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OOC: This is a bit different from ribbon presentations of late, but I thought it might make a nice change :-)
OOC 2: I have a very Peppermint Patty/Marcie image of Egan Manno & Gnisky's exchanges.

(( Starfleet Mission Commander's Office ))

Egan Manno: Ready to go, Gnisky? 

Gnisky: Ready, sir.

:: Cassie let her gaze linger on Gnisky a few moments longer than was necessary -- letting her aide-de-camp know, yet again, that such formality was not necessary when it was just the two of them. However, Cassie looked away a moment later, because she recognized what Gnisky likely already had: Namely, that even though they would still be alone in just a moment, they would also be with several hundred people. ::

Egan Manno: Then let's go. =/\= This is Fleet Captain Egan Manno, requesting visual displays for all Invicta personnel.

:: A moment later, she appeared -- though she didn't see it herself -- on every monitor and screen that was currently being attended on Invicta, including the main viewscreen, personal monitors, holoscreens... The list went on, and she swallowed. Gnisky stood at her side, with a selection of boxes nearby, ready to be opened at the right moment. ::

Egan Manno: =/\= Greetings, Invicta crew. Before your official launch time, I wanted to take a moment to offer you my thanks, on behalf of the Starfleet mission on Astrofori One, the council of governments, President Bacco, and your CO, Captain Kells. As such, I have the distinct honor of recognizing several officers and crew among you with some awards. Please give me your attention as your fellows are thus honored. ::beat:: First, both the president and presidential nominee Ambassador Ventu would like to make sure that all personnel who assisted in your previous mission are recognized with Starfleet's highest distinction to recognize those who ensure the pursuit of peace, the Peacekeeper Service Ribbon.

:: Behind her, Gnisky removed an example of the blue ribbon. The officers who had received such ribbons would be receiving them directly via couriers among Cassie's staff before Invicta's launch. ::

Egan Manno: =/\= I would like to extend my personal thanks to a group of officers who -- though their exact actions must remain classified -- nevertheless interacted with a large number of allied races aboard the station in order to secure a peaceful and fruitful relationship with our newest allies, the Va Wreth. Commanders Saveron, Skyfire, and Delano, Lieutenant Moonsong, Ensign King, and Captain Kells are so honored.

:: Gnisky removed the purple-on-orange ribbon from her box, displaying its design to the Invicta crew. There was something about that crew, Cassie thought, that tended toward that ribbon in particular. They were all going to be adding silver stars to their clusters before long.... ::

Egan Manno: =/\= Though it is difficult to celebrate when officers have been taken prisoner, it's equally important to recognize the sacrifices made by those officers and the courage they show in such circumstances. With that in mind, I would like to recognize Commanders Mei'konda and Core and Lieutenants DeVeau and Shandres with the Prisoner of War Ribbon. Further, for injuries sustained while captured, and in recognition of the fulfillment of his duties above and beyond the reasonable expectations of safety and well-being, I recognize Commander Mei'konda with the Purple Heart.

:: While Gnisky removed and showed the POW and Purple Heart Ribbons, Cassie reflected that there had been more than a few of both of those recently, too -- and unlike the Diplomacy Ribbons, it was more difficult to justify. Yes, it was important to recognize those officers' sacrifices -- but it was more important not to put them in such dire straights in the first place. ::

Egan Manno: =/\= I would be remiss not to mention the most unexpected development of Astrofori One's launch: When Commander Harrison Ross was assigned as the Garuda's executive officer, no one, least of all me, would have assumed he would be capable of his actions toward his crew and the Federation. However, despite his contemptible attempt to return and further sabotage the successful activation of Astrofori One, a group of several officers and crew successfully engaged with him and kept him from doing so. For all those who did so, and so ensured that no lives were lost, I recognize you with the Silver Star. Commanders Rahman, Mei'konda, Core, Lieutenants Tuk and DeVeau, Chief Dunross, and Captain Reynolds are so recognized.

:: Gnisky showed off the Silver Star, one of the most prestigious of Starfleet's ribbons of gallantry and heroism. ::

Egan Manno: =/\= Further, several of those officers were then involved in joint operations with our allies aboard Astrofori One in capturing and detaining Ross. I would like to further recognize Captain Reynolds, Commander Rahman, and Lieutenant Tuk with the Joint Meritorious Unit Award. Although there is no direct equivalent in the Cardassian military service, I have already offered my personal thanks to Glinn Zorkal for his quiet assistance in the same matter.

:: And that, Cassie hoped, as Gnisky showed the JMU Award, would be that: Ross was finally captured, and while Kells had to deal with the aftermath of the Delano incident, Ross would be extradited back to Earth (or another important Federation world or starbase -- it didn't much matter which) to stand trial. ::

Egan Manno: =/\= Finally, I would like to recognize the service of two officers. Commanders Saveron and Skyfire have generously donated their time to part-time teaching assignments for Starfleet Academy's training program, and they have both earned the Excellence in Training Ribbon. Further, Commander Skyfire's departmental service has qualified him for the Department Chief Ribbon. 

:: For the last time, Gnisky showed two ribbons, and then snapped the box closed. Cassie leaned a little further toward her monitor as Gnisky stepped away. ::

Egan Manno: =/\= Couriers from my office will be arriving momentarily to offer your ribbons and awards in person. My personal congratulations and thanks to each of you, as well as the best wishes of President Bacco, Ambassador Ventu, and everyone aboard Astrofori One. May your launch be successful, and good luck on your first mission. Egan Manno, out. =/\=


Fleet Captain Cassandra Egan Manno
Starfleet Mission Commander
Astrofori One & Menthar Corridor
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