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((Starfleet Academy))

 :: Kessa was thrilled to see her former crew mates. She just did not feel like she knew anyone here at the academy. It was nice to get out and about.  She was kind of curious about the cause of their meeting though, and didn’t like the idea of talking to a reporter about, well, anything.  She smiled widely at her colleagues as they entered. ::  

Tuk: Here we are, as you requested.

 T’Dara: Hello! 

Moonsong: RESPONSE

 Kardgar: ::smiles:: Excellent. Thank you for meeting with me. Please, call me Reza.

 Tuk: You’re welcome. ::beat:: This is unusual, to say the least, Reza.

 T’Dara: So, Reza, what can we do for you? 

Moonsong: RESPONSE

 :: She followed as the man led them into an office, where a Trill officer was already waiting. Reza sat down on a leather chair and gestured for them to join across from him on a couch on the other side of the glass coffee table. Kessa sat next to the other officers, wondering why she always ended up with a middle seat. The though made her smirk a little::

 Kardgar: Lt. Commander Kinan was good enough to help set this meeting up.


 Tuk: ::as Kardgar turns back to the trio:: So, what is this all about?

T’Dara: oO Exactly what I was wondering! Oo

Moonsong: RESPONSE

Kardgar: Well, to be blunt, I want to tell your story. I saw the press release about what happened aboard the Venture. But it’s all rather… dry, to be blunt. So, I’d love to hear about it in your own words.

Tuk: ::chuckles nervously:: That’s a tall order, Mister Kardgar. Perhaps the others have a more interesting angle, than I? ::looks to T’Dar and Moonsong::

T’Dara: ::Kessa Shrugged::  I’m not sure how much help I can be. I spent most of my time there in an engine…

Moonsong: RESPONSE

 Tuk: My role, was making sure everyone was safe, which was a challenge, in and of itself.

Kardgar/Kinan: RESPONSES

T’Dara: What information are you actually looking for?  I there isn’t much we can tell you, beyond what you’ve heard.

Moonsong: RESPONSE


Kardgar/Kinan: RESPONSES

::Kessa looked to her superior officers on how to respond. She could tell Tuk was wary… which didn’t ease her discomfort at all::

 Moonsong: RESPONSE



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