[I-AO] Lt. DeVeau & Ens. Sienelis - “An Introductory Interlude” Part II (Slight Backsim, No Tags)

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(USS Invicta - Alora’s Office)

DeVeau: So other than science, what interests do you have?

Sienelis: I read. I swim, and I like underwater diving. I enjoy making clothes. ::She paused and half-smiled.:: It’s a lot easier when you have a replicator to churn out the fabric you want, instead of having to trawl the markets.

DeVeau: I’ve done a little sewing, but I never was very good at it, and I’ve only been diving once.

::Alora’s own smile appeared, brighter  than her conversation partner’s.::

DeVeau: What sort of books do you like to read?

Sienelis: Oh, well, you know. ::She scratched her ear with a fingertip.:: The classics. I quite like thrillers and mysteries, too, but I try all sorts. Read outside your favourites, and you might meet some new ones - that’s what I was told.

::She was also partial to a steamy romance novel. That was not something she’d admit to her immediate superior, or indeed, perhaps anyone.::

Sienelis: What about you? What do you do in your spare time?

DeVeau: Actually, I read quite a bit too, and my tastes are pretty eclectic.

::Though Saveron’s was even more so than hers, but she refrained from mentioning that.::

DeVeau: I’m also a musician and practise when I can.  

Sienelis: ::Dry,:: Half of Starfleet seems to be.

DeVeau: Not surprising, really.  Sometimes, music helps with stress and can help one cope with unpleasant situations.  Do you enjoy music?  Or play an instrument?

Sienelis: Ariennye, no. ::She snorted a laugh and shook her head.:: And the universe is a much more harmonious place for it. 

DeVeau:  Well, if you ever want lessons, I can give those too.

Sienelis: And all the plants? ::She made a horizontal circle in the air with her finger, indicating the room.:: Just a hobby, or do you specialise in greenery?

DeVeau: Both.  I specialised in Botany and Zoology, but as you can see, I love plants.  Which reminds me.

::Alora twirled her chair around and plucked a small plant nestled in a white pot speckled with purple.  From the center, a single flower shyly opened for the world to see, dark purple with flecks of pink on its petals.::

DeVeau: Would you like one?  It’s an African Violet, a common house plant from Earth.  I’d love for you to have one as a gift if you like plants.

::Sceptical and a little bit suspicious, Valesha eyed the plant.:: 

Sienelis: Are they easy to look after? Plants and I are not the best of friends.

DeVeau: They are indeed and I can give you detailed instructions.  If you don’t want one though, you can say ‘no’.  I won’t be offended.

Sienelis: As long as you won’t take offence if it dies a horrible, neglected death. ::She glanced back up at her.:: I mean, I *try* to look after them, but sometimes I forget to feed myself, let alone anything else.

::At least the woman was being honest.  Alora’s smile was accompanied by a flicker of amusement in her verdant gaze as she extended the plant toward the Romulan officer.::

DeVeau: I tell you what, if you see it begin to struggle, let me know and I’ll help you figure out what’s wrong.

Sienelis: That seems fair. ::She nodded.:: I’ll keep it on my desk, where I can see it.

DeVeau: Great.  Well, we’re going to arrive at the anomaly soon and I’d like to take a look at the data the sensors have gathered thus far.

::There would be far more once they arrived, but the closer they got, the more details they received.  If nothing else, they could glean at least a little bit on the way there and it would be that much less to process on arrival.::

Sienelis: Me too. I’ve a feeling it’s going to be interesting. ::She grinned.::


Lt. Alora DeVeau
Chief of Science
USS Invicta

Ensign Valesha Sienelis
Science Officer
USS Invicta
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