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Dassa Alexander

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OOC: Takes place before Dassa’s “Friendly Chat”

((Phaser Range, Deck 8, USS Gorkon))

::Dassa was firing at targets when she heard him come in. She sighed in frustration as the computer announced her score. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't do better than 3 out of 8.::

Alexander: How I passed hand weapons training, I don't know.

Baldursson: It's pretty simple, really. Point and shoot.

::He walked across the small room to the range they were using.::

Baldursson: Just gotta be smooth when you're firing.

Alexander: ::grins wryly:: Did I ever tell you that I accidentally shot my hand weapons instructor with a phaser.

Baldursson: ::Holding up his hands and stepping to the side:: No... You did not...

Alexander: ::blushes:: It was during a training exercise. He recovered fine. Thank God it was set on the lowest stun setting.

Baldursson: ::Shaking his head:: Aye, thank God... But never aim at somethin' you don't intend to shoot at. Which shouldn't be me I hope.

Alexander: ::laughs:: Not on purpose anyway.

Baldursson: ::He finished covering the short distance to the stand, the range was quite small.:: It's all in how ya' hold the phaser, and how ya' fire it. Don't wanna be slamming your thumb down.

Alexander: ::nods:: I'll try. Computer, restart program.

::Again, she fired and again, she only scored 3 out of 8.::

Alexander: ::grunts in frustration:: Damn it all! Why can't I get this?

Baldursson: Did ya’ make sure to go smoothly with the trigger?

Alexander: I did! ::scowls:: I think the phaser hates me or something.

Baldursson: Phasers don't hate, they're just tricky, that's all.

Alexander: ::murmurs:: Mine begs to differ.

Baldursson: ::He shook his head.:: Then use mine, she works like a charm. ::He pulled his phaser from its holster and flipped it around.:: Make sure that one doesn't hate ya.

::She nodded, setting the other one aside and taking his. Again she aimed at the target. This time, she scored 2 out of 6. She pouted.::

Baldursson: ::Sighing:: Well I'll be…

Alexander: ::whines:: I swear, fate is conspiring against me.

Baldursson: Fate conspires against us all, just have to overcome it.

Alexander: ::scowls at the phaser:: Not sure how you overcome a phaser that hates you.

Baldursson: By proving yourself master over the tool.

Alexander: ::mutters and grunts in frustration:: Maybe I should stick to surgical tools.

Baldursson: It's just something that takes practice, here, let me show ya’. ::He stepped over and took her hand.:: Just adjust your grip slightly, like that, and focus on the target instead of the phaser…

::She tensed slightly at his touch, feeling his chest brush against her back. The emotions she was reading from him made it clear that he meant no harm, so she tried to relax, calling up the target and allowing him to guide her.::

Baldursson: Focus on the target, just line the phaser up whilst looking at what you want to hit, and then gently hit the trigger. Softly, carefully, yet with enough force you're not waiting forever.

::Dassa nodded resolutely, firing at the target. This time she hit 4 out of 6.::

Baldursson: There ya’ go! Much better.

Alexander: ::grins:: Yep. ::pauses:: You should be careful...about getting too touchy feely with empaths. Not all of us like it and most won't hesitate to tell you so.

Baldursson: Oh… ::He quickly took a step back.:: Sorry about that, I didn't even think.

Alexander: ::shakes her head:: I could read your intentions so it's fine. Just a word of advice is all.

Baldursson: ::Nodding:: Yes ma'am, won't happen again.

Alexander: ::pauses:: Same time next week...if the mission doesn't interfere? I'm having dinner with a friend.

Baldursson: Of course, someone's gotta teach you docs how to defend yourselves.

Alexander: ::snickers and shoves at his shoulder playfully:: Yes. And someone has to piece you security officers back together when you nearly get yourselves blown up.

Baldursson: ::Chuckling:: Don't forget the emphasis on nearly. I cleared that shack with a good two seconds to spare!

Alexander: ::grins:: Your medical record says differently.

Baldursson: Yeah… Still in one piece, so I'll count it as a victory.

Alexander: Mmhmm. Best keep it that way. I'm a doctor, not a miracle worker.

Baldursson: Might be the case, but you're a pretty damn good one.

Alexander: ::smirks:: Flattery will get you nowhere, Baldursson. Might just start working on your plaque for your permanent bed.

Baldursson: I don't aim to be a permanent resident. Just kinda, happens.

Alexander: ::smile softens:: No one around here gets a break from being a target, I suppose.

Baldursson: ::Nodding:: Aye… But, that's our job. Better us than someone else, right?

Alexander: ::nods and pauses:: Though I sometimes wonder how I even ended up out here. ::glances at the phaser:: I can't even shoot this bloody thing. I mean, I'm a doctor, not a space warrior.

Baldursson: It just takes practice, that's all. I'm usually down here three times a week on average. ::Pausing:: Just remember, violence is easy, living with violence is not.

Alexander: ::murmurs:: I could have spent a lifetime back on Earth as a pediatrician. I still don't know how I ended up joining Starfleet of all things.

Baldursson: Because you knew anyone could be a doctor on a simple world like earth, yet it takes a special kind of person to save lives out here on the edge? And there isn't many people able to pick up that kind of gauntlet…

Alexander: ::grins wryly:: I'm not sure that I didn't bite off more than I can chew with this one.

LtJG Dassa Alexander, ChD, PD, PDS

Medical Officer

USS Gorkon



Lieutenant JG Hallbjorn Baldursson
Security Officer
USS Gorkon

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