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Jun 26, 2022, 9:35:53 PMJun 26
to USS Gorkon – StarBase 118 Star Trek PBEM RPG

((XO’s Personal Quarters, Deck 2, USS Gorkon))

Meidra pushed the chime and nervously waited to gain entrance. She really should have sent a formal request to see the other officer, but waiting was never Meidra’s strength. After what seemed like forever, but was only a few moments, she made her identity known to the cabin’s inhabitants.

Sirin: Lieutenant Meidra Sirin. May I enter? 

A slight pause, then a familiar voice responded. Meidra’s thoughts raced backwards to when she’d first heard that voice, and her career in StarFleet had begun in earnest. She released a breath, her mind a jumble of memories and current mysteries.


Marshall: Come in, Meidra. 


Meidra entered the room slowly, almost leery of breaking the spell of peace the room seemed to provide. She was truly happy to see Marshall, even if she was on edge with recent messages from family. She bit her lip, she still hadn’t tried to locate Alieth, and wondered if it was from a sense of self preservation. Her krei would not allow Meidra to stall for time when there was obviously something happening with their family. 


Marshall: Meidra, good to see you. Do you want a drink? 


Sirin: Vulcan Spice Tea, please, extra strong. It is good to see you. ::glances at Erin:: And your companion. ::inclines head:: 

E. Reynolds: Response


Marshall: Getting used to replicated coffee after having a stovetop is a lesson in luxury. ::She shot a momentary glance to Erin with amusement splashed on her lips before looking back to Meidra.:: You haven't met Erin, have you?


Sirin: I have not. 

E. Reynolds: Response

Meidra took the cup gratefully and perhaps took a larger than normal sip of the hot beverage. Her nerves were on edge, and she needed to find her focus before she made a fool of herself. She took a deep breath, putting the cup down on a nearby table.

Sirin: I am pleased to serve on the same ship with you, it has been a very long time since we have seen each other. 

Marshall: Response

Sirin: There are days that I can barely believe I made lieutenant. It has been an interesting few years. ::pause:: I strive to be the best officer I can, but I have had moments of regret.

E. Reynolds: Response

Meidra nodded. The words were logical. She sat down, hugging her knees as she looked over at the two women. Now that she was here, she wasn’t sure what she wanted to say, and wondered if she had interrupted something.

Marshall: Response

Sirin: They always say that the Fleet is like a family. I honestly hope that is not the case. My family seems to come up with new ways to vex me. ::pause:: Apologies. I have had some news from them that they have news - but no one wants to tell me what it is. Siblings can be quite - illogical - at times. But enough of me. Tell me how you have been.

Marshall: Response

E. Reynolds: Response

Lt Meidra Sirin 

Medical Officer

USS Gorkon


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