[I-AQ] JP by Lt DeVeau and LtCmdr Saveron - Tears of a Clown - Part 1

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Amanda Nordstrom

Jul 3, 2015, 11:45:10 PM7/3/15
to Invicta

((Alora’s quarters, USS Invicta))

::Tears trickled down Alora’s cheeks as the thunder from the shot faded.
Silence descended as the smoke tried to veil the form of the young boy
who walked away as his mother and sister looked on. The weariness of
what he had done hung from his shoulders, and sadness marked every step
he took. A sniff escaped and then a hushed sob as Alora wiped at her
eyes while darkness drew the scene to a close. Ten minutes later, the
movie was over and though it had ended on happier, more hopeful note,
the vestiges of the saltwater that had sprung from her eyes during the
death scene still etched faint lines over her fair skin.

As the scene faded to black for the final time and Alora switched off
the screen, she heaved a sigh as she leaned back into the couch.::

DeVeau: Such a great movie. They don’t make them like that anymore. So
what did you think?

::Her eyes shifted to the man who sat beside her on the couch. Emerald
eyes studied the face that was generally kept impassive. She was not
telepathic and could not fathom the thoughts behind those silvery-grey
eyes - beyond the fact that there were too many points in the movie
where the characters allowed their emotions to guide their actions.::

Saveron: It was… interesting.

::It was a lot to process. Reading literature was one thing, but viewing
the movie, acted purely to Terran styles and mores, revealed a lot more
and gave him a great deal more to process. He glanced at his companion,
and observed the wet lashes and traces of salt on her cheek. Had she
wept? Was that the meaning of the earlier sounds he had heard?::

::It was a strange concept for him. Firstly to be so affected by a form
of entertainment seemed illogical, secondly to display such was against
his culture. But one of the things that fascinated him about aliens was
that they did things in such different ways.::

Saveron: You were… distressed by the film? ::He asked carefully.::

::The question gave Alora pause. How could she explain it? Granted,
Saveron’s own view of emotion was as different from her own as night and
day. Would he understand it? Most likely not. Did that mean she
shouldn’t attempt to explain it? Not necessarily.::

DeVeau: Well...yes and no. The situation was sad. But the ending,
while bittersweet, had a happy and hopeful tone. So...the situation
made me feel sad and I couldn’t help but cry. ::She paused briefly.:: I
never had a dog, but I had a cat when I was younger who I loved very
much. So while I never had to shoot her or anything, I guess I can
understand how the boy felt about Old Yeller and...and...well, I guess
it just movedme so to speak.

::Okay, she stunk at explaining emotions.::

Saveron: The necessity of such an action would be regrettable. ::He
allowed. If it was logical however, it would be done.:: You indicated
that you have viewed the film before. May I enquire as to why you chose
to view it again, given that you find it emotive?

DeVeau: Because even though it has sad parts, I enjoy it.

Saveron: I do not understand the purpose of the film; it does not appear
particularly informative, nor conducive of inner peace.

DeVeau: Oh gosh. How can I explain this.

::Alora drew her hands together, her fingers lacing. One remained apart
from the others and it was this she tapped against her lips as her mind
worked to try and formulate words in such a way that the Vulcan might
somehow getit.::

DeVeau: Even though there are sad parts, the story is enjoyable in of
itself. The characters are portrayed in such a way that the audience
can connect with them on an emotional level. ::Okay, so that wouldn’t
really help with a Vulcan.:: And...the journey to get where they are
and how they change as they deal with what life has handed them is an
interesting study into the…::oh gosh now she was trying too hard.:: It’s

::That was about as good as it was going to get.::

Saveron: Entertaining. ::He echoed thoughtfully.:: Is it that you… find
it so becauseit is emotive?

::There was a hint of incredulity in the Vulcan’s tones, as though he
couldn’t quite believe the conclusion to which he had come.::

DeVeau: Why...well, yes. Yes, I would say that’s part of it. Good
movies move us, bring us to some emotional response.

Saveron: Interesting.

::It was a word that he used a lot around Alora. It usually meant that
it was something that he had to think about and not a conclusion that he
would have come to himself. But that was one of the things that he liked
about her; she challenged his perceptions.::

::He leaned back against the couch, plainly giving the concept careful

Saveron: Vulcan ‘entertainment’ is usually focused on the informative.
To increase one’s knowledge is a preferable pursuit.

DeVeau: That doesn’t surprise me one bit.

Saveron: We also find music and artistry agreeable.

DeVeau: I find that most intelligent beings do.

::Alora’s eyes twinkled a little, as if she had made some sort of
private joke. Perhaps it was only funny to her.::

DeVeau: Humans find such pursuits enlightening too. I mean, we have
documentaries, biographies, and the like, but we also like to explore
the ‘what if’s’ a lot.

Saveron: So in viewing such a piece of entertainment, and finding it
emotive, you have the opportunity to experience, in part, a situation
which you would not otherwise experience?

::It looked as though a little lightbulb had just gone on for the Vulcan.::

DeVeau: There you go. That’s a part of it yes.

::That was… interesting. It wasn’t an application of entertainment that
he had previously considered. Living an experience vicariously through
said entertainment.::

::She canted her head to the side and eyed the Vulcan. Would he? She
wondered. He would certainly find it illogical, but might he somehow
enjoy it too? Could a Vulcan enjoy things the same way a Human could?
Probably not, but might he get something out of it? Maybe.::

DeVeau: Would you be interested in simulating a story in the Holodeck
per chance?

::Saveron gave Alora a long look from grey eyes.::

Saveron: A holonovel? Where one replaces a character?

DeVeau: Something like that, yes. Sometimes from a movie.

Saveron: I understand that other crewmembers utilise such recreation.
::He gave the proposition serious thought.:: It would not object to
that, I have never experienced such. Do you have one that you would

DeVeau: Do I? I have lots I could recommend. I think a fairy tale
would be particularly fun though.

::That earned her one of those characteristic blank looks that said they
were up against a cultural non-alignment again.::

Saveron: I was not aware that fictional spirit beings had tails.



Lt. Alora DeVeau

Chief Science Officer

USS Invicta


Lt. Cmdr Saveron

Second Officer

USS Invicta
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