[I-Q] JP- LCDRs DeVeau & Moonsong: A Friend In Need (Part I)

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May 20, 2016, 10:26:20 PM5/20/16
to UFOP: StarBase 118: USS Invicta

((Officers Quarters, DeVeau))

::Raissa stood outside the door to her friends quarters. They had been friends for so long, sometimes she imagined they could feel each other if they were in need. She touched the chime.::

::The intercom clicked on, not the usual reaction as normally Alora would simply say for someone to enter and the door would open.  That time, however, she wasn’t in the mood for seeing just anyone.::

DeVeau: Who is it?

Moonsong: Alora… it is me.

::She didn’t have to ask who ‘me’ was.  If Alora had been separated from her for a lifetime and gone blind, she’d never forget a voice so dear to her.  Without another word, the door opened and allowed the counselor inside.::

::Within, Alora sat curled up on the couch, arms clutching a pillow, face red and streaked with tears.  Her normally verdant eyes had darkened with the palpable sadness that filled the room.::

::She stepped into the room. The emotion pounding at her. It never occurred to her to turn away. Alora was her best friend in the world. She let the door his closed behind her. She walked over to the couch and sat down beside the science chief.::

Moonsong: Hi…

DeVeau: Hi.

::Even that single syllable cracked as Alora spoke.::

Moonsong: Want to tell me about it?

DeVeau: Saveron broke up with me.

::There it was, words unminced the simple truth, an awful statement she wished wasn’t true, but Alora couldn’t just pretend it hadn’t happened.  He’d broken up with her, and then let her know he was leaving the ship.  Again.  Only that time, she wasn’t sure he’d be back.  Even if he was, it was obvious that he had no intention in remaining in a relationship with her.::

::Raissa sighed and moved to sit on the couch beside her friend.::

Moonsong: Do you want a hug. ::she held out an arm, already braced for the onslaught of emotion.::

DeVeau: Yes.

::Alora’s face screwed up and she leaned into Moonsong’s embrace, the tears flowing free once more. Raissa held her, gently rubbing her shoulder. The barrage of emotion was what she expected. Her friend felt things deeply::

::She rocked her gently, wishing there was something more she could do, but there wasn’t. Saveron was gone. Her best friend was devastated. So she did the only thing she could do. Be a shoulder until Alora was ready to talk about it.::

::Eventually, she did calm down, the sobs turning into sniffs and coming around to where she could talk again.::

DeVeau: This sucks.

::It was worse than that, but she wanted to keep her mouth clean.::

Moonsong: I agree… I am sorry… some of this is my fault.



Lt. Commander Raissa Moonsong

Chief of Counseling

USS Invicta

Author ID: G239107RM0


Lt. Commander Alora DeVeau

Chief of Science

USS Invicta


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