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Oct 7, 2015, 5:02:09 PM10/7/15
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OOC: Backsimmed due to life getting in the way of writing this. *G*

Oh, and did I say the last post was the last in the series? This one
really is.

(( Skyfire’s Quarters, USS Gorkon ))

:: It had been at least a day since his temporal incursion. CD had
written up the AAR and sent it on to Quinn, and to Alora for further
study. He was dead-tired, and as he walked into his undecorated room he
headed straight for the bed, where upon he face planted onto it. ::

:: Devlin jumped up onto the bed and curled up beside his master, then
started barking at the noise from Chythar’s chest: the comm badge. ::

Comm Officer:: =/\= Subspace call for you, Commander Skyfire.=/\=

:: Chythar got up and went to his desk, activating the little terminal
upon it. ::

Skyfire: =/\= Put it through.=/\=

DeVeau: =/\=Hey Chy.=/\=

::She’d gotten the message from him and contacted him as soon as she

:: Chy. Put it that way, his name sounded like a tea. Or was it coffee?
Whichever. He must’ve been a very sweet guy to have been thought upon
with such affection. Alora was the only person to have used this
nickname of his acquaintance. ::

Skyfire: =/\= Guess I’m just a sweetie, aren’t I? To what do I owe the
pleasure at this ungodly hour of I can’t tell if it’s morning?=/\=

DeVeau: =/\=Check the time, it’s not _that_ early. Haven’t you normally
started your day by now?=/\=

::As a doctor, she thought he would have, but perhaps she had made too
much of a presumption.::

DeVeau: =/\=Besides, I’ve been looking into this information you sent
me. Would you mind doing a tricorder scan for me?=/\=

:: It was very early, for him at any rate. He felt like he hadn’t gotten
any sleep at all in the last several days...hours...whatever...since his
transfer. Between tending to the injured Commander Chen, the remaining
medical clearances of the Gorkon crew after quarantine, and his own, he
was baffled at the fact he had time to feed Devlin, let alone catch a
few power naps. ::

Skyfire: =/\=Now?=/\=

DeVeau: =/\=I was hoping so. The sooner, the better.=/\=

:: He picked up the tricorder from beside his desk and began it, though
glanced at the screen rather than the device. ::

Skyfire: =/\=Alright, but you still haven’t answered my question. What
about the info I sent you? =/\=

DeVeau: =/\=Well, you sent me a message that you’d traveled back again.
I want another scan, to see how it compares to this one. If it
happens after this, I’d like you to go ahead and take a scan as soon as
you can, but let’s just go with this one for now.=/\=

:: He nodded solemnly, though in his mind he doubted if he’d be going
back. As he spoke, he swallowed hard. Regardless of whether or not he
could actually sense her death, he was there for it. Like losing a
patient, death was always hard. ::

Skyfire: =/\=Virah-Latyi is dead. I don’t think I will be…=/\=

DeVeau: =/\=Oh…=/\=

::That wasn’t a guarantee, but if her theory was correct, then what he
spoke was true. If they wanted to find out, she’d need a scan.::

DeVeau: =/\=I’m...I’m sorry. Um…=/\=

::What should she say to that?::

DeVeau: =/\=Are you okay with taking a scan for me?=/\=

:: Once he finished the scan, he linked the tricorder data to the feed
and the information flashed on DeVeau’s screen. ::

Skyfire: =/\=Results should be on your screen.=/\=

DeVeau: =/\=Give me a few.=/\=

::Alora turned away from the console screen so she could transfer the
information to her TriPADD. The results would take a moment, so she
dared to query…::

DeVeau: =/\=How’s the Gorkon?=/\=

:: He was still wearing the teal collar because he hadn’t replicated his
red shirt yet. There hadn’t been enough time for him to tell anyone
about it. ::

Skyfire: =/\=It’s gotten a lot more interesting since I’ve gotten here.=/\=

DeVeau: =/\=It’s not the same around here without you.=/\=

Skyfire: =/\=I can imagine. Devlin and I have missed you too. =/\=

:: It seemed to take a few moments for his words to register about
things getting interesting. Confusion didn’t quite suit her features,
though whether it was about his test results or his earlier statement he
couldn’t tell. ::

Skyfire: =/\=You look confused. Doesn’t suit you.=/\=

DeVeau: =/\=I’m not sure how things have gotten _more_ interesting...=/\=

Skyfire: =/\=Well, I had the visit in the past, then went to sickbay,
then got back to my room...then the next day was made first officer.=/\=

DeVeau: =/\=Oh. Oh!=/\=

::Alora straightened up, a smile alighting in her eyes. Now that _was_
interesting indeed!::

DeVeau: =/\=Congratulations, Chy! That’s wonderful! =/\=

Skyfire: =/\=:: nodded :: I’ll let you know how it goes after I’ve been
in the spot a while.=/\=

DeVeau: =/\=I want a detailed account.=/\=

:: The doc’s brows hiked as he contemplated the implications of her
request, and seriously doubted he’d be making log entries that
regularly. Heck, his log entries haven’t really been consistent since
the Garuda. ::

Skyfire: =/\=You can’t be serious.=/\=

DeVeau: =/\=Yep. Minute by minute recap of everything that happens. =/\=

Skyfire: =/\=Come off it, darling. I doubt even Saveron is that
meticulous with his log entries.=/\=

DeVeau: =/\=Okay, maybe not minute by minute, but this is so exciting!
I’m so happy for you!=/\=

:: Again, he nodded. There wasn’t much more he could add to what he’d
already stated, so instead he returned to the reason why she had called
in the first place, wondering idly if she made any sense out of the
tricorder data that he’d sent over. ::

Skyfire: =/\=Any luck with the tricorder scan?=/\=

DeVeau: =/\=Oh! Yeah, sorry.=/\=

::That was the problem with talking with friends - she got sidetracked
sometimes. Alora focused on the information passed along by Chythar and
compared it to the data she had compiled from earlier scans. As she
perused the information, she nodded. Her hypothesis had pretty much
been confirmed.::

DeVeau: =/\= Yeah. It’s gone.=/\=

:: His brows raised slightly in mild confusion, though he did recall
their conversations on the subject. At this point, it took a bit of
effort to remember. ::

DeVeau: =/\=Remember how I told you my hypothesis about a temporal link?=/\=

Skyfire: =/\=Vaguely. What about it?=/\=

DeVeau: =/\=It’s gone. I mean, completely gone. Not a trace. When I
realised what it was and how it differed, I went back and ran more
processes on the previously compiled data and found traces present.
Although they were there, they were so small and insignificant, they
were easily missed, but they were still there, even if very easy to miss.

Skyfire: =/\=Meaning?=/\=

DeVeau: =/\=The link is gone. There’s no more connection. From what I
can gather, with her death, that link was severed.=/\=

Skyfire: =/\=So it won’t happen again. Good…=/\=

:: He ran a hand along his face and tried to relax, picking up his
little canine companion and waving one of Devlin’s paws in Alora’s
general direction. ::

Skyfire: =/\=He misses you.=/\=

Devlin: =/\=oO Lora! Oo Raff!=/\=

DeVeau: =/\=Hey sweet boy. I miss you too. =/\=

::Alora returned the wave with an enthusiastic one of her own, then
peered more closely at Chythar. Even though she was glad he was rising
in the ranks, she wondered how much of his new duties meant he wasn’t
getting the rest he needed.::

DeVeau: =/\=You should get some sleep. Do you want me to communicate
this information with anyone? Like Ris, maybe?=/\=

:: CD nodded and wanted to lie down. Naps were apparently something that
he had to get in before being social again. Or at least, before he
continued with the various duties of the day. ::

Skyfire: =/\=You can tell her. I’m not keeping it a secret or anything.
Tell her tests on my gift are still pending.=/\=

DeVeau: =/\=I’ll fill her in. If anything strange does happen, take an
immediate scan and send it - hopefully it will stop now, but if it
doesn’t, we’ll need to figure out how to keep it from happening again.=/\=

:: He nodded faintly in understanding. Devlin crawled onto the desk and
put his paws on the screen to say hello, tail wagging happily as he gave
the screen a lick. ::

Devlin: =/\=Raff!=/\=

DeVeau: =/\=All right. Get some rest - and keep in touch, okay?=/\=

Skyfire: =/\=I will. Catch you later, darling.=/\=

:: As the line closed, Devlin gave a soft whimper and jumped into his
master’s arms before CD stood up and took him over to the bed. Nap time
came early. ::



​ Devlin the Beagle

Therapy Dog

Simmed by:

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First Officer

USS Gorkon, NCC-82293

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Lieutenant Alora DeVeau

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