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Jona ch'Ranni

Oct 17, 2021, 9:36:02 AMOct 17
((Cone Structure Interior, Darime IV))

Jona stared at the hologram for a second and then his eyes refocused past it. The color in his face drained such that he might be mistaken for an Aenar.

A slight bit of movement outside had caught his attention. Four of the floating, glowing searchers had buzzed down from the cavern ceiling while the walls had been opaque and now ringed the building they stood in.

ch'Ranni: Perfect example. That ... is a whammy.

Tan: ::dejectedly:: Oh man, quadruple whammy.

Their Betazoid doctor quickly scanned the option on the tablet screen. Her face was scrunched up in thought and seconds ticked by. Jona was ready to speak up and offer a suggestion when the words spilled out of her mouth.

Vossti: There's an icon here that seems to refer to those things. I'm – I think it may help.

ch'Ranni: Alright, activate it. Stand ready, Mr. Tan.

Jona raised his weapon and targeted the nearest hovering searcher. He realized he had no idea if the phasers could penetrate the cone structure's transparent walls. There was also no direct indication that the devices could see them through the walls. But something had directed their attention to this building.

Tan: What about we just stay here real quiet like until they go away?

ch'Ranni: I was never good at hide-and-seek. Push the button, doctor.

Vossti: Okay, here we go.

Nothing happened with the hovering devices as she tapped the screen. The Andorian risked a glance her way when she showed him the resulting screen. A simplistic representation of the flying searchers was on screen and it darted about. When Mallora finally chased and caught it with her pointer finger it shifted from orange to blue. Jona glanced back to his Trill friend and they shared a look that wordlessly asked what their options were.

Tan: We could shoot our way out. There are four of them, but we have the advantage. We can see them... they can't see us. And we have excellent cover. If we can basically poke our hands out, fire, we can take down at least three of them, two assuming one miss, and that might buy us enough space to wrangle an exit, especially if we do it again. But if we start shooting and it turns out our weapons aren't effective... or if two miss... or if a lot more come, or they decide to come through those walls just like we did, that's a problem. I mean, a whammy, sir.

ch'Ranni: Recommendation?

Tan: ::rolling his shoulders and continuing:: Honestly, I think we're better off trusting in the Ensign and her PADD-thingie here. Call it a last-resort. My appraisal is that there's just too many unknowns for me to be confident that we can shoot our way out of this.

Their companion let out a sigh of frustration and both men turned to her.

Vossti: Unfortunately, I think what I've found is a child's game. If the game's representation of those drones is accurate, though, it indicates that they are capable to firing some sort of energy bolts.

Tan: Response

Mallora quickly discovered a way to return to the icon index and began searching for alternative options. 

Jona took a second to marvel at how quickly she'd picked up on the interface. It was a testament to the universality of communication. There were only so many ways to convey information and when a society reached a certain level of advancement they tended to adopt the most efficient ones. Snippets of memories from his LCARS Programming class at the Academy came flooding back. Six years ago he'd never have dreamed that he would be standing in an ancient cavern city kilometers underground and debate the efficacy of an alien user interface on a child's handheld device. It was certainly on the bucket list. He just hadn't expected to check it off so quickly.

Vossti: I wonder if that yellowish-orange is the aliens' color for something like 'beware'. It was used for what I believe were the enemies in the game I accidentally activated.

ch'Ranni: Good inductive reasoning, doc. 

Tan: Response

Mallora paused over one particular glyph and she cast a wary glance at the holoprojection figure in the center of the room and the circling drones outside. In a display of bravery, she stabbed the picture and activated the command.

The floating translucent figure solidified into a yellow-orange (Mallora had said that was bad, right?) hovering presence and turned to lash out at both Jona and Serren. The two men were the closest to the entity and it didn't appear to like that. Its claw-hands clacked shut repeatedly as it swooped towards them.

ch'Ranni: Take cover!

He fell back to the top of the stairwell as his two companions looked to take up defensive positions. Out of his peripheral vision, he spied the drones now also a yellow-orange color, speeding around the outside of the building. Fortunately, they made no attempt to enter. Yet.

Voice: Tama kadmat altawarii activated. Anzimat aldifaei activated.

Vossti: Oh no! I'm sorry, I didn't mean to do that!

ch'Ranni: ::calling out:: Try another button!

Tan/Vossti: Response

The floating figure slammed its pincer hands down on the floor and Jona could feel a slight tremor reverberate. It left little doubt what it could do if one of its swipes connected with his head. The hologram seemed to single out the doctor and move towards her and Jona was having none of that.

ch'Ranni: ::stepping forward:: Hey! Over here, crab hands!

It swiveled around and darted at him. Jona offhandedly noted that the thing shifted in hue from yellow-orange to pure yellow. Apparently, it did not like him very much. He raised his phaser and fired a beam of energy at the sentry. It had no discernible effect.

The floating guard slammed a pincer down and Jona blocked with his forearm - lightform energy fields against Andorian exoskeletal plates and bone. He winced in pain at the blow and let out an involuntary grunt of pain.

ch'Ranni: ::through gritted teeth:: Do it, doc! 

Vossti/Tan: Response

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