[S-CRR] Capt Rahman: Heart to Heart

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Rich Yulin

Nov 29, 2016, 2:32:07 PM11/29/16
to UFOP: StarBase 118: USS Invicta
((Captain's Ready Room, USS Syracuse))

Jolara: I am uncertain of the proper protocol but… I respectfully wish to return the Federation Cross ribbon I was awarded.

Rahman: Pardon?

Jolara: I do not feel I deserve it and I wish to return it.

::Roshanara's eyes widened.::

Rahman: *Really*, now?

::This ought to be good.::

Rahman: Well before we get that far, may I ask what's led to all this?

Jolara: It has been brought to my attention that it was… crazy and irresponsible. Someone else should have done it or we could have found another way.

Rahman: I see. And this someone is a person whose opinion you hold in high regards?

::"Over your captain's judgment even?" but she didn't add that last part just yet.::

Jolara: Does it matter? He simply verbalized what many others feel.

Rahman: And how do you feel?

Jolara: I would rather not say, Captain.

Rahman: Well, since you are attempting to return the ribbon, I take it then you believe I made an error in awarding it to you.

::The other woman's brow creased.::

Jolara: No, sir, it is not your judgement or decisions I question. It is my own.

::Hmmph. Roshanara gestured for the other woman to sit down in the chair across from her.::

Rahman: Have a seat, commander. You look like you could use it.

::Once she did so, the captain leaned back in her own chair.::

Rahman: So you're saying you would have done things differently?

::The woman shook her head.::

Jolara: Without question, I would do it again.

Rahman: But you say you question your judgment and decisions. Just which decisions and what judgment is it that you question?


Rahman: Commander, why did you volunteer to do the job?


Rahman: ::nods:: And why do you think I let you do it?


::The captain raised a finger to mark the point.::

Rahman: Ahh, so you do see, don't you?


::This time, Roshanara smiled back at Jolara.::

Rahman: Before I kick you out of here, commander, and send you on your way, I think it is important to have this conversation since one day, I have no doubt, you too will become a captain and perhaps may even share this conversation with someone under your own command. Why do we give out these ribbons and medals? Hell, what is the entire purpose of the ceremony? You and I both know we don't perform our actions for such recognition or bits of metal and cloth.



Captain Roshanara Rahman
Commanding Officer, USS Syracuse
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