[I-JQ] JP: Lt. Cmdr Raissa Moonsong & Lt. Cmdr Rune Jolara: A Connection Part 2

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Nov 14, 2016, 9:26:30 AM11/14/16
to UFOP: StarBase 118: USS Invicta

((USS Invicta, Deck 4, Jolara Quarters))

Moonsong: You have no reason to apologize to me.

Jolara: So what now?

Moonsong: That is not up to me. ::she paused holding her cup.:: I am not uncomfortable with your mind touch. In a sense I am relieved by it. ::She lifted her eyes and looked at Rune.:: It means there is less chance I will inadvertently harm you with a telepathic touch.

Jolara: ::nodding slowly:: I know you worry about that. I don’t want to add to that.

Moonsong: Truthfully… what you choose to do with your ability is up to you. I would suggest some training or meditation… whichever is more comfortable for you. You are fortunate your partner has telepathic ability. ::faint smile.:: I would think she might be your best choice for training.

:: Rune smiled faintly at the mention of Kieran but she felt an ache inside. ::

Jolara: If we get to see each other again.

Moonsong: ::Raissa nodded.:: You will...

Jolara: I have no idea where she is. All I know is she said soon.. That was right after we got back. Have not heard from her since. ::Taking a breath and releasing it, she shook her head. Then she did what she did best… :: So, any plans for shore leave?

Moonsong: ::a brief smile.:: The usual… counseling sessions… outgoing evaluations until I find out where I am going to be sent. I may go home for a visit. ::She paused.:: You are welcome to stop by.

:: Home. That was one place Rune would never be going. ::

Jolara: Thank you but I am not certain what I will be doing.

Moonsong: Consider it an open invitation then. My family is always welcoming. Mother is empathic and my grandmother is a telepathic consultant for Starfleet.

:: Rune smiled and glanced toward the crib when Krystyan made a sound. ::

Jolara: Actually maybe I will. I was thinking of maybe taking some time away with Krystyan. ::smiling faintly:: I still have no idea what I am really doing with him. Perhaps somewhere away from all.. Or most things Starfleet will help.

Moonsong: ::smiles:: My mother would be thrilled to spoil Krystyan. My brothers still refuse to settle down. You would be more than welcome. Very relaxing and undemanding.

Jolara: I appreciate that. ::Krystyan made another sound and Rune rose to pick him up.:: About the evaluation… do I have to?

Moonsong: ::Raissa’s eyes were more on the baby than his mother.:: That depends. How do you feel you did this last year?

:: Rune held the baby close as she moved back to the sofa. She gave a half-hearted laugh. ::

Jolara: How did I do… that is a loaded question. We are our own worst critics. ::sitting down and adjusting Krystyan in her arms:: I feel like I have been through hell and back… we all have. I have made some mistakes oOhuge mistakesOo but I believe I have learned from them. Both professionally and personally.

Moonsong: Any thoughts about what kind of posting you want in your future?

Jolara: In my dreams, a nice quiet one where I do not have to worry about being killed or losing my mind every mission. ::smiling:: Realistically, I would rather stay on a ship doing exactly what I am doing now, only doing it better.

::Raissa smiled, leaning forward to touch the tiny hand again.::

Moonsong: Doing it better in what way?

::Rune thought about it for a moment as she watched Krystyan gripe Raissa’s fingers and smile.::

Jolara: For one thing, I would try to work closer with my Captain and First Officer, whoever they may be. ::shrugging a shoulder:: I am not sure yet how else I can do it better.

::Raissa smiled as she finally looked up at Rune.::

Moonsong: Those are a couple of my exit evaluation questions. And whatever pressing issues I think need to be addressed.

Jolara: I see...

Moonsong: That was not so terrible, was it?

Jolara: Not so much. ::tilting her head and smiling:: But you have not gotten to any pressing issues other than the connection we have.

Moonsong: ::leaving her finger to be gripped by the baby.:: That was the only pressing issue I had. ::pause:: All things considered, you are doing well, Rune. ::pause:: I hope you do stop by Earth. I find I will miss you… both of you. ::faint smile.:: You are easy to talk to.

::Rune looked down at Krystyan so she wouldn’t have to look at Raissa. She had told herself she wouldn’t get emotional but she felt it starting with a tightness in her throat and chest.::

Jolara: I will miss you as well. I am afraid my list of real friends is a rather short one.

Moonsong: I understand. The ones I have I can count on one hand and have fingers left over.

::Raissa brushed her finger across the softs skin of Krystyan’s hand. She had hoped to spend more time with him. She found that she did like Rune. She felt comfortable in her presence. Something she couldn’t say about many of the people she had to work with.::

Moonsong: I will leave you two in peace. I will send you the location of LlamaSong Farms. My mother will be on the lookout for you.

::Rune smiled as she stood and Krystyan kicked his legs.::

Jolara: Thank you again. I will let you know when we can be there.

Moonsong: Did you have any questions?

:: Rune looked down at her son and then back up. ::

Jolara: Would you like to spend some time with him… this evening perhaps?

Moonsong: ::Her eyes lit up.:: I would love that…

::Rune’s smile widened.::

Jolara: I will bring him by your quarters say around 1700. If that is a good time.

Moonsong: ::nodding:: That is perfect. ::even if it wasn't, Raissa would make sure that it was.::

Jolara: See you then.



Lt Commander Raissa Moonsong

Chief of Counseling

USS Invicta




Lt. Cmdr. Rune Jolara

   Intelligence Officer - USS Invicta

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