[DSX-CR] Dr Saveron and LtCmdr DeVeau: Reuinion - Part 2 (Backsim)

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Sarah Eccles

Apr 19, 2016, 9:48:06 PM4/19/16
to UFOP: StarBase 118: USS Invicta
((Viewing Deck, Deep Space Ten))

::The stars wheeled overhead and, closer to deck level, the shapes of ships of several different provinences could be seen in the stark clarity of detail that only viewing them through empty space could provide.::

::The spiders had been fascinating; he’d never seen anything like them short of the Borg themselves. Yet these seemed in many ways more benevolent, and yet more alien still. He was intrigued. Like many things in this part of space, they had yielded more answers than questions.::

::The two walked, hand in hand and thoughts comfortably entwined, along the deck, watching the universe beyond the floor-to-ceiling windows.::

Saveron: ~Have you had recent communication with your family members?~ ::He enquired wordlessly.::

DeVeau: ~Oh yes, I talk to them often.~

::Alora enjoyed the way they could converse without talking.  There was just something about the mental touch that was almost soothing in a sense.::

Saveron: ~And are they well?~

DeVeau: ~They are.  My father and eldest brother are excited about some new technologies they are hoping to test in the next year.  Aimé has been approached by a gallery that wants to exhibit his work.  Alex has recently received orders to take a position at Deep Space two, and Adrien is Adrien.~  

::She paused briefly, eyes studying a particularly bright body off toward her left.::

DeVeau: ~What about your family? ~

::He assumed that she meant those of his family not currently onboard ship.::

Saveron: ~They are well. Teron and T’Rayel remain aboard the USS Wolverhampton with their daughter. S’Rel’s research has taken an interesting turn. ~

DeVeau: ~I would like to meet them some day.~

::Although visiting holographic places they couldn’t go since they were assigned to the Menthar corridor was nice, such ‘explorations’ weren’t quite the same as actually going to the real world.  Then there was the fact that the people weren’t real either.::

Saveron: ~S’Rel’s research may bring her to the Corridor in the near future. She is an astrophysicist and has taken an interest in quantum anomalies.~

::Something they seemed to have in abundance.::

DeVeau: ~My mom has mentioned coming out here at some point.  I’m not sure if it will actually happen though.~

Saveron: ~I would find it agreeable to make her acquaintance if she chooses to visit.~ ::He thought in interested tones. He did not know any of her family.:: ~Would you be interested in speaking to Teron or S’Rel?~ ::He asked, curious.::

::Face to face meetings might not be possible in the near future, but there were always the subspace frequencies.::

DeVeau: ~I’m not sure.  Do you think they’d want to talk to me?~

::What would she say?  Hi, I’m younger than you, but I’m dating your father?  Ah, the intricacies of a relationship that involved two species with different lifespans.::

Saveron: ~I anticipate that they would be interested to speak with you.~ ::Yet he felt her hesitation, through their comfortable mental connection. ~But only if you would find such agreeable.~

::He knew that his family would accept her for his sake. His children had all inherited his restless nature and desire to explore the wider universe.::

DeVeau: ~I would, I’m just not sure what to converse with them about.~

::She did perhaps have a point in that they had little in common other hand himself, though he anticipated that they would find things as they got to know each other.::

Saveron: ~There are also my parents and siblings on Vulcan.~

::Like Alora, Saveron’s family wasn’t small.::

DeVeau: ~How many of your siblings stayed on your home planet?~

::He’d probably told her, but while Alora had a decent memory, it wasn’t nearly as eiditic as Saveron’s.::

Saveron: ~All three of my siblings and my parents remain in Kal-an, on Vulcan. I am the only one who has left our homeworld.~

::It wasn’t particularly common for his people, who had an agrarian background and a strong connection with the land.::

Saveron: ~Your siblings are, I think, somewhat more adventurous. Mine all have families of their own of course.~ ::And so the clan spread.::

::That’s right, it was his children that turned out to be more like their father.  His comment spurred her to turn introspective for a moment, but finally, she asked…~

DeVeau: ~How many nieces and nephews do you have?~

Saveron: ~I have four nieces and five nephews collectively.~ ::That was of course spread across three siblings.::

DeVeau: ~I know you have Saavok and your other children.  Do you desire more?~

Saveron: ~I would not object to more children in time, but I do not hold a strong opinion on the subject. I already have children.~ ::So he felt no pressure to breed further.:: ~Do you desire children, Alora?~ ::He asked after a moment.::

::It seemed a slightly odd question, fairly early in their relationship, yet they had always been open with their thoughts and preferences. It seemed to him the best way to be.::

DeVeau: ~I do.  Obviously, not right now, but eventually.~  
::At some point.  Hopefully, if her mom did visit, she would refrain from making remarks about when she was going to get more grandkids.::

DeVeau: ~There’s time enough for that in the future.~

Saveron: ~There is.~ ::He agreed evenly.:: ~Do you have nieces or nephews?~

::He was aware that her siblings were significantly younger than his, as she was significantly younger than him.::

DeVeau: ~I do indeed - Alain has three kids and Alex has two.  It wouldn’t surprise me if Alex and his wife have more eventually.~

::Aimé had yet to settle down, far too engrossed in his work, though he’d been telling Alora about a woman as of late.  She had a feeling her mom would pounce on that.::

DeVeau: ~Adrien...well, I don’t know.  If he has kids, he probably doesn’t even know about them.~

::Which was rather sad in Alora’s mind, something that Saveron picked up on.::

Saveron: ~You have indicated previously that Adrien has made some life choices that your family does not agree with.~ ::He observed.::

DeVeau: ~He’s a lone wolf, does his own thing. Did that on earth and does it here - though from what I understand, he’s a bouncer or something at one of the Astrofori establishments.  He disappeared for several years, really worried my parents, then reappeared a couple of years ago - though he still disappears from time to time.~

Saveron: ~Interesting. I was not aware that he was in the Corridor. Perhaps I could meet him when we next dock at Astrofori One?~

DeVeau: ~I don’t see why not.  I’ll warn you though, he can have a bit of a mouth on him.~

::Not that Saveron was the sort to be offended easily - and if he was, he knew how to hide it.::

Saveron: ~Yet you do not favour the idea.~ ::He observed, sensing her caution.::

DeVeau: ~It’s not that I don’t favour you meeting him, I just know what he can be like sometimes.  I love him like all get out, but he drives me crazy.~

::Most would probably say that was a requirement of siblings, but Adrien had a way of pushing things.  Then again, Adrien wasn’t the sort to settle down, but he’d taken a job and had remained there for longer than Alora could remember him doing since he’d left home.  Maybe he was changing.::

Saveron: ~His actions and choices will not reflect on yourself or your family.~ ::He assured her.::

DeVeau: ~It’s not that.  It’s just that Adrien can be unpredictable sometimes.  We can meet him next time we’re on Astrofori 1, though.  He said he has no plans to leave any time soon, which is rare for him.  Maybe he’s settling down.~

::That would be a miracle in of itself.  Had he met someone perchance?  Alora would have to ask next time she talked to him.::

Saveron: ~It is possible.~ ::He allowed::

::The Vulcan was well aware that some people had permanently itchy feet. He himself was one.::

Saveron: ~We can offer to visit with him and he can accept or decline as he choses. It is you, and by extension your family, who are important to me. I simply wish to make their acquaintance; to know more about you and yours.~

DeVeau: ~All right, I’ll him know and we’ll set up a time next time we’re back at A1.~


Commander Saveron
Research Coordinator and Second Officer
USS Invicta


Lt. Cmdr. Alora DeVeau
Chief of Science
USS Invicta

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