[I-QTRS] JP-LCDRs DeVeau & Moonsong: Matters Of The Heart Part 2

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[I-QTRS] JP-LCDRs DeVeau & Moonsong: Matters Of The Heart Part 2

((USS Invicta, DeVeau Quarters))

::Raissa giggled. Both women were quiet for a moment. They needed a distraction. Raissa got up from the couch to go to Alora’s desk. She picked up one of the PADDs lying there and was tapping away as she made her way back to the couch.::

Moonsong: I’ve heard from CD.

::She handed the PADD to Alora so she could read the short message.  Immediately, the scientist perked up and accepted the PADD.:: DeVeau: Really?

::Of course, really.  Alora turned her attention to the message on the screen.::


To: Lieutenant Raissa Moonsong, Chief Counselor, USS Invicta NCC-81407

From: Lieutenant Commander Chythar Skyfire, First Officer, USS Gorkon NCC-82293

Hey, Ris.

Life in the Corridor has been interesting, to say the least. Shore leave and awards presentation turned into a badly written Clue game as we got trapped in A-1's holodeck 666. Had another run-in with Maquis Reborn. I'm okay; just some rib damage which was treated by Dr. Orrey.

Sasha sent me a video, a few blankets and a cute little sweater for Devlin. I've included a copy of the image.

Take care of yourself.




DeVeau:  A uniform for Devlin.  I wonder what the pup thinks about that.  He didn’t really say much, did he?

Moonsong: CD is not a man of a lot of words.

DeVeau:  So I’ve noticed.  It would be nice if he told us a bit more.  How often does he get himself hurt?

Moonsong: It never fails. His notes usually consist of ‘This is how I didn’t get killed this week’.

DeVeau:  That’s about the sum of it.

::Alora laughed and passed back the PADD.  Ah, Chythar, he was certainly missed - as was Devlin.  She was going to have to contact him and catch up, hopefully with more detail inserted into the conversation than he’d given in the message.::

DeVeau: Some days I feel like that describes my week too - how I _didn’t_ get myself killed.

Moonsong: Oh? DeVeau: Or how I almost got myself killed.  Thank goodness that it’s just most of the time, not all of the time.

::Raissa shook her head slightly. Being tossed across a room by a Gorn was a new experience for her. Not to mention the trauma of being in sickbay and having to have a neural inhibitor attached to her head to keep her from broadcasting her agony to every vaguely sensitive person on the ship. The fact was, she was not a physical person. Most of the time she remained aboard the ship in an advisory capacity. She was the despair of security.::

DeVeau: I would prefer you stay alive, personally.

Moonsong: I am personally fond of that state myself.

DeVeau: Good keep it that way.  

Moonsong: I plan to. ::pause:: Now I have to figure out how to get my tattoo fixed.

DeVeau: Your tattoo?

::Raissa shifted until she was sitting up. She turned her back to Alora and lifted up the back of her shirt.  On her back was a stylized eagle but there were four spot just below her shoulder blades. The skin was pink and healthy, but looked like gaps in design. They could regenerate tissue, but the tattoo was the work of dyes tapped into the skin.::

Moonsong: Now it looks weird.

DeVeau:  Huh.

::Well, it could have been worse.  She could be a corpse with a messed up tattoo.::

DeVeau: fortunately, that can be fixed too. ::However, there was something else on the science officer’s mind.  Alora stretched out a hand, one finger pointed to gently poke at her friend in the arm.:: DeVeau: So when are you going to have a beau that I can bug you about?

::Raissa’s eyebrow shot up.::

Moonsong: Never. We have had the conversation before. You did not think I was serious?

DeVeau: I think you need to rethink that position. ::Sometimes, Raissa wanted to hit her upside the head with a bat.  Sometimes, Alora wanted to do the same, exact thing to her friend. Especially when she was shaking her head in disagreement.::

Moonsong: It is the safest thing to do. Not just for myself, but for others. Think of it like… ::frowns slightly:: Like the oath of celibacy Deltans take.

::Although in their case Deltans tended to describe it as a martyr complex. Where they give up every part of their personal needs to serve others. Raissa thought she was too selfish to be a martyr.::

DeVeau: It doesn’t have to be that way.  What about when you gain enough control that it’s not an issue? ::Raissa sighed.::

Moonsong: It’s always going to be an issue, Lor. DeVeau: What about with other telepaths?

Moonsong: There are not that many around that are unattached. ::smiles:: You got the only interesting one.

DeVeau: There are some new crewmembers.

::Even Alora, as much as she had tried, had yet to get to all of them.  T’Lea still needed to be visited, among others.:: DeVeau: There could be someone among them. ::Raissa gave her an arch look.::

Moonsong: Sooooo… you think I should go trolling the new ensigns looking for telepaths that can handle my… unique nature?

DeVeau: No, I’m saying that you need to be open to the idea that you _could_ have a relationship and not just dismiss it outright. ::Raissa shook her head again. She twisted around on the couch until her barefeet were hanging off the back.  The position was one Alora had settled into on many an occasion, so she took the opportunity to mimic her friend.::

Moonsong: It’s not healthy to be dependant on a relationship…. that will never happen.

DeVeau: I agree.  You should never be dependant on a relationship, but neither does that mean you should think you have to be alone forever.

Moonsong: ::smiles:: I’m not alone. I have you.

DeVeau: True.  But how many other friends do you have?  And you’re lonely for someone in a romantic sense.  You want me to be happy, Ris, and I want the exact same thing for you.

::There was too much truth in the first part of that statement. Raissa had a very hard time making friends. Mainly because most people saw her as a counselor, not a person in her own right. Alora was one of the few exceptions.::

Moonsong: I had my romance. I had Carter. And I learned I cannot be with someone that way again… not since…

::She shrugged. She really didn’t want this conversation as much as Alora didn’t want the previous topic. She thought of her abilities much the same way CD used to view his gift. As a curse.::

Moonsong: I understand what you’re getting at. But I know in time I will get used to not being able to touch someone casually.

DeVeau: That’s not what you learned, Ris, you just learned that you can’t be with him.  Not with nobody at all.

Moonsong: Him was a non-telepath with no defenses like the majority.

DeVeau: I just touched you.  I didn’t have any adverse effects.

Moonsong: But you are Sensitive and I have my mental shielding up so that I do not accidentally cause you harm. ::sighs:: And that is where the problem lies I would always have to shield. To hold back. I am learning something totally alien to me.

DeVeau: Eventually though, it will become second nature and easy.  But still, there could be plenty of people you could be with, maybe even someone here on the ship.

Moonsong: Lor, I doubt will never become easy or second nature for me.

::She paused trying to think about how to explain it. If Alora understood, perhaps she would drop the subject.::

Moonsong: I believe… if a relationship is to last… at least for me… that means holding nothing back. Because I have to shield so much, I am holding back. My nature is not to. And in that… moment… there is a chance I will slip and… BAM… how to turn a guy into a vegetable 101.

DeVeau: But you’re giving up on ever finding someone at all, and I’m sure there are people out there you could be open with.

Moonsong: I am trying, Lor. It is just not easy for people to see me as other than a counselor.

DeVeau: Well...that Deltan fellow, he’s cute.  And he seems nice.

::Raissa blinked at her. How did she hit on him. Did they even know each other? Much less that rather embarrassing moment she experienced with him.::

Moonsong: Lieutenant Belasi?

DeVeau:  Yeah.  Though, I suggested becoming friends first.  Best way to start with things, I think.

Moonsong: He is a nice person. Remember the quarantine of DSX? I was trapped in the dining hall with him. He really was very nice to me. I was still very green.

::A situation that lead to the first spiking of her telepathic ability. While maxing out her empathy to keep Cardassians calm, Chythar had been dealing with his own agony and telepathically linked to her.::

DeVeau: Oh yes, I remember that all too well.

::Alora had made friends with the spiders.  Hopefully, she’d be able to go back and see how they were doing.::

DeVeau: Well, look, even if it doesn’t go any further than friendship, he seems like a nice guy and you two know each other somewhat already.  Why don’t you see if you guys have something in common?  Even if it’s not romance, there’s always room for more friends.

Moonsong: Until he has to come in for counseling… ::pause.:: What made you think of him?

DeVeau: I don’t know.  He’s handsome, he’s new, a fresh start, a chance to make a friend with someone who’s going to have to get to you know you as much as you’ll have to get to know him.

::Raissa sighed and twisted her head to look at her friend.::

Moonsong: For some reason that is the hardest part. Some people have no problem telling me their entire life story and all their problems. When they are done, they walk away. ::her fist clenched a little.:: Then I get this urge…. what about me? You are one of the few people who never did that.

DeVeau: That’s because I actually prefer to have my friend as my counselor.  I’m going to tell you my life story anyway.  

::A faint smile touched Raissa’s mouth.::

Moonsong: That’s true.

DeVeau: I think some people just have difficulty looking at the advantages of having a friend as a counselor.  Shoulder to cry on, twenty-four/seven!

Moonsong: Yes, but what if I’m the one in need of a shoulder?

DeVeau: I’m available twenty-five/eight, three-hundred and sixty-six days a year.

Moonsong: ::chuckles:: I’ll hold you to that. And maybe give you time off for good behavior.

DeVeau: Bah, time off is no fun.  I like my work too much.

Moonsong: We know. That’s why you get kicked out of your lab. It’s worse on the Invicta. Too many toys for you to play with.

DeVeau: No, I have no problem taking time off from that.

::On occasion.::

DeVeau: I mean my work as a friend.  No time off.  Ever.   Moonsong: Friendship is not work… it is joy. ::winces:: Wow that sounded sappy.

::Alora turned to gaze at her friend who, because of their shared upside downness, was actually sort of right side up to her, both of their manes of hair splayed upon the floor.::

DeVeau: That doesn’t make it any less true.

Moonsong: ::smiles:: Thank you for being my friend.

DeVeau: Bah.  You’re the one who puts up with me.

::Alora smiled and wanted to squeeze her friends hand, but with Moonsong’s concern, she refrained from doing so.::

Moonsong: So what are you wearing for the Festival of Life?

DeVeau:  I don’t know.  Got any ideas?

Moonsong: Of course.



Lt. Commander Raissa Moonsong

Chief of Counseling

USS Invicta

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