[R-QTRS] JP- Alt!Moonsong & Alt!DeVeau: Hope Part 2 (Prelude, no tags)

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Oct 2, 2015, 8:18:50 PM10/2/15
to UFOP: StarBase 118: USS Invicta

(USS Ronin - A, 239209.23)

::Raissa sighed as she looked at the other woman.They hadn’t really known each other long, but they had connected as more than she had since her grandmother died.::

Moonsong: ‘Lor… you’re the team leader on this. ::pause:: Do you want to pull out?

DeVeau: No.

::There was no hesitation on that answer. Despite her fear, that trembling that reached to the very depths, Alora would not abandon those who needed help.::

Moonsong: Postpone then? See if we can get more intel?

DeVeau: You know that can’t happen.  The window is too narrow - we’ll not get another opportunity.

::Alora lowered herself onto her knees, then settled back on her feet as her hands ran over her face.::

DeVeau: I don’t know.  I just…

::Just what?  Alora hands fell to her lap and she stared at them a moment before finally lifting her gaze to meet Raissa’s.::

DeVeau: Will you do me a favour?

Moonsong: I’ll try…

::There were so many promises no one tried to make any more. ::

DeVeau: If something happens to me…

::Raissa was abruptly on her feet, pacing the small confines of the room. Her mouth was tight.::

Moonsong: We’ve had this discussion before ‘Lor…

DeVeau: With the way things are, it’s necessary.  But this time...I want you to do something for me specifically.

::Only this time, the depth of the sensation was more intense.::

::She stopped pacing and sighed, her arms wrapped tightly around herself.::

Moonsong: What do you want me to do?

DeVeau: My guitar.  I want him to have it.  And...take care of him.  Don’t let him give up hope.  This whole ship...we can’t stop fighting.  No matter what.

::No matter how much she sometimes just wanted to roll over and give up, she knew she couldn’t.  If they did, they yes, they were all lost and there would be no way back.::

::Raissa looked at the floor, rocking back and forth on her heels.::

Moonsong: I can make sure he he gets it… ::She glanced at Alora.:: But then I might keep it for myself. ::sighs:: As for the rest… you don’t know what you’re asking.

DeVeau: I have other things for you.

::She smiled and rose to her feet.  As she did so, the smile faded and weariness settled in.::

DeVeau: I do know what I ask, and what  heavy weight that is.  Yet, I refuse to give up.  We can’t let anyone give up.  If we do, we’re lost forever.

::She glanced toward the door.::

DeVeau: I’m going to stop by and see Saveron.  ::Her gaze shifted back to her friend and after  a short pause, she added.::  Thank you.

::Raissa stopped her with a hand on her arm. She rarely touched anyone due to her empathic nature. Alora was one of the few.::

Moonsong: What’s really going on? You’ve come in here with your “Last Will & Testament” and then say Never Give Up, Never Surrender. So which is it?

DeVeau: There is a difference between making sure things are settled when your time comes and giving up.  I pray I am wrong, but if I go down fighting, then I go down fighting.  Just...don’t give up hope, no matter what happens.

::Raissa’s grip tightened. Perhaps in another reality she would be more understanding and accepting, but the here and now she had lost far too much.::

Moonsong: Then you’re talking to the wrong person. What’s left to hope for?

DeVeau: Everything, Ris.  Everything.

::Alora’s own hands lifted so she could take Raissa’s and envelope them with her warmth.::

DeVeau: The future is up to us.  We’ve got to keep fighting.  Only when we stop fighting do we truly lose.

::After a gentle squeeze, Alora released her friend, then turned to cross through the door once more, the panels hushing closed behind her.::

::Raissa watched her leave and turned away. She had given up long ago. Alora was the one who held her hope. If something should happen to her…. Raissa’s hope would go with her.::



Dr. Raissa Moonsong (Alternate)


USS Ronin-A



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