[I-DR] JP Commander Dickens & Lt. Cmdr. DeVeau: I'm here, you're here, we're here (backsim) (Part 1)

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Marcus Dickens

Aug 15, 2016, 6:10:46 PM8/15/16
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OOC: Okay, this sim takes place before Kelrod is revealed to the crew. I hope you enjoy.

( Dickens quarters )


:: Finally the sleep that has been avoiding him for the last hours took in and he found himself dreaming about the meeting he's about to do in which he'll reveal his presence in Marcus Body ::

( Dream )

:: The meeting was over and he wasn't sure how to feel about how it went. Kelrod felt free, at least as free as he could as the information was only available for senior Starfleet personnel but it was good to feel that he doesn't have to impersonate Marcus anymore, he's free to act as he believes in his new duty but wondered how Lt. Tuk and the other members of the security and SAR team will take the news and if he'll have to regain the little trust he'd gathered from them. But at that point, he thought that he would like to have a talk with one person, the one that seemed to have accepted him best since he arrived to the Invicta, so he asked the computer for he r locatio n and moved through the corridors and decks ::

:: Suddenly she appeared at a corner of a corridor, she's looking in the other direction and he approached her and before calling her attention he couldn't help but remember her face in the fancy white dress on the Invicta Party when he arrived. After enjoying a second that memory, he addressed her. ::

Kelrod: Hello, am I interrupting anything?

DeVeau: Shhh.

::The woman turned toward him, a single finger lifting to press against her lips as she urged the man to be silent.  Around them, the corridor melted away, walls replaced by trees, some dripping with ivy, others covered in moss.  Sunlight filtered through the canopy, dappling the ground, dancing in between the gentle shadows.::

Kelrod: :: suddenly as the scene changed and Alora looked at him, he came with the realization that he's in fact asleep, so he's having a kind of lucid dreaming.

What are you doing here?

::That spurred a different expression to cross Alora’s face, her lips quirked to the side as her brow furrowed.::

DeVeau: What do you mean what am I doing here?

Kelrod: Is this really... a dream? Or... because I feel you, your presence, your ... essence

DeVeau: Shhh.  You’ll scare it.

::She turned and there, about five hundred feet in front of them was a creature, tall, with a fairly long neck and delicate head topped with ears that twitched this way and that.  A single front hoof lifted, as if the animal might spring away, then slowly lowered as one eye peered over at them.  Alora sighed softly, then whispered.::

DeVeau: Isn’t she beautiful?

Kelrod: Certainly oO certainly? Oo what is it?

DeVeau: Silly, don’t you know a deer when you see one?

Kelrod: Hardly, when it's that far away. :: He wondered what will happen if he concentrate on the deer. Suddenly as if magnified, he could see the form of the deer. it looked back at them :: Is he aware of our presence?

Deveau: She.  Yes, I would say say.

::The eyes flicked toward them as Alora spoke and the deer remained still, watching them.::

Kelrod: Are you real? If you are, how's that you're with me? oO You're human, you're not supposed to be a telepath Oo

:: He didn't even considered the fact that she'd been exposed to the forced connection in Adova or that she could have some genetic mutation that made her at least partially telepath ::

DeVeau: I’m as real as you are.

::Alora laughed and then motioned to the deer.  Suddenly it was two.  Then three.  Then an entire circle which surrounded them, every doe wide eyed, ears pricked toward them.::

::Kelrod was somehow amuse by her words. As real as he was? that was an understatement or does it imply something else? Could she be... ::

DeVeau: Aren’t they beautiful?



Commander Kelrod
Security Officer (SAR Leader)
USS Invicta


Lt. Cmdr. Alora DeVeau
Chief of Science
USS Invicta

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