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Sarah Eccles

Jun 29, 2015, 8:45:42 PM6/29/15
to Invicta IC
((Saveron's Quarters, USS Invicta))

DeVeau: What about the bonding ritual you mentioned?  You said Surak’s teachings haven’t permeated that either.

::It was Saveron’s turn to give Alora a measuring look.::

Saveron: You are asking about sex. I rest my previous case. ::He said dryly.:: Bonding occurs at the time of Pon Farr. That at least you will have heard of.

DeVeau: I’m not obsessed, I’m simply continuing a conversation we didn’t officially finish.

::Another wrinkle of her nose followed and for a moment, it seemed she might stick out her tongue, though that didn’t actually come to pass.::

::That statement earned her The Eyebrow and a dubious tilt of the head.::

DeVeau: But you said the teaching didn’t permeate that part of your culture either.  Is that because of Pon Farr, or simply because people didn’t wish to change in that area?  Does bonding only occur during Pon Farr, or is there more of a ritualistic aspect to it?  It was on your list so I assumed there was some sort of ritual to it.

Saveron: Pon Farr is not a time when logic is going to prevail. ::He said bluntly, hanging another picture on the wall.:: Bonding happens rapidly during that time, but may also occur slowly over the course of months or even years without that influence. The formal acknowledgement of the Bond has been ritualised in ceremony, not unlike Terran marriages. Usually this occurs between young Vulcans undergoing Pon Farr for the first time, whose marriage has been arranged. It is intended to prevent violence.

::Which was a short explanation for thousands of years of cultural history.::

Saveron: How do Terrans arrange such things?

DeVeau: Well, a very long time ago, marriages were often arranged, but now a days it’s usually done by mutual agreement between interested parties, except for maybe a few particularly traditional peoples. While I’m sure in some instances it might be a matter of convenience, most of the time it’s because two people have come to care about each other so much, they want to spend the rest of their life together.  So, they get married.

::Unfortunately, divorce wasn’t all that uncommon either, which saddened her.  She had yet to see any divorce ever end happily and it always took a toll in some form or fashion.  Alora’s fingers traced a path over the edge of the box and, before she could really think, words spilled from her mouth.::

DeVeau: Do you think you’ll ever get bonded again?

::As soon as she said them, Alora froze in realising what she had asked.  Would he be upset?  Granted, he was a Vulcan so his true feelings wouldn’t necessarily be obvious, but she hoped she hadn’t offended him with the question.::

::Her choice of words betrayed a cultural divide, a difference in both biology and conventions. Marriage was a ceremony that created a link which was, at heart, purely legal. A pair ‘got married’ by a third party. Amongst Vulcans the ceremonial aspect was purely to formally acknowledge what was already there. The Bond was something that the pair themselves formed, and not consciously.::

Saveron: Such is possible. ::He allowed, picking up another frame. It would certainly make his life simpler.:: I would not object to that. However unless I return to Vulcan the likelihood is low. And I do not intend to return to Vulcan to live in the near future.

::Not for another hundred years at least.::

::Even Vulcans could get lonely.  Another question popped into her mind, but she immediately dismissed it.  Fear was still clenched too strongly to allow such words to form.::

Saveron: And yourself? ::He asked idly, hanging the picture.:: You are very young, but Terrans seem to be rather precocious in that arena.

DeVeau: Well...maybe some day.

::Discomfort caused her to veer away from the subject.  Although Raissa's advice had been given due consideration, Alora just wasn't ready to be so bold. So what to do?::

DeVeau: Hey, do you ever watch movies?

::It was a drastic shift, but perhaps it was simply best to cut off the previous topic abruptly.  Even if she couldn't get the courage to say anything to him, she could at least spend some time with him.::

Saveron: Affirmative. I am interested in many alien art forms.

::He didn’t just read their books.::

DeVeau:  If you don't have anything planned, would you like to watch one with me?

Saveron: I would have no objection. Did you have a particular example?

DeVeau:There are tons of different ones, but I've been in the mood to see one that's really old but still really good.

Saveron: I will defer to your preference.

DeVeau:It's called 'Old Yeller' and it's based off a book. While I know it was a long time ago, twentieth century cinema can still be enjoyable.

Saveron: And interesting for it’s historical insight.

::The cinematic in question would be nearly four hundred years old.::

DeVeau: I hope you find it enjoyable.  I've seen it a couple of times but want to watch it again.

Saveron: Do you find that movie particularly favourable?

DeVeau: I think it depends on my mood.  It's kind of a right of passage movie...well, you'll see.

::It was certainly not the sort of thing she imagined Saveron would have normally watched on his own, but she  suspected he might find the movie an intriguing view into certain aspects of human culture.  Maybe.::

DeVeau:  What sort of films have you seen?

Saveron: I have viewed a wide variety. I hold a preference for documentaries however the last fictional piece that I watched was a Betazoid restoration-era drama.

DeVeau: Now that sounds interesting.

::Alora had to admit she'd done a poor job of exploring the cinematic universe outside of Terran culture.::

Saveron: Do you hold a preference for a particular theme?

DeVeau: I suppose I enjoy drama that has at least some comedic elements as well as high fantasy, but I've watched all sorts of things.  I have fairly eclectic taste - at least within my own culture.  I should expand my horizons beyond human creations, honestly.

Saveron: An appreciation of art can provide insight into alien cultures.

::Much the same sentiment he’d expressed the other day at lunch. Pulling the last holograph frame from the box he hung it on the wall next to the others.::

Saveron: Thank you for your assistance with the holographs. ::He said as he regarded their handiwork thoughtfully.:: I intend to meditate now, however if such is agreeable I will join you this evening to view this movie.

::In other words he wanted her to leave.  Meditation was important to Vulcans, so she could at least understand why.::

DeVeau:  Of course.  Say, after dinner?  Around 1900 hours?  Or we could eat dinner together in my quarters if you'd like.

Saveron: I am sharing dinner with Captain Kells and Commander Rahman, however I appreciate the invitation. I will join you at 1900 hours.

::And you could bet that he’d be there on the dot.::

DeVeau: All right, I see you tonight.

::She hesitated as if she might say something else, but whatever it was, she refrained from sharing.  Instead, she smiled and turned to go so Saveron could meditate in peace.::

::That hesitation caused Saveron to look up again, thinking that Alora was about to say something else, but the doors were already closing behind her.::


LtCmdr Saveron
USS Invicta


Lt. Alora DeVeau
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