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Amanda Nordstrom

Sep 19, 2015, 11:12:19 PM9/19/15
to Invicta
((Jansen Orrey Quarters - USS Gorkon))

::Jansen settled in for a bit having made a final quick run to the
starbase before the Gorkon departed and settled in having finally
arranged the room to his liking. The fresh plants did in fact brighten
the room some and it made a world of difference. Also it made Jansen
consider that while he had a fair few physical “artifacts” from his
travels so far, he had little in the way of art, or color. Minus the
newly minted green, while that didn’t bother him too much he would have
to make some concerted effort to change that.::

::Standing up and moving to the workstation he massaged his right hand
some as it started to tremble and shake some. He had to make an effort
to inform Commander Vess about it very soon before his symptoms spiked
at an inopportune time. Considering the area of operation assigned to
the Gorkon he wouldn’t be near anything remotely familiar to him. In
fact, the Gorkon would be his farthest trip from home yet. Surrounded by
Cardassians, Breen and a whole host of other species that Jansen only
had a minor knowledge of.::

Orrey: oO Unpleasant. Oo

::Making a small face he took a quick look at the other vessels
operating in the area. Finding the last few ships that had been in the
area had interesting and volatile track records. Jansen couldn’t help
but smile some.::

Orrey: oO Absolutely going to be interesting. Hello...whats this...Oo
::Jansen smirked as he saw a name listed on the manifest of the Invicta
and as he punched in the communication commands he couldn’t help but
smirk at the newly positioned plants.::

((Alora’s Quarters - USS Invicta))

::Ah, down time. While the mission hadn’t gone quite as expected (what
ever did when the Q were involved?), she’d managed to make it out mostly
unscathed. With shore leave in swing, Alora settled on her couch, a
vintage book in one hand, a mug of hot cocoa in the other. She had just
gotten to where Tess was about to admit her deepest, darkest secret when
the computer indicated a call was coming in for her. She allowed
herself a quick sip before she set the mug and book upon her table and
picked up her triPADD instead. When a familiar face appeared on the
screen, her face immediately lit up in a smile.::

DeVeau: Jansen!

Orrey: Hello Alora. Been a while since we talked last hasn’t it?

DeVeau: Long time no see! How have you been? _Where_ have you been?

Orrey: After we talked last let me see. ::Jansen got thoughtful for a
minute, it had been a long time since he has spoken with her last.:: I
spent a bit more time in Zeta Gelis, then I actually left Starfleet for
a little while and did some humanitarian work. A doctor exchange type of
program, relief workers and the like.

DeVeau: Oh, that sounds interesting!

::She hadn’t heard about his hiatus from Starfleet, but then again, he
wasn’t required to tell her anything. If nothing else, it meant he had
a lot to tell her and it would all be new.::

DeVeau: Did you like it?

Orrey: I liked it quite a bit actually. I was actually bringing a couple
pieces of information to you at the moment. For one, I got those
environmental stabilizers we talked about and have some nice greenery in
my quarters now.

DeVeau: Oh excellent!

::Alora clapped her hands as if to applaud such a wise decision. She
rolled back on her couch and curled her legs beneath her. Although it
had been some time, she did remember that conversation and was glad he’d
taken her up on her offer. Her own quarters were starting to regain
some of the green luster that had been afforded by her plants, though
she still hadn’t been able to replace all of her collection. That would
take time, especially since they were so far out.::

DeVeau: But you said a _couple_ of pieces.

Orrey: Well, thats the funny part I actually have news a little closer
to your end of the galaxy. You know that new ship coming your way? The
USS Gorkon?

DeVeau: Oh yes, that was just recently launched, right?

Orrey: ::Jansen grinned a little.:: Can you believe who the brass put as
a little old medical officer on that fancy of a new ship?

DeVeau: Wait...you?

::That meant...her face beamed with pleasure.::

DeVeau: We’re going to be neighbors! Or are neighbors. So we might
actually get to see each other in something other than a hologram! Do
you know if the Gorkon will be at A1 at the same time as the Invicta?

::Jansen laughed a little and settled back against the chair a little.::

Orrey: No clue at the moment. We are still at 118 right now my friend,
but remember we work for Starfleet, anything is possible.

DeVeau: That would be so neat!

Orrey: So what about you, what have you been up to?

DeVeau: Oh my goodness, how long do you have?

Orrey: ::Jansen shrugged a little. He had to get to the crew meeting on
the Starbase soon but he had a bit of time to listen.:: Depends how long
should it take?

DeVeau: Probably a while. Well, I should truncate it. Otherwise, your
mind might wander or you might fall asleep.

Orrey: ::Jansen laughed a little bit at that.:: Well then lets cover
some of the big topics.

DeVeau: What’s the last thing you remember me telling you?

Orrey: Well for starters you were on the Garuda when we talked last.

DeVeau: Ah, yes.

::And now she was on her third ship in less than two years as an active
officer in Starfleet - beyond her cruise, of course.::

DeVeau: I think they wanted a vessel that was less military in nature
and one more suited toward deeper scientific exploration.

::Which, honestly, suited her just fine!::

Orrey: Ah I see. Well that is better circumstances than other reasons to
switch ships, what else?

DeVeau: Um. Well...we’ve had some not so good things happen.

::Alora hadn’t talked much about the events outside of conversations
with Raissa and Saveron. Although she had refrained from talking about
things with others, she found herself a little more at ease with Jansen.::

Orrey: ::Jansen leaned on his workstation some and raised an eyebrow.::
Oh? Like what?

DeVeau: Yeah...there was this sentient, non corporeal entity called ‘The
Kindred’. They uh...evidently took over the plants. And...me.

Orrey: ::It wasn’t that he hadn’t been interested before but now she had
his attention.:: So you were chosen to speak for an entire race?

DeVeau: I guess I was inviting enough. As far as I know, I was the only
non flora taken. Come to find out, I’m what they call a ‘sensitive’.

Orrey: Sensitive to what? A latent telepath?

DeVeau: I don’t have telepathic abilities, but I guess you could say my
mind is like an open door.

::And one just decided to walk on through without knocking.::

Orrey: Fascinating. ::Here Jansen offered a light smile to Alora so she
could better accept what he said next.:: You are lucky I am back on the
medical side of teal.

DeVeau: Oh yeah? Why does that make me lucky?

Orrey: If I was still in science, I would have you in a lab and doing

DeVeau: Well, I already do that to some extent now, but I also like the
exploration side of things.

Orrey: So surely you haven’t only been wandering around with an alien
mind inside yours for all this time have you?

DeVeau: Thankfully, no, and Saveron and others are helping me with
exercises to help strengthen my mental fortitude in order to prevent
others from latching on to me so easily.

::As Raissa had mentioned, her mind almost _invited_ telepaths, in a way.::

Orrey: Interesting. You wouldn’t have data from any of that would you?

DeVeau: not currently, but I haven’t really looked into it.

::Chythar’s situation, among other things, had been a bit of a

DeVeau: But I can send info over to you if I do finally get around to
poking and prodding myself.

::The question was, what sort of answers would she find, and what
benefit would it be? Saveron was helping her, but Alora couldn’t help
but wonder if she would eventually become more of a liability than an
asset due to her weakness. Even with training, could she become strong
enough to deflect future attempts to a similar takeover?::

ORREY: Get me the data at your convenience and I will see what I can do
here. Perhaps I can come up with something from medicine and science
combined that will help you my friend.

DeVeau: So, you know, ::She stated, changing the subject.:: Not only
has it been a long time since we’ve chatted, we haven’t played together
either. We should do that, and maybe we can do it face to face!

ORREY: ::Jansen smiled some and nods.:: I would like to do it in person
rather than a holoconference. It would be easier to get the tone and
shift better with each other if we can hear each other playing and singing.

DeVeau: Are you going to sing with me?

ORREY: Gods no I wouldn’t be singing. ::Jansen laughed some and shook
his head.::

DeVeau: Aww.

::That was a shame, though at least they could play together if nothing
else. Still, there was something about voices blending together in an
array of harmonies that was so invigorating.::

ORREY: We have been out here for a while now. Well on our way, took the
standard way down, actually just saved….well hopefully saved the crew of
the Tharsis. Nasty run in with a gravity well they had.

DeVeau: That hasn’t come through yet. What happened?

ORREY: Ship hit a gravity well and the CMO’s collections of brain
parasites got out, made the entire crew start hunting not only each
other but all of us as well.

DeVeau: Really? Wow.

ORREY: Spent some time with the dermal regenerator when we got back but
other then that it all ended as well as possible.

DeVeau: I’m glad everything turned out all right. Our own adventure
involved the Q.

ORREY: Oh you have to tell me about that a bit.

DeVeau: Well, they brought back the USS Yamaguchi which, as you know,
was supposedy destroyed, and then had us play a game which was called
‘chess’ but actually played out more like capture the flag.

ORREY: Oh? Sounds interesting.

DeVeau: Interesting? Annoying, really. They’re gone now, though, and
hopefully we won’t ever have to deal with them. I’m glad to be able to
talk with you again, it’s nice seeing a friendly face.

ORREY: I am glad to be over here as well my friend. I hope we get to
meet soon.

DeVeau: That would be great. We’re shipping out soon, though, so
probably not this time, but soon I hope!

::Alas, matching schedules didn’t always happen between ships, but
hopefully they would get to connect in person at some point.::

::Jansen nodded his head some, it wouldn’t be easy for the friends to
meet but sharing a common base of operations did make the idea much more

ORREY: I have had a bit of a time with all this so I am actually going
to say Good night to you my friend and try to rest a little.

DeVeau: I’ll try, you do the same.

ORREY: Remember you can always call on a neighbor when you need help.

::She needed no reminder, but it was a good one and it elicited a smile
from her.::

DeVeau: I’ll remember, thanks. The same goes for you.


Ensign Jansen Orrey

Medical Officer

USS Gorkon



Lt. Alora DeVeau

Chief of Science

USS Invicta


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