[MISSION START] Mayday (Part 1)

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Deliera Jay

Feb 3, 2016, 3:42:13 AM2/3/16
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((Quantum slipstream starliner Charles Lindbergh))

::Considering she’d only just been assigned to a new position a total of five days ago, a leave of absence was strange though not unwelcome. Ketanya was her own woman, very powerful, and just . . . demanding. Very demanding. (Knew that when Ketanya was made her charge). Recovering from a symbiont joining notwithstanding - Kinan had powered through the recovery time and returned to work, not just for Ketanya, but for the whole Cardassian Embassy (because they couldn’t be left alone with Ketanya for too long).

::A breather was nice.::

::She’d spent much of her time here acquainting herself with a few of the other passengers. The Trill was by herself for this trip - no Pouge looking over her shoulder and checking up on her every two hours, which felt wrong, though not entirely unwelcome. She didn’t mention Venroe, just that she was a Starfleet officer - one of the boring ones that didn’t get out much. It made quite the conversation starter, actually - many of her tales whilst aide-de-camp for Ko’Mach were popular among the strangers.

::When she settled in the lounge for some quiet time, however, someone approached *her*. Or, rather, sat in the chair across from her. The ridge on the man’s nose indicated he wasn’t human, nor was he Bajoran - but she couldn’t place what species he was. And the way he placed himself in front of her - overly confident, elbows on arm rests, leaning back with a coy grin . . .

::It was Ethan’s instincts that had her a little edgy, Akyra forcing her to analyse his behaviour. If she was her own woman and not joined to the memories and experiences of a Security officer and Counsellor, maybe she’d be perfectly fine with this encounter.::

Kinan: Can I help you?

Man: Nah - I’m just here for a chat.

::(Dodgy.) Kinan frowned a little, turning off her PADD.::

Kinan: A chat?

::The man nodded.::

Man: I spoke to the lovely couple over there - you’re Starfleet?

Kinan: On leave. Why do you ask?

Man: I’m just curious. Personnel officer, right? You look after your own people, kick them when they’re later for their shifts for the umpteenth time, that sort of thing?

Kinan: I was recently assigned, but yes, that’s the jist of it.

::The man leaned forward, brushing sandy hair away from his eyes as he studied Kinan.::

Man: Ariealt Kinan Venroe.

::Kinan winced. Ariealt, or even Ari, were names she’d heard only few times from strangers mouths, despite the fact that it was frowned upon by her people. She was not regular Trill.::

Kinan: I’m not sure what you know of the Trill, but it’s unlikely I fit into that limited knowledge. For my cultural purposes, I’d ask that you refrain from using my given title. My name is Kinan. If you prefer two names, then Kinan Venroe works just fine.

Man: But Ariealt is such a pretty name.

Kinan: And is also reserved for my family only. And since you are neither family, nor am I at home, I politely ask not to hear it from your lips again.

::(Shouldn’t be asking politely.) It was all Kinan knew. She was a sweet talker - could talk her way out of any situation. Diplomacy was key. Follow others understanding of a situation. (Was there a way she could follow this guy’s perspective?)::

Man: My apologies, Ms Venroe.

::She rose an eyebrow. In truth, she hated that name too, but it seems to stop people from using her first name, and it was far less offensive hearing it. That didn’t mean she couldn’t be disappointed by the fact he wasn’t using “Kinan”.::

Kinan: What can I do for you?

Man: I was just curious about you being from Starfleet. It’s an odd transport to use, that’s all. I thought all Starfleet got their own shuttles.

Kinan: We can’t all be that lucky.

Man: You don’t control resources as a “personnel officer”?

Kinan: You summed up my position quite well. I don’t look after transports - I have no authority nor any desire to do so. It’d make my job ten times harder.

::He seemed satisfied by this, standing from his chair and giving her a light nod as he begun to move away.::

::(He never said his name.)::

::Ethan's instincts made a good point.::

Kinan: You never introduced yourself.

::He stopped dead in his tracks, looking over his shoulder at her.::

Man: I’ll remember to do so later.


Lieutenant Kinan Venroe

Passenger, Charles Lindbergh

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