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Samira Neathler

Jul 7, 2019, 4:26:53 PM7/7/19
(( VIP-area - The Vortex - Nassau ))

::After spending, what had felt like an eternity, alone behind the light wall, having to see how Cory became indulged by Leelou, Vad and Doc showed up, quickly ordering her men to drop their weapons and to lower the forcefield.::

Adea: Take down the forcefield so my associate can join us.

Stoyer: Yeah…..

Tereen: Response

::Now that Doc had mentioned she was with the others, Samira no longer had to act. Carefully Leelou nodded to one of her guards, who pressed a control on his wrist gauntlet. Quickly, the forcefield protecting the lounge from the front snapped out of existence, giving Samira the chance to walk over with the others. As Cory had taken the guard's weapons, Samira removed the wrist gauntlets from the guards. She didn't want them to call for backup or anything. She looked over at Leelou, but didn't notice the woman wearing any gauntlets herself.::

Leelou: I don’t suppose you’re going to tell me who you are? I have a few ideas.

Adea: You’ll know, soon enough.

Neathler: ::Shrugging.:: Names don't matter. As long as we get paid.

::Somehow Samira figured it was best to leave Leelou in the dark for now. Making it seem they were hired by someone, who wanted Leelou's head. She turned towards Vad. Now that they finally had the target of their mission, she wanted to prevent Leelou from beaming out just before their very own eyes.::

Neathler: Think you can activate that little something you created?

Stoyer: Don't want our little bird escaping.

Tereen: Response

Leelou: You can’t take me out of here in one piece. I have too many people in the district who have my survival in their best interests.

Adea: You say that, but even your guards have been subpar in protecting you. Even the people you’re paying don’t really seem that invested in your safety. What does that say about you?

Leelou: It says I should kill them for incompetence after I kill you all.

::The sound in Leelou's voice wasn't lost on Samira. And somehow she was glad she wasn't standing that close to the woman.::

Tereen: Response

Adea: ::Making a gesture to everyone except the guards.:: We are going now, and you are coming with us. Your guards will stay here. Oh, and before I forget.

::With some amusement Samira watched how Doc switched his phaser for a hypospray. She figured Genkos felt more comfortable with the medical device in his hands than a weapon. Although a hypo could be considered a weapon too, when filled with the correct vial. As the device hissed, Samira remembered they only had half an hour before the suppressant wore off.::

Adea: There we go.

Leelou: Let me guess...pheromone suppressant. It’s not the first time I’ve been subjected to it.

Neathler: I'll stun the guards, just to be on the safe side and raise the wall again.

Stoyer: I will guard our little bird here.

::Somewhat surprised Samira looked in Cory's direction. The guy seemed rather eager to stay in the vicinity of the Orion woman.::

Leelou: How kind of you, good sir. At least someone here has some manners.

Adea: Vad - keep your phaser trained on Leelou.

Tereen: Response

Neathler: One more thing. Maybe her guards aren't that loyal to her anymore but we should be on the look out for people who might want the bounty on her head for themselves.

Stoyer: I think we need to get out of here.

Tereen: Response

::Samira looked around a last time. Feeling more relaxed now that Cory stepped next to Vad.::

Neathler: Everyone set to go? ::She nodded towards the backdoor.:: I take it the path is still clear to go that way?

Stoyer: We can't go out the front. Too many folks that hate her.

Leelou: I have a dozen guards down there anyway; not to mention most of those people are armed. A firefight would start an everyman-for-himself shootout. You’d never make it out alive.

::Samira knew the woman wasn't kidding, even though her guards were probably still busy trying to settle down the little riot they had created earlier.::

Adea: We’ll go out the way we ::He motioned to himself and Vad.:: came in.

Tereen: response

::Cory took one last look at Leelou.::

Stoyer: Should we gag her?

Neathler: I think that would raise too much suspicion out there on the street.

Leelou: Don’t you dare...

Adea: I don’t think that’s necessary. But I will tell you Leelou, that a single peep out of you and we’ll shoot you. Your bounty said dead *or* alive. I’m happy with either.

::The look on Leelou's face was rather amusing. And Samira couldn't help but grin a little as she nodded towards Leelou, as in saying: you heard the man.::

Tereen: Response

::Cory reached down and took one of his pistols out and held it ready.::

Stoyer: Ready?

::Samira just nodded to him, drawing her own phasers, stunning the guards. After Doc had raised the firewall again, Samira dropped the guard's gauntlets and stamped them with the heel of her boot. Those things certainly wouldn't be used again.::

Adea: By the four, as ready as I’ll ever be.

(( Alleyways - Nassau ))

::Following Vad and Doc, showing them the way out of the Vortex, the group set off and soon they were at the rear entrance, where another guard was seemingly asleep on the ground. Between the four of them there was always someone keeping a phaser or rifle on Leelou.::

Leelou: Lovely night out, isn’t it?

::Somewhat amused Samira heard Doc's grunt, she guessed he wanted to get back to the shuttle as fast as he could.::

Neathler: Bit too cold for my taste and it lacks some oxygen.

::It was true, whatever everyone said about Leelou, the air in the Vortex had been much cleaner than here up on the streets.::

Stoyer/Tereen: Response

Leelou: Oh come now, we’re going to be spending some time together it seems. I might as well get to know the people I’m going to kill. I usually don’t extend such interest to most of my enemies. But you have earned a special place.

Neathler: As in you already know the order in which you'll kill every single one of us?

Stoyer/Tereen: Response

::They were a block away from the nighclub when shouting could be heard coming from their last location. The noise caused Leelou to smirk as she continued.::

Leelou: Ah, it seems my disappearance has finally been noticed. Those would be more of my men coming; your exit was quite sloppy.

Neathler: ::Raising an eyebrow.:: Sloppy or not, it took your men quite some time before they figured out something was wrong... or missing.

Stoyer/Tereen: Response

Adea: ::Pointing to the opposite alleyway.:: Let's cut down here.

::Giving Leelou a push, they all disappeared into the appointed alleyway.

Leelou/Stoyer/Tereen: response

Adea: Newt, cover Leelou. You two ::Indicating to the others.:: push this across there.

::Pointing her phaser towards Leelou, she drove the woman against the wall. And she positioned herself so she had a good look on the Orion woman and the others, who were now pushing a large wheelie bin across the entrance of the alley. Samira squinted her eyes as she noticed something.::

Adea: That should hold them up a little bit. Let’s go.

Neathler: Can one of you grab that piece of rope or whatever it is, that's hanging on the side of that bin?

Leelou/Adea/Stoyer/Tereen: Response

::Again pointing with her phaser she ordered Leelou to move forward, until the others reached her and nodded towards the back of the Orion woman.::

Neathler: I suggest tying her hands behind her back. She doesn't need much to kill someone.

Leelou/Adea/Stoyer/Tereen: Response

::It didn't take long before they could hear more voices shouting behind them, the guards probably had little trouble with moving the bin out of the way. They came at a crossroad, a market place on the right and a dark alleyway to the left.::

Neathler: We might lose her guards in the market, cause some distraction between some of the merchants, slowing the guards down as we move on?

Leelou/Adea/Stoyer/Tereen: Response

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