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Nov 26, 2016, 3:32:03 PM11/26/16
to UFOP: StarBase 118: USS Invicta
((Astrofori One, Bar))

:: By Pandora’s calculations, this whole experience was an exercise in humanoid stamina and endurance. After a number of locations and even more drinks, this latest stop was providing her with an excellent opportunity to observe those with her in a state of – in many cases – excessive intoxication.::

:: Given the after-effects of such consumption, she suspected tomorrow would be a great deal less enjoyable than the present for them.::

:: From her vantage point at one end of the bar itself, she had a good view of the goings on, but a soft beep from her pocket, distinguishable through the background noise only by her ability to discriminate sound , announced that her padd had received a message that was flagged urgent enough to demand her attention.::

:: Setting her glass on the bar, she pulled the device out and looked at what it displayed, and only the requirement that she deliberately show a reaction to things kept her from looking... surprised.::

oO An archaeological expedition? An unexpected development. Ah. I suppose if they are investigating *that* culture, I can see the reasoning.Oo

:: Though the name of the person responsible for her assignment was unfamiliar. She would have to investigate, and discover just who this “Raivus” was, and why they might be involved.::

:: That was for later, though. For now, there appeared to be something else that she had to do, and she slipped the padd back into her pocket before looking around to spot... There. Her targets located, it took only moments to leave the barstool and head over to them.::

Rahman/Washington: ?

Pandora: It has been an... experience. One that must, it seems, draw to a close, however. I depart in three hours.

Rahman/Washington: ?

Pandora: I have just received my orders. Regrettably, that is all I am permitted to tell you.

:: And just why there was that level of security classification on the orders was something *else* she planned to discover.::

Rahman/Washington: ?

Pandora: If simulated sincerity is of any interest to either of you, then I offer you my wishes for good luck to you until we speak again. ::smiling faintly:: The way this organisation tends to operate, I suspect that may happen before too long.

Rahman/Washington: ?


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