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Amanda Nordstrom

Aug 17, 2016, 9:12:14 PM8/17/16
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OOC: Partial JP between Jolara and DeVeau, TBC on list, posted with permission. :)


((Somewhere, USS Invicta))

::In the darkness of space, there were pinpricks of light to guide the way, planets and stars that cut through the vastness, glittering in its canvas.  In the darkness of slumber, no such light penetrated - at least, not at first.  Originally, all was dark, as if creation had not yet occurred.  Sleep, that was all there was, a healthy unconsciousness that assisted in healing and restoration.  Then, through that darkness, light appeared and, around her a field.  Gold scattered across the flattened terrain as tall, wispy yellowed grass bent in the breeze that teased it to and fro.  In the far distance, a mountain range, purple topped with white blankets of snow were blurr ily stood sentinel over all they surveyed.::

::Calm, peaceful, serene, the entire scene a pleasant respite from the hectic chaos that sometimes marked the life of a Starfleet Officer.  Then, suddenly, a rustle of about twenty feet, a change in the rhythm the wind set, was followed by the pop of a head, just barely seen above the tips of the grass.  Alora smiled at the visitor and one hand lifted in a wave as she spoke.::

DeVeau: Hello.

:: Rune moved a little faster through the tall grass toward the familiar voice. Though she had no recollection of where she was or what she was doing here, she didn't give it so much as a second thought. It wasn't until she had a clear view of the other woman that she felt one of them shouldn't be here. ::

Jolara: Alora... I did not expect to find you here.

DeVeau:  Well, I’m here.  I’m cloud watching, come join me.

::Her hand lowered and, perhaps, she patted the spot next to her in an invitation.::

DeVeau: I’ve been finding all sorts of things.

:: Rune smiled, accepting her invitation to have a seat beside her. Looking up at the sky, she blinked. She thought it odd the brightness didn't hurt her eyes but the thought was fleeting. It was so peaceful here, a nice respite from the chaos and mental torture... Calm, that's all she was feeling and it was a feeling she didn't want to let go of. ::

Jolara: I have never... cloud watched before.

DeVeau: Why not?

Jolara: Al-Leyans tend to be more nocturnal by nature. When I was younger I would spend hours staring up at the stars.

DeVeau: Oh, that’s a wonderful past time too.  I love it when I see shoot stars.  Do you pick out constellations?

::Suddenly, the light faded and the sky turned black with diamonds twinkling in it.  Alora pointed to a cluster of stars off to her left.::

DeVeau: That looks like a horse.

:: Rune looked up with wonder and smiled. ::

Jolara: We call it dorcha hōiho. Though they are somewhat different than what humans know.

DeVeau: Oh?  I’ll have to look those up.  Do you see any more?

:: Rune’s eyes danced across the dark sky to pick out another constellation. She raised her arm and pointed to another cluster. ::

Jolara: That one is kaikōpere. The great archer.

DeVeau: That sounds like there’s a story behind that.  There’s probably a story behind all of them right?  There are with the constellations on Earth.

:: Rune smiled as she looked up at the stars. They brought back memories of what was probably the happiest time in her life. ::

Jolara: Yes. I believe so.

DeVeau: Do you know any of them?

Jolara: Sadly I have forgotten many of them. But the great archer is said to have united the Seven Nations and brought peace that lasted nearly a thousand years.

DeVeau: What caused the discord?

Jolara: Greed and jealousy among the ruling class.

DeVeau: And now?

Jolara: The government is unified again. We have not had major internal conflicts in nearly 500 years. I suppose some would say, we have a rather closed society in many aspects, though we strive to be open when it benefits our society as a whole.  ::she let out a sigh:: It is complicated. oOEverything always is.Oo

DeVeau: I don’t know enough about your people.  I always enjoy learning.

Jolara: ::smiling again:: Something we have in common.

DeVeau: I’d love to hear any stories you wish to tell.

:: Rune started to respond when she jumped slightly. She looked down and placed a hand on her stomach. She gave a short laugh as she felt another kick. ::

Jolara: ::quick glance at Alora, then back down:: He has not done that very much.

DeVeau: Your baby?

::Alora turned and propped herself up on her elbow, fascination twinkling in her gaze.::

DeVeau: May I feel?

Jolara: ::nodding:: If you wish.

::One hand slid to the swollen belly and rested there.  For a moment, nothing happened.  Then, the babe kicked and a smile lit up Alora’s face.::

DeVeau: Strong fellow.  Do you have a name?


DeVeau: How about Constantinople?


DeVeau: Such a delightful name, it has a strength to it.



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