[I-F8] LtCmdrs Tristam Core & Raissa Moonsong, "End of an era." (Part 2)

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Core: Why me? You could have tried King or DeVeau, or hell, even *Tuk*. Hell, what was wrong with communications?

Moonsong: ::her mouth was tight.:: The planet killer was interfering with communications. Our range was limited. ::she paused. She was unsure if she should even try to explain.:: Your mind is the strongest I knew and I could just detect you on the edge of my consciousness. I was able to link to… Commander Jolara to boost my range briefly to just send a message. ::pause.:: When your backlash hit, I was able to break the link to her before you could give her more than a mild headache.

Core: So I got through to her too. Great.

::The Rodulan rubbed his staining eyes, releasing a shaky breath.::

Core: I . . . I have to process all this.

Moonsong: So do I… I thought… Nevermind what I thought.

Core: No, you’ve said it now. What did you think?

Moonsong: ::she looked at him for a long moment.:: I thought you trusted me. I thought I could trust you. Your mind is familiar to me. I didn’t realize your mind would see my touch as an attack.  I do not pretend to be a telepathic expert, but apparently I know less about Rodulan minds… your mind than I thought.

Core: What did you think you knew? I’ve told you already - getting into my mind, *trying* to get into my mind, is dangerous for both of us. Now we’re both hurt, I’m a *freaking mess* . . . I don’t know if any of this was even worth it.

::Raissa was hurting in more ways than one.It was like he didn’t hear what she was saying.::

Moonsong: Why do you persist in saying that I am trying to get into your mind. I am not. I never have. But you do broadcast. Sometimes quite loudly. I assumed it was the same for you. Hearing all the thoughts around you. I broadcasted. That is all.

::Her hand cut through the air dismissively.::

Moonsong: What is done cannot be undone.

::”Broadcasting”. The differences between various species telepathic abilities weren’t easily documented. This was something his father was well versed in. Similar, but not. Tristam didn’t believe he “broadcasted” - hell, he wasn’t even aware if anyone could read his thoughts, nor did he want to know. Usually if they could hear him, he was in pain. Tristam hearing thoughts were because they were always there - there was nothing he could do about it but tune it out. Talking to a friend at dinner was like shouting through hundreds of voices. They were there, he knew it, but only occasionally did he actively listen. Roshanara was an unfortunate victim of his lack of control - waking up groggy, which was often given that he rarely ever met his quota of 12 good hours of sleep, usually meant he’d miss what she’d say verbally, but catch what she says mentally. Not exactly the best way to go about a relationship.

::He was young - extraordinarily young. His crew, his friends, seemed to forget this.

::That was a fine line, too. On one side, he wanted others to recognize that he was stretching the limits of his maturity by being First Officer, let alone having held responsibility as Chief Engineer, as his homeworld would note. But on the other, he wanted to be more than just that annoying child Rodul often pitted him to be.::

Core: I’m going on leave. I don’t know when I’ll be back.

::If he *was* coming back.::

Core: I don’t want the last time I see you to be an argument. Assuming this is the last time.

Moonsong: I have been re-assigned to Starfleet Medical.

Core: On Earth?

Moonsong: Yes.

::So much further than he’d anticipated.::

Core: Terrans are complicated. You’ll need the best of luck.

Moonsong: I was born there, Tristam. I am mostly Terran.

Core: I know.

::He gave another shaky breath.::

Core: I’m sorry, Raissa. For what I did. For now.

Moonsong: So am I… ::pause:: I will miss… what there was…


LtCmdr Tristam Core



LtCmdr Raissa Moonsong


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