[I-Q] JP- LCDRs DeVeau & Moonsong: A Friend In Need (Part II)

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Amanda Nordstrom

May 20, 2016, 10:33:05 PM5/20/16
to Invicta

((Officers Quarters, DeVeau))

DeVeau: What?  Says who?

Moonsong: I encouraged you on this path when I should have kept out of it.

::Alora sat up and turned more toward her friend.:: DeVeau: Don’t you dare do that.  None of this is you fault, at all.  I wanted this and, I thought, so did Saveron.  He’s the one that chose to change his mind.

::Raissa started to speak and then stopped. The only thing she needed to do was support her friend in any way she could. But she could stop the little feeling of guilt. She had wanted to feel them since she felt she could never have a relationship of her own.::

Moonsong: Lor… I am so sorry… I wish there was something I could do…

DeVeau: Convince him that he’s an idiot?

::Alora managed a hint of a smile, but she wasn’t serious.  Saveron was no idiot, but she did think he was wrong.  She just couldn’t convince him of it.::

Moonsong: I will happily take a baseball bat to him. ::pause.:: I consider him family… So I cannot kill him.

DeVeau: I don’t want him killed. Honestly, I don’t really want him hurt either.  *I* am just so hurt.

::Tears stung her eyes, but that time, Alora wiped them away.::

DeVeau: And I still love him.  I envisioned a future with him.  Evidently, he didn’t.

::Raissa sighed as she hugged her friend. She didn’t know what she could possibly say. She was well aware that sometime words fixed nothing and could make things worse.::

Moonsong: I am so very sorry, Alora.

DeVeau: Yeah.  I am too. ::She sighed softly.:: DeVeau: At least you have something possible with Sedrin, right?

::Raissa was silent a moment.::

Moonsong: No…

::Now it was Alora’s turn to let the silence reign for a minute before speaking.::

DeVeau: No?

::She took a breath and let it out.::

Moonsong: He was… recalled to Delta… That distance…

::She closed her eyes a moment to grieve what could have been. But it was not the same level of heartache that Alora was feeling.::

Moonsong: Perhaps… it was not meant to be…

DeVeau: This double sucks.

::Raissa smiled weekly.:: DeVeau: I think we should get some ice cream.

Moonsong: I think we should get a lot of ice cream. With lots of caramel for me and chocolate for you. ::pause:: I think the Magna Roma delegation has a great spa holo-program. I think we should indulge.

DeVeau: That sounds like an excellent plan.

::Who needed alcohol when there was ice cream?::



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