightened up, but she wasn’t sure she could be that light and
cautious as the same time.::

Moonsong: So…. if I have to break the news to Saveron… does that mean I
can have him?

DeVeau: Sav? Nope. No way.

Moonsong: Why not?

DeVeau: Because I will come and haunt you. Actually, I’ll probably
haunt him. He’s mine. _All_ mine.

::Alora turned a cheshire grin toward her friend.::

DeVeau: Now, seriously, when was the last time you got to walk on a
planet and just enjoy the scenery, enjoy the bird song, enjoy just _being_?

::Raissa had to think::

Moonsong: Does the arboretum count?

DeVeau: No.

Moonsong: I was raised on a farm, remember?

DeVeau: Yes, I remember, so this should be something you enjoy!

::Alora flung out her arms and tilted her head back as if she were
attempting to embrace the entire forest. She then calmed herself and
resumed the walk.::

DeVeau: You know, there’s a reason why I brought you along.

Moonsong: My scintillating personality?

DeVeau: Well, that too. I’m not completely oblivious. I know what it
does to you, to be around all those people. When you talk to me, I _do_

::Raissa continued to walk beside her friend.::

Moonsong: I know you do. You have no idea how much you mean to me.

DeVeau: And even with that awesome telepathic mind of yours, I don’t
think you know how much you mean to me, so stop complaining and walk
with me silly.

::Alora turned around so she was walking backwards for a moment.::

DeVeau: So what do you think of the newbies?

Moonsong: I think we need to put a bungee cord on Raj.

DeVeau: That was quite the entrance they made. Not really my favourite
way to get woken up in the middle of the night, but you know…

Moonsong: I will kindly not bring up the subject of the flying tent

DeVeau: I’m just glad Sachiko wasn’t in the tent. She would have gone
flying with it. And it’s not _my_ fault the tent didn’t stay on the
ground! The shuttle blew several over!

::Since the kitten had made numerous, daring escapes from her cage,
Alora had given up and just let the feline roam free. Thus far, the
creature always returned and generally came when she called. As time
passed by, Alora had gotten less antsy about letting her pet wander about.::

DeVeau: I think Tuk will have a good friend in Raj. He’s a good cook
and Raj sounds like he’s a good eater.

Moonsong: ::smirks:: He does seem to have the same fascination for food
that you do.

DeVeau: Fascination for food? Surely you jest. I’m not fascinated
with food!

Moonsong: And don’t think I don’t know you looked in my bag for
chocolate. You’re lucky I hate the stuff and only carry it around for you.

DeVeau: I didn’t! Wait, you have chocolate?

::Alora had managed, some how, not to trip while walking backwards,
probably because she kept a very slow pace. As soon as she heard the
word ‘chocolate’, however, she stopped dead in her tracks.::

DeVeau: You brought chocolate?

::Raissa smirked and kept walking past her friend.::

Moonsong: Of course I brought chocolate.

DeVeau: Okay, we have to go back right now. What kind of chocolate?

::Raissa shrugged and kept on moving::

Moonsong: The brown kind. Its got some crispy bits in it. I don’t
understand why you love the stuff. Oh look! A bird! Isn’t it beautiful?

DeVeau: Oh _now_ you’re interested in the fauna. I love it because it
is a mouthful of dreaminess, a creamy delight, a deliciousness that can
not be equalled by anything else.

::Raissa was indeed looking up at a brightly plumaged bird flitting
among the branches above their head.::

Moonsong: Blech. I don’t like chocolate, Lor.

DeVeau: I know, but have you ever tried chocolate and caramel
_together_? Oh...so wonderful…

Moonsong: I love caramel. Loath chocolate.

DeVeau: But have you tried them _together_?

Moonsong: I don’t want to. ::pause:: Are you paying attention? ::points
up at the bird that was looking down with equal curiosity.::

DeVeau: You keep distracting me.

::Alora finally did turn to peer up at the feathered creature which
fanned its tail, then closed it. Purple, green, and blue all mingled
together in a shimmering array of colour. Some sort of crest lifted,
then lay back down. Dark eyes peered over a blue beak and it cocked its
head one way, then the other as if trying to figure out what strange
pair of creatures stood below it.

Moonsong: Since this is an unexplored world, does that mean we get to
name everything?

DeVeau: Oh! It’s so pretty! Yes, we get to name it. What would you
name it?

::Raissa chuckled to herself.::

Moonsong: It’s a ‘Lorabird’.

DeVeau: That makes me sound egotistical.

::Alora wrinkled her nose and peered up at the creature who fluttered
its wings, then settled back down, still studying the two of them as
they studied him. Or her.::

DeVeau: Could call it the Risabird if you want to go that route. I
wonder what it sounds like.

Moonsong: We’ll probably find out eventually. You’re the scientist. What
do you think?

DeVeau: I don’t know. I don’t want to scare it. What do you think it
eats? Maybe we can follow it once it moves.

::Raissa chuckled. She dug around in the bag on her hip and took out a
small tricorder. She aimed it up at the bird.::

Moonsong: I don’t think we can follow it. It does fly after all. ::she
tapped a couple of controls.:: But now I have pictures and an initial scan.

DeVeau: I didn’t know you had that.

Moonsong: I brought this in case we find some interesting plants. You
never know where you’ll find the next great miracle drug.

DeVeau: I brought my triPADD, you just keep distracting me with
chocolate. Oh, there it goes!


Lt. Cmdr Raissa Moonsong

Chief of Counseling

USS Invicta



Lt. Cmdr. Alora DeVeau

Chief of Science

USS Invicta

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