JP by Lt DeVeau and LtCmdr Saveron - Do you wanna see a movie? - Part 1

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Amanda Nordstrom

Jun 29, 2015, 8:43:15 PM6/29/15
to Invicta

(USS Invicta - Deck 4 Crew Quarters - Somewhere Out There)

::Another advantage to the Invicta, besides the drool worthy scientific
tools, were the larger crew quarters. Alora had spread out her plants
and realised she had room for more.. With this realisation came the glee
of such knowledge and immediate plans were made to procure some more
specimens. In the mean time, she would have to wait.

Although she had unpacked many of her things upon her first arrival, and
she had wandered about to learn more about her new home, Alora tired of
a solo tour and finally found herself back on her deck, but just down
the corridor to a different door. She indicated to the computer that she
wished to be announced and then waited.::

Saveron: Enter.

::He was hanging holographs on the wall, pictures of his family. He
turned, the most recent holograph still in his hands, to greet his

::Once the door opened, Alora stepped through and smiled at her friend.
Saavok was not to be seen, but she figured that was because school
didn’t necessarily stop during shore leave.::

DeVeau: Sochya Saveron.

Saveron: SochyaAlora.

DeVeau: Settling in all right?

Saveron: Affirmative. We have been unpacking.

::And the Vulcan had quite a lot of stuff. Unlike many he didn’t travel
light. He had obviously figured out the Invicta’senvironmental
adjustments however. The superior system was obvious, the room even
smelled like Vulcan.::

Saveron: And yourself?

DeVeau: Settled in, stuff put away, pictures and plants arranged,
Sachiko sniffed and approved.

::She crossed the room and drew alongside the box of pictures.::

DeVeau: Would you care for some assistance?

Saveron: I would not object. Who is Sachiko?

::He turned aside for a moment and adjusted the environmental settings
from oven-like to merely quite warm.::

DeVeau: Oh, that’s what I named my cat. ::As the temperature lowered,
she breathed a sigh of relief.:: Thank you for that. I was wondering if
you wanted to fry me up for dinner or something.

::Alora reached into the box and withdrew a single photo which she
proceeded to pass along to the Vulcan. While she didn’t know exactly how
he wanted everything laid out, she could at least speed up the process a

Saveron: You are aware that I am vegan, Alora. ::He replied dryly.::

::Taking the picture - Teron at his graduation with a presumably proud
father beside him - he hung it on the wall next to one of S’Rel.::

Saveron: May I enquire as to the reason for your visit? ::He asked at

DeVeau: To hang out. And yes, I know you’re vegan.

::She wrinkled her nose, but it was a playful gesture rather than one of
annoyance as she offered another picture.::

DeVeau: That is, if it’s all right that I hang out with you.

::As she spoke her words, she cast a sidelong glance, her expression
carefully guarded before she turned away to peer into the box at the
next picture.::

::To one accustomed to complete expressionlessness, Alora’s glance
appeared loaded with meaning that he could not interpret. Terrans often
looked at each other like that, and he had yet to discern the meaning.::

Saveron: I have no objection. ::He said again.:: However I am interested
to know how you knew that I was ‘hanging out’ the holographs?

::Something about his tone of enquiry suggested that he was serious.::

::Normally, Alora would attempt to hide her amusement at least to some
degree. Unfortunately, Saveron’s comment was too unexpected and too
amusing. She literally burst into a short fit of giggles as she reached
for the next picture.::

DeVeau: That’s not quite what I meant. I had no idea this was what you
were doing - unless I’m telepathic and don’t know it.

Saveron: I understand that you have been assessed as Telepathy
Sensitive. ::Along with a surprising number of the ship’s crew.:: What
was your intended meaning?

DeVeau: Sensitive isn’t the same as telepathic. It sounds more like I’m
a good receiver, but have no ability to send.

::She shrugged and carefully wiped a speck from a screen before passing
it over.::

DeVeau: What I meant was, is it okay to spend time with you.
“Hang out” is an informal term which means the same thing.

Saveron: I have no objection. ::He said, third time in as many
minutes.:: You have questioned me on this subject previously; it appears
to hold some concern for you.

::He’d said that he didn’t object to her company. As far as Saveron was
concerned that statement stood until he indicated otherwise.::

DeVeau: Well, you know. I just want to make sure you don’t change your mind.

::Because you never knew. Granted, he was Vulcan, but one of her fears
was that he might annoy him or he might tire of her. She hoped not, but
rational or not, that concern remained.::

DeVeau: So how do you like the new ship?

Saveron: If I object to your company I will inform you. ::He promised
solemnly, accepting the next holograph.:: I consider the Invictato be an
acceptable successor for the Mercury.

::Which implied that he hadn’t thought the same of the Garuda.::

Saveron: I would be interested in your thoughts on the ship.

::The next frame held a picture of a rather young Saveron and an equally
young Vulcan woman with sallow skin, dark eyes and a long, black
ponytail. Both were wearing ornate robes.::

::At first, Alora started to pass that picture along with the other one,
but then she paused and drew it back toward her so she could study it

DeVeau: Who’s that?

Saveron: That is T’Rel. The holograph was taken at the end of our
Bonding celebrations.

DeVeau: You still keep her picture?

Saveron: Affirmative. ::He replied evenly.:: We were bonded for
forty-nine Terran years. Only our separation was disagreeable.

::Their relationship had become distant towards the end, though they
were too logical to do anything other than avoid each other’s company.::

::A brief image of her chucking the holographic picture at the wall then
watching it shatter before she would turn to Saveron and tell him to
forget about her flashed through Alora's mind. Instead of following
through, however, she offered him the image.::

DeVeau: Do you...miss her?

::It was an alien question, and coming from most people he would have
dismissed it as such. Possibly not from Aron, and not from Alora.
Somehow when she asked he did not object. He regarded the holograph for
a moment before hanging it on the wall next to the others.::

Saveron: Our differences had become too great for the relationship to
remain functional. ::He said at last.:: However I am… aware of the loss
of what we had.

::Which was as well as he could articulate what he felt. Cultural
barriers again. He glanced over at her.::

Saveron: Why do you ask?

DeVeau: I just...wondered.


LtCmdr Saveron


USS Invicta


Lt. Alora DeVeau

Chief of Science

USS Invicta

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