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((OOC: Sorry all.. have been fighting a cold... several simms incoming.. and I think I've got all the tags.. ;) ))

((Starfleet Officers lounge))

Washington: Mr. Core, if you'd join me.

::He'd made it to Washington, preparing to start handing out ribbons when Captain Rahman came bolting through the door.::

Rahman: Wait, you said you wouldn't start without me!

Washington: Did I now?

Rahman: Grrr... 

::The Rodulan wisely chose to keep his smirking mouth shut.  Luna softly snorted into her drink covering slightly.  Who knew Washington actually had a sense of humor?  :: 

Rahman: Besides, I'm the one with the actual ribbons, you geniuses.

Core: . . . I'm sure we would have come up with something. A well written IOU, perhaps?

Washington: Well let's not keep them waiting any longer. Dr. Blueheart, will you step forward?

Blueheart: Yes, Sir. ::He handed his half-empty glass of wine to a passing waiter and made his way through the crowd towards the front of the hall.::

Washington: For your efforts to assist the Adovan people with the devastating effects of their biological weapons, you are hereby awarded the Medical Science Ribbon. Doctor Rosalee is also awarded the Medical Science Ribbon in absentia. Congratulations, doctor.

Blueheart: ::accepting the ribbon:: Thank you, Sir. I am grateful for this honor, and I’m sure Dr Rosalee is too. ::He gave the man a small bow.::

Washington: Next, Commanders Pandora and Walker, would you come up here?

::Glass still in hand, Pandora joined Luna in front of the Captain.  Normally the pink haired engineer would have left her drink behind.  But.. right now she wasn't positive her fiance wouldn't do something prankish.  No, she was actually sure she would!.::

Walker: Captain...

Washington: For your work in neutralizing the Adovan drones that threatened both the Adovan people and your fellow shipmates, you are both awarded the Captain's Commendation. Congratulations.

::Pandora nodded, accepting the award before stepping down.  Luna smiled and nodded. One quick award and back to the pub crawl.. perfect!.::

Walker: Thanks!

Washington: Commander DeVeau, would you approach please?

::Alora set a glass down, approaching Washington.::

Washington: For sustaining injuries in the course of your duties from the biological agent, you are hereby awarded the Purple Heart. You had us worried there for a while, commander. I'm glad to see you back.

DeVeau: I’m glad to be back. Thank you sir.

Core: Welcome back to the fold, Commander.

Washington: Next, Commander Jolara, please come up here.::beat:: For your bravery defending the Arc from Orion Syndicate attackers, you are hereby awarded the Silver Star. Congratulations.

Jolara: ::smiles, graciously accepts ribbon:: Thank you Captain.

Rahman: Don't go too far, commander... you might have another piece of shiny with your name on it.

Washington: Finally, though we may not have made first contact with the Adovans, through all of your efforts, we learned a great deal more about them and helped them learn more about themselves. For that, all who partook in our mission to Adova are awarded the Explorer's Ribbon.

::Most applauded, Luna amongst them. :: 

Washington: In addition, with the discovery of the Orion Syndicate's involvement, all who partook in our mission to Adova are awarded an additional citation of the War of Shadows Ribbon.

Pandora: And some sort of credit with Intelligence, perhaps? Or is that too much to hope.

:: She snickered softly at Pandora's comment.  Intelligence wasn't all about dirty tricks and back deals.. but sometimes... :: 

Rahman: I don't blame you all if you just want to get back to the partying... after what we've all been through. But you all deserve recognition. First, Commander Pandora.

:: Once again, Pandora stepped forward.::

Rahman: For your actions ensuring that the systems of the Venture remained operational, connecting yourself to the ship and then later exposing yourself to harm to ensure a working transporter, I am very happy to award you the Legion of Merit.

Pandora: Thank you. I will endeavour to maintain the standard.

:: The image of the android, electricity raking her body, holding onto the transporter system without complaint reinforced the need to applaud.  :: 

Rahman: Next, Commander Walker. For your understanding of quantum entanglement and how it helped get the Venture running to full capacity again, I'm pleased to recognize you with an additional citation of the Innovation Ribbon.

:: She shook her head slightly in confusion.  Why would she get an award for that?  She didn't do anything revolutionary with it.. and the concept itself was so obvious.. not like she hurt her brain thinking about it..   :: 
Walker: Um.. thanks?  

Rahman: Commander Jolara? ::beat:: You probably know why you're getting this citation, but it deserves repeating. You put your life on the line to ensure your shipmates had a chance to escape the planet killer. For that, we all owe you our lives. I'm pleased to present you Starfleet's highest honor for gallantry, the Federation Cross. Congratulations, commander.

:: She nodded and applauded.  For as much as Pandora had risked herself for another, something that earned her the Legion of Merit.. Rune had risked more.  She'd run into danger risking her child from ever being born, possibly even to her own death, for the sake of the crew.  Someone else could have done it.. Rune could have easily stepped aside and no one would have questioned her.  But she'd done it anyway.   It wasn't a rational thing, but there was an honor to it. :: 

Jolara: ::eyebrow rises, a slight bow of her head:: Thank you Captain. 

Rahman: Finally, for all those who participated in our mission aboard the Venture, ensuring both the timeline and peace between the Federation and the Klingon Empire were secure, you all are hereby awarded the Defense of Temporal Flow Ribbon and the Peacekeeper Service Ribbon. Congratulations.

Pandora: If Temporal Investigations wants me, I will be in the bathroom. Permanently, if necessary.

:: She almost piped in that Temporal investigation would probably already be there.. but it was too close to the truth to be much of a joke. ::

Washington: To the crew of the Invicta...

::Washington had paused, casting a glance at Invicta in her stationary position through the windows of the lounge.::

Washington: ::looks back at everyone:: Because of my time with you all, I've decided to remain with the Invicta to guide her next crew. Feel free to leave them any advice...

Any: Response

Washington: But before we all depart, I want to wish you again safe journeys to wherever life takes you next. ::glances at Walker and James:: A lifetime of happiness for those about to embark on an exciting new chapter in their lives.

::He raised his glass.::

Washington: And may you never forget why we're all out here to begin with. "To the continuing mission."

::They'd all followed suit, repeating the words, taking swigs of glasses holding various liquid substances.::

Washington: Well, what are you all standing around for? Party hard!

:: Luna squeezed Danni's hand.  Normally she'd be upset, depressed, angry.  Watching all of the people she'd only started getting to know being sent to the four corners of the galaxy.  But with the dark haired beauty holding her hand?  She could only think of what would come next for them.  :: 

Kelrod: Commander Walker, double or triple congratulations today! 

:: She turned to see Marcus.. Kelrod.. coming up to them.  :: 
Walker: Thanks Commander.  Though the first part was the best for me. 

Kelrod: You know, I always thought that the man that was able to ask you to marry will have a strong personality, mind and courage. It seems that you chose to act first and find your destiny on your own, like on an engine room.

:: She laughed and shook her head.  The image of Danni as an engine schematic that she was.. hmm.. maybe that would be a thought to explore later.. :: 

Walker: Could be a choice, or just the universe's most dangerous prank.  :: She leaned forward and kissed Danni on the nose:: Nope.. definitely a choice. Though I do have to say, you are a lot more... interactive.. than normal, everything ok? 

Kelrod: Sorry, the sintehol must be going up instead of down. Anyway, as we'll be going separate ways, again, I'd like to wish you a great future, that you hold and enjoy your new life with so much energy as when you're working against the clock to save our lifes and that the universe is kind with you.

Walker: That much I can guarantee. :: Grinning:: 

Kelrod: And in case of doubt,... think about what I'll do,.... and do the opposite. :: He smiled at her and patted her arm before moving away.  She raised her eyebrows at the gesture. Had he been drinking something to act that way?  

:: Still buzzing with the good feelings she scanned the room trying to decide who to talk to first.  Or, if maybe she could sneak off without being judged too harshly.  A sudden movement toward the door quashed that thought.  Why was Rune walking away as if she had her own personal thundercloud?  :: 

Walker: Danni, I need to catch Rune.. Commander Jolara.. before she runs off.  Be right back.  

James: Response. 

:: Grinning, she gave her a quick kiss:: 

Walker: Well, I do know where you live.  Try that and see what happens.  

:: She just missed catching her quarry in the lounge, but a few feet into the corridor beyond. :: 

Walker: Commander.. Rune!  

Jolara: Response. 

:: Wow.  That response was more than enough to show how upset the other woman obviously was. :: 

Walker: No... I was actually coming over to see what was wrong. Nothing happened to Krystyan I hope... 

Jolara: Response. 

:: She half guided, half lead the former counselor to a nearby bench. :: 

Walker: Ok, since you are obviously being as ridiculous as I was the first time you spoke to me Counselor.. want to talk about it?  

Jolara: Response. 

:: She smiled slightly and shook her head. :: 

Walker: No.  And it wasn't quite what I said, but I think your response was something about sitting with you until you got it off your chest.  :: She smirked:: You know, the standard annoying things people say when they want to help you... and you just want to burn a hole in the ground and hide in it.  

Jolara: Response. 

Walker: Yeah.. I guess you could take it like that.  No one likes to see someone "throw themselves away".  And when someone else is doing it.. after the fact.  There's always another way.  But.. :: she nudged the other woman:: there was this smart woman I used to talk to in a mandatory fashion.  And SHE said that even if they were right.. it didn't matter. 

Jolara: Response. 

Walker: It doesn't matter because at that moment.. you made a choice.  And you have to live with your choice.  You chose to risk your life, and possibly your child's, doing something to save the ship.. and maybe everyone in the timestream ahead of us then.  Could you have chosen better?  Probably.  Could someone else have done it better?  Sure.  But they didn't, or couldn't.  You did.  That's why you deserve that medal a dozen times over.  

Jolara: Response. 

Walker: Well that's a different question.  Did you do it because you didn't want to live anymore?  That you thought you'd lost everything and this way your death would have meaning?  If that's why you did it.. then maybe you need to talk to someone more counselly than I am...

Jolara Response. 


Lieutenant Commander Luna Walker

Chief Engineer, USS Invicta


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