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Jan 25, 2022, 4:24:26 AMJan 25
to USS Gorkon – StarBase 118 Star Trek PBEM RPG

((Main Engineering, USS Gorkon))

Karo Vander and an unnamed Ferengi Lieutenant were discussing some of the more ‘out of the box’ solutions to an engineering variance.

Vander: Have you tried giving it a good kick?

Her jaw dropped before snapping closed again. Karon got the definite impression that suggesting a kick to the shiny, pristine Gorkon innards had not been the best idea.

Lephi: Did that often work on the Nova-class you served on? 

Vander: Actually… yes. Well, sometimes. But the Nova was old and sometimes a bit of a shock was enough to get things back in alignment. ::he hastily offered some justification:: Not necessarily a kick, maybe just a tap in the right place.

Lephi: ::Chuckles:: Oh I see. Well, it's certainly not in my playbook either way. 

Vander: Sorry, maybe not the best suggestion.

Lephi: Don't worry about this console too much, it's just your first day. Are you even settled into your quarters yet? 

Vander: No, not yet. A Petty Officer from Ops kindly offered to get my belongings moved in, I’m somewhere on deck 14 apparently. ::he looked around the huge space of Main Engineering:: But considering I could get lost just in here, it might take me a while to find my bed.

Lephi: response

Vander: I heard whispers that the Gorkon might be shipping out soon?

Karo left it as an unasked question, just in case the Ferengi knew anything about what would be his first mission on board. Working on a flagship one might expect it to be more diplomatic functions and ceremony, rather than science and exploration, but the reading he’d done on the way over suggested otherwise. But then again, the Enterprise had been the flagship of the entire fleet and look what they got up to.

Lephi: response

Vander: I’m looking forward to it. The exploits of the Gorkon are pretty legendary. And I’ve also been told I need to visit Sto’vo’kor, although I’m led to believe that this is actually a crew lounge and not the afterlife.

Lephi: response

Vander: I think things are going the be very different for me in this posting. But I like a challenge. ::he paused, his eyes a little suspicious:: One question remains, though…

Lephi: response

Vander: Who actually is the Chief Engineer?

Lephi: response



Ensign Karo Vander
USS Gorkon

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Lt (jg) Loxley
USS Gorkon

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