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OOC: Got a computer that has a wifi card that works, but internet is STILL flakey.  *sigh*  Sorry for all the delays.  

((Dreamscape, USS Invicta))

DeVeau: Oh look!

Jolara: They will not harm us.

DeVeau: Oh I know, but what are they doing here?

Jolara: Because… This is but a dream.

DeVeau: Is it?  Or is it reality?

::Jolara smiled and responded.::

Jolara: ::softly:: It can not be reality.

DeVeau: Or maybe it’s a desire.  Maybe it’s neither.  Maybe it’s something needed.

::That seemed to confuse the other woman, who queried further.::

Jolara: Something needed? Like what?

::The young scientist’s hand stretched over to rest upon the swollen belly, a smile spreading over her face.::

DeVeau: A respite.  Or maybe knowledge that everything is going to be all right.

:: The baby kicked again, though it felt more like a nudge than a full kick. ::

Jolara: Things have been very difficult… ::smiling as she rubbed her belly:: Both of those are needed so perhaps it is both. Thank you.

DeVeau: For what? ::There was nothing to thank her for.  As they rested there, Alora kept her hand upon the mother.::

Jolara: ::looking at Alora:: For.... ::tilting her head thoughtfully:: coming here and making this possible.

DeVeau: Me?

Jolara: ::softly:: I believe you did.

::There was a pause, and finally Alora removed her hand and turned to gaze upon Jolara’s face.::

DeVeau: Perhaps I did.


DeVeau: There are others…

Jolara? ::She shook her head, and smiled softly.::

DeVeau: it doesn’t matter.  It’ll be time for this one soon...but now it’s time to go.

Jolara? DeVeau: Good night…

::And with that, Alora and the rest of the world that had been created around her faded.::

Lt. Cmdr. Alora DeVeau
Chief of Science
USS Invicta

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