[I] Lt. Cmdr. Moonsong & Lt. Cmdr. DeVeau: Dreams Within (Part II, BACKSIM)

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Amanda Nordstrom

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OOC: Split up due to length!

((USS Invicta, Dreamscape/Sickbay))

::Something crunched, a loud crack that pierced through an otherwise serene scene.  A line appeared across a tree, angling down the trunk, splitting it into two.::

Moonsong: ~ You have the power… you can come back…. Alora… I need my friend back…~

DeVeau: It’s not safe here.

::Alora turned, eyes wide.:: DeVeau: Anything we understand as reality is only because of our mind.  What’s real is fake and what’s fake is real.  But this reality can’t last...I can’t hold it together.

Moonsong: ~ Then let it go, Alora. Come back… it is time to leave dreams and wake up. We are waiting for you. ~

::Another crack formed, that time in the ground, and it began to tremble beneath their feet.::

DeVeau: ~I can’t…~

::The trembling turned into a shudder, went still, then occurred again.::

Moonsong: ~ Alora… the only thing stopping you… is you… you can take control of this. ~

::The crack stretched out, crawling its way between the two women and the ground shuddered again.::

DeVeau: ~I’ve tried.  I can’t.  ~

::Alora shook her head, eyes squeezed tight.  Beneath Raissa, the ground gave way.  Trees, grass, everything tumbled down into an enormous chasm that suddenly appeared.  Moonsong went with them, but her hands caught on to the edge of what was now a cliff, right at the feet of her friend.  Wide eyed, Alora took a step back.::

::Raissa could feel the pressure, pulling at her. Her hands dug into the edge, clinging. Strength of will would get her out. Withdrawing from Alora’s mind would get her out. But she needed Alora to get out.::

Moonsong: ~ Alora!!!! Help me!!!!! ~

DeVeau: ~You said it’s not real.  If it’s not real, then why are you afraid?~

::Yet there was fear in Alora’s own mindvoice, a tremour that undulated beneath the words silently spoken to her friend.  Another quake rocked the area, pulling Raissa down further.  Fingers attempted to grasp at the edge of the cliff, but slowly they lost their grip.  As her hand finally, gave up its hold, Alora’s hand snatched at Raissa’s wrist before the woman could fall more than an inch.  The chopsticks had come away and Alora’s hair spilled over her face, as if it were also trying to reach out and take hold of the other woman.::

Moonsong: ~ Help me!!! ~

DeVeau: ~I can’t...I’m trying...I can’t…~

::Another quake hit and more of the cliff gave way.  Alora strained backward, but her perch was precarious at best.  Trees fell around her, the formerly serene scene marred by chaos.  The thunder of the ground roared in her ears.::

Moonsong: ::She held tight to Alora’s hand.:: ~ The body cannot live without the mind! ~

DeVeau: ~I…~

::Once more, tremors tossed them about and Alora’s hold weakened.  She could keep the woman no longer and Raissa tumbled into the darkness below.::

DeVeau: Raissa!

::Alora’s screech echoed off the cliff wall, but all that answered back was the shadow beneath her feet.  Tears stung her eyes as she balanced upon that edge, staring into the blackness.  Her breath came in gasps, hands clenched at the dirt, but she could not bear it.  Only a few breaths after she’d lost her grip on her friend, Alora tossed herself after.::

::She fell.::

::She was falling.  That darkness leaped up to cover her, surround her, draw her into its embrace.  What had been frightening, forbidding, suddenly turned warm and inviting.  Her initial freefall slowed and eventually she found herself standing, the darkness all around her, save for one thing - Raissa.  Her friend was there, uniformed, whole.  Alora’s own dress matched her friend’s.  The young woman tilted her head back to look above, but of the chasm and decimated scenery, there was no sign.  Only that friendly darkness.::

DeVeau: ~We’re..here…~

Moonsong: ~ Closer now. ~

DeVeau: ~Where are we?~

Moonsong: ::Her head tilts slightly to the side.:: ~Where you have brought us. ~

DeVeau: ~Am I doing this?~

Moonsong: ~ Yes… only you can wake you now. ~

::Only she could wake herself up now, but there was still one problem.:: DeVeau: I don’t know how.

Moonsong: ~ Yes you do… You brought us here… that means the answer is within you. ~

DeVeau: But I don’t even know how I got here in the first place.

::Alora turned in place, surveying the view which remained the same, black as night with only Raissa and herself visible, light fighting against the darkness, but going no further than their own personal boundaries.::

Moonsong: ~ The answer is within you. I cannot do it for you. ~

::Except Alora didn’t know how to access that answer.  She sighed and attempted to concentrate.  Around her, nothing changed.  Raissa remained the same, the darkness surrounded them, all was still.::

DeVeau: ~I can’t…~

Moonsong: ~ Yes you can. Focus. ~

::Keep trying.  Focus.  With her friend’s encouragement, Alora did as she was told to do.  The darkness remained and for a moment, she struggled with frustration as whatever it was continued to flitter far from her grasp.:: ::Then she felt something.  At first, she wasn’t sure what. The only thing she could say to describe it was warmth.  There was light then, and around her the blackness turned to grey, then white encased them.::

Moonsong: ~ You are closer now… You can do this, Alora. ~

::Alora attempted to cling to that warm and turned, focusing on a specific spot.  The white remained for a few breaths, then shimmered.  A tree appear, tall, strong, branches stretching out to the heavens above which slowly began to form, blue spreading over the two of them.::

::Raissa remained silent, watching the scene.::

::Alora turned again and other subjects came into light.  More trees, flowers, bushes, grasses, dappled deep and chirping birds surrounded them.  It was the scene from before, but it was flourishing in the fullness of spring.::

DeVeau: Now what?

Moonsong: ~ Like a daydream… what happens next? ~

DeVeau: It fades...and I come back to reality.

Moonsong: ~ So it does. ~

DeVeau: I suppose so. ::She watched the birds flitter from one tree to the next, then turned to her friend.:: DeVeau: See you on the flip side.

::Then it was gone.  Everything, and Raissa was no longer in Alora’s mind.  On the biobed, Alora’s eyes fluttered open and she stared at the ceiling of Sickbay.::

::In the biobed beside her Raissa opened her eyes at well. She didn’t move. Her head was pounding. But she would do anything for a friend.::

::Alora craned her neck to get a view of Raissa beside her and grinned.::

DeVeau: Hi honey. I’m home.




Lt. Commander Raissa Moonsong

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USS Invicta

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