[I-BSL4] JP by Lt DeVeau and Ensign Delphane: Lab Ladies - Part 2

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Sarah Eccles

Jul 8, 2015, 5:43:36 PM7/8/15
to Invicta IC
((Biosciences Lab 4, USS Invicta))

::An image of a swarm of Va Wreth descending upon a planet and devouring everything in sight sent a shudder through her spine.  With a shake of her head, she tried to dismiss it. ::

DeVeau: Thus far, relations with them seem to be good, so hopefully we can keep it that way.

Delphane: So long as no one tells them something that they don’t want to hear. Like ‘no’.

::In some ways the Va Wreth sounded like a group of dangerous brats.::

DeVeau: Or at least does it in a kind and loving fashion?  

::Which meant tiptoeing when dealing with unpleasant subjects.  Hopefully Alora would never have to be on that end of the political maze.  The Orion seemed to shake off that subject and move on to another, lighter hearted one.::

Delphane: So what do you do for fun Chief?

DeVeau: Fun?

::It was an unexpected topic, but Alora didn’t mind.  If anything, she liked conversing with other crewmembers on things beyond work.::

Delphane: Yeah, you know, fun. Leisure. I’m sure you don’t live here.

DeVeau: Gosh, lots of stuff.  Practise Aikido, read, sing, play piano, play guitar - I’m learning how to play the Vulcan lyre.  Oh, and I have tons of plants so I propagate them.  ::Her eyes lit up.:: And I have a new cat I just got recently, so I’ve been enjoying her.

::So her boss was a total nerd.::

Delphane: Riiiight. You’re the real life of the party. You do go out though, right?

::Alora honestly wasn’t sure how to take the tone Delphane had sported in response to her answer.  What was wrong with the things she enjoyed?::

DeVeau: Yeah, sometimes.  Why?

Delphane: I’m just wondering, getting to know the boss, you know. ::She shrugged.:: I like a good party, I dance, I’ll sing when I’m drunk. I go cycling on the holodeck, I draw and I collect antique bottles.

::Although some of them weren’t that antique and might have been full of alcohol when she first acquired them.::

DeVeau: Bottles can be pretty.

::If one had enough imagination, you could do all sorts of neat crafty and decorating things with them.::

DeVeau: What kind of dances do you enjoy?

::Alora enjoyed dancing - maybe she should see if Dunross would be willing to go with her, as he was the only other fellow she knew who danced ballroom.::

::Did her boss really ask her that? Was she colour-blind or something?::

Delphane: Oh you know, a little traditional cultural dancing.

::Pushing away from the bench the biologist moved her feet in time to an imaginary beat, ample hips swaying hypnotically as she moved her arms in graceful gestures that were both elegant and enticing.::

DeVeau: Oh.

::That was not ballroom dancing.  Honestly, she should have known.  While Alora may never have visited Orion or seen one dance before, she had heard about it.::

Delphane: People love it. Men especially. It’s a great way to get their attention.

::Enjoying Alora’s slightly shocked look, Ashara changed step, turning slowly and swaying in a way that made her ample bosom move noticeably. The effect was spoiled slightly by the fact that she was wearing a Starfleet uniform but it would take an awful lot to hide the short Orionese woman’s curves.::

Delphane: What do you think?

DeVeau: It’s...very...erotic.

Delphane: That’s kind of the idea. ::She said with a grin.:: Maybe you should try learning it.

::Learn that?  Even Earth’s belly dancing was far tamer and more enticing to her than the Orionese gyrations.::

DeVeau: And I’m not sure it’s my style.

Delphane: You should always be open to learning something new. Of course, it’s more… dramatic in the proper outfit.

::But she figured there was only so far she should tease her boss, at least in one day, so she stopped gyrating and grinned at the other woman instead.::

DeVeau: I’m sure it is.

::Alora shook her head.  Her sort of dancing could be rather romantic and erotic, but not so obvious about it.::

DeVeau: Perhaps you’d be interested in some Terran dancing.  I know a few styles.

Delphane: Maybe later. ::She shrugged non-commitaly.:: I’ll have to see how I go for free time.

DeVeau: Of course.  If you change your mind, however, I’m glad to offer some suggestions.  In the mean time, it was lovely to chat with you, but I have a couple of reports to finish up.  Thank you for the results.

Delphane: No worries. It’s shift change so I think I’ll head down to 8-4. I’ll see ya round, boss. oO Nerd. Oo

::The Bioscientist calmly walked out of the lab, waited for the doors to shut, then leaned against the wall and laughed so hard she cried. The look on the woman’s face had been priceless.::


Lieutenant Alora DeVeau
Chief Science Officer
USS Invicta


Ensign Ashara Delphane
USS Invicta
As simmed by Saveron

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