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Amanda Nordstrom

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((Astrofori One - Starfleet Officer's Lounge))

DeVeau: Carter, please don’t just give her a pet.  I know Raissa...I don’t think it would go over well.  At all.  If anything, I think it might make the situation worse.  I’m quite serious.  If you want to give her a gift, that’s fine, but trust me, don’t make it an animal.  If you want, I can show you what plants I have available.

::That got Carter’s attention and, hopefully, his mind off of an animal.  While Alora knew Raissa loved Devlin, she just didn’t think the woman would love getting a pet from her ex.  It would just be...awkward.::

​Greyson: Plant?

DeVeau: A plant would be a far, far, far better gift for her than an animal.

Greyson: ::He leaned back in his chair and sighed.:: You think a plant will be easier than a pet.

::Rarely were there plants that weren’t easier.  A few species didn’t requir lots of care and attention that some might consider as difficult as a pet, but Alora begged to differ.  All one had to do was make sure one learned what to do w ell and t hen it got to be easy. ::

DeVeau: Yes, I do.  

Greyson: Alright. Let's go look for... ::He paused and considered.:: ​...an olive branch.

::Alora chuckled softly, and though she knew what he meant, she couldn’t resist.::

​DeVeau: I’m afraid olive is one plant I don’t own.

Greyson: ​Subject to what you have available, of course. The symbolism is right, wouldn't you agree?

DeVeau: Yes, there is, and I’ll be glad to show you what is available.

​::After Carter drank the last of his drink, Alora stood and motioned for him to follow.  Together, they left the lounge and made their way through the promenade, corridors, lift, and finally to her quarters.  Already, she had moved her things over, leaving the Invicta behind and settling in on the station.  It was a sad thing, but also an exciting time - even if she would miss that glorious ship.::

​Greyson: Mind if I ask what you feed them? ​

​DeVeau: Blood.  Occasionally, a sacrifice.


::Alora passed through the doors and giggled.::

DeVeau: I’m just joking of course.  How you care for a plant will depend on what kind of plant you want.  Now, I’ll admit, a large percentage of my collection consists of African violets, but I have some lovely streptocarpus which are re lated, bu t different.  I also have a collection of a variety of plants from other planets, but only certain ones are being propagated at this time.

::After all, Alora did have a limited amount of space, so she generally rotated what she was ‘breeding’.  Violets and streps were probably the exception as she almost constantly had babies going, which meant she was always giving those away as gifts to those who least expected it.  Now that she was on A1, she had more people she could bless with her presents.::


DeVeau: So do you want a plant from Earth or someone else?


DeVeau: I won’t recommend anything particularly difficult.  Violets and streps are really easy, but I also have Bajoran lilacs, a Zalnia plant available, a couple of orsic ferns, a crystilia, lunar flowers…

::Alora paused for a moment, then stepped over to a couple of plants, then picked one up.  Upon vine like growths, tiny balls formed in a line.::

DeVeau: I recently acquired a couple of string of pearl plants.  They’re also from Earth and very easy to keep.



OOC For those of you not familiar with the plant: http://www.joyusgarden.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/P1060387_new.jpg Lt. Cmdr. Alora DeVeau
Chief of Science
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