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Amanda Nordstrom

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OOC: Just sending in a few of Alora’s responses.  Leaving the tags for Blueheart intact. :)


((Corridor, USS Yuan Tseh Lee, sometime in 2373))

Washington: This isn't how it was. This isn't right. What's going on?

::She didn’t say anything, just continued to give her report.::

Ellis: The webs constrict around the organs and cause them to stop functioning.  

Washington: You're not Claire…

::She raised an eyebrow as she looked over at him, but still, Claire, or Alora, simply continued on.::

Washington: Alora…

DeVeau:  They'll eat us from the inside.

Washington: What are you doing here?

DeVeau: What do you think?  They all will, if we let them.  We can’t let them.

::Around them, shadows fell, casting the bridge in darkness.

Washington: This isn't real…

DeVeau: We’ve got to fight.

Washington: No, you're not supposed to be here.

DeVeau: I’m not?

::She took a step toward him, those green eyes in a focused, penetrating gaze.::

Washington: No! I said you're not supposed to be here! You were never here. You aren't Claire.

::She paused, a handspan between them, head tilted upward, still studying him closely.::

DeVeau: None of us are.

::Before he could speak again, Alora lifted a finger to his lips to stop him.::

DeVeau: None of us are what we seem.  There’s more to each of us than meets the eye.

::With that, the darkness consumed them both.::

((End Dream))

::He awoke with a slight gasp, taking a few seconds as his eyes adjusted to the surroundings of his quarters again.::

::What happened?::

::He took a deep breath as he sat up.::

::What did it mean?::

::Well, he wouldn't get answers here. He got dressed and headed down to sickbay.::

((Sickbay, USS Invicta))

::Entering Sickbay, he found his chief medical officer standing over some samples he was looking at under a microscope.::

Washington: Doctor.

Blueheart: RESPONSE

Washington: ::nods:: This won't take long. I wanted to check on the condition of Commander DeVeau. How is she?

Blueheart: RESPONSE

Lt. Cmdr. Alora DeVeau
Chief of Science
USS Invicta
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