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Amanda Nordstrom

Nov 19, 2016, 8:59:59 PM11/19/16
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( Officer's lounge )

DeVeau: Congratulations.  I’d say that was well deserved.

Jolara: ::returns the smile:: Thank you. Congratulations to you as well.

DeVeau: How are you feeling?

Jolara: Much better now that we are back in the time we belong. Very happy to be back with Krystyan but sad to be leaving Invicta. How about you? How are you feeling?

::It was a valid question, and, after all, she had pretty much just asked the same thing.  With a slight shrug, she smiled ruefully.::

DeVeau: The Invicta is the ultimate science ship.  I’m sad to leave, but that’s how things go.

Jolara: ::nods:: I am curious about something. After what happened on Adova… I had the strangest dream. ::smiles faintly:: But you already know that…

::Strange dreams indeed.  While Alora had been affected by the virus, it hadn’t killed her.  Rather, she had managed to slip into a strange coma like state, but her brain had ben active.  Her dreams had come alive - or rather, the dreams of others.  Somehow, she’d managed to enter other people’s dreams, though why or how had yet to be determined.  Even after Raissa had pulled her from the trapped state, Alora had continued to hop into people’s dreams, though they had not been as aware of the dream state at the particular moment of that occurrence as some of the other officers had been.  That awareness seemed to differ depending on who it was. ::

DeVeau: Indeed, though I can’t fathom as to how I did it.  The only thing is that I was affected by that virus and it...changed me somehow.

::Alora just wished the actual way it had changed her could be determined, but tests had come up with nothing.::

Jolara: Actually, I am more curious to know how you knew Krystyan would come early but everything would be okay.

::That question caused Alora to pause.  Although she remembered the dream quite vivdly, and doubted she’d forget it or any of the others she traveled through, there were still many unanswered questions.::

DeVeau: Honestly?  I have no idea.  Unless you subconsciously knew and I managed to pick up on that because we were connected.

::She offered a half grin.::

DeVeau: It was, at least, a pleasant dream.  My favourite kind.::

::As they conversed, Dickens approached.  Or Kelrod.  Which was it?  Alora was still a bit confused about the entire situation.  While she was familiar with species that joined with others, such as the Trill, his was just...different.  Kelrod.  Yes, Kelrod was who he was then, though she wasn’t sure if that would change at some point.::

Kelrod: Hello both. Congratulations are in order.

Deveau: Why thank you.


Kelrod: I'll just say that your run on that shuttle was kind of a crazy thing to do, but it worked out.

Deveau: I’m glad that it did.  Would have hated to lose a fine officer.


Kelrod: Just thinking that it'd have been better someone like me with no responsibilities over my lap than you. You've suffered enough, it's time to aim for brighter future.


Kelrod: If I'm intruding in personal matters, I'm sorry, just being worried for you. Might come from someone else too ::tips his head with his forefinger:: Alora, I'll miss you too. May the future holds you a safe and interesting journey.

Deveau: Thank you.  May your travels be the same.

::Alora was never good at coming up with proper send offs or wise sounding words.  If she ever thought of anything, it was usually long after the fact and really rather useless by that point.::

DeVeau: Do you know where you’re going?


DeVeau: What about you, Jolara?


DeVeau: Looks like I’m headed staying at A1.  I’m going to miss being on a ship, but it should be interesting none-the-less.

::Even if it wasn’t her ideal assignment, Alora would make the best of it.  Starfleet didn’t take preference into account usually, just placed officers where they were needed.  For some reason, they needed her over there.::



Lt. Cmdr. Alora DeVeau
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