Mikali sh'Shar - Andorian Blues: The Corner, Part I

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David Adams

Jun 20, 2021, 8:44:22 AMJun 20
to Gorkon

(( Drydock, Iana Station, 0740 hours ))

It felt good to be back at work.

With her prosthetic eye replaced, with gifts crafted for the important people in her life right now and some of them even distributed, Mikali was enjoying a nice, quiet week at work where nothing bad had happened or could possibly happen.

Grumbling softly in complaint, her Caitian roommate—lugging a massive tool kit that she struggled to carry—waddled up beside her and set down the large set of tools down with a satisfying clank. A liquid container with a straw sat on top, completely unspilled. Impressive.

sh'Shar: Morning!

Out of kindness for her friend, Mikali neglected to mention that this was the first time that Catscratch had been on time for a while.

Rather than return the greeting, Catscratch affixed a bitter, grumpy stare her way.

Catscratch: Caitian's don't do mornings.

sh'Shar: You know I know that's not true. ::She grinned playfully.:: I told you about S'Acul, right? He was always up in the mornings. Way before me.

Catscratch yawned loudly, arms stretching up to the roof. She bent down and snatched up the cup of liquid, blended meat-substitute, slurping it down loudly.

Catscratch: You told me a lot of stuff, love, and honestly, I forget about half of it. ::She clicked her tongue, slurping again.:: Okay. What's up today?

Mikali took out her PADD and brought up the day's worklist.

sh'Shar: We got a worker bee that needs a full rebuild on its thruster assembly—

Catscratch: ::Touching her nose,:: Not it!

Undeterred, Mikali kept reading.

sh'Shar: —the operator on the swing shift reported that the port thruster failed to fire during a maneuver. It subsequently resumed working after giving it another push, but she wants us to be sure it's safe before we send it out again.

Catscratch's eyes lit up.

Catscratch: Oooho-ho-ho, actually, I think I will take that one, love. It's probably just clogged somewhere up the thruster assembly. I'll clean it out and then I'll have the rest of the day off.

Mikali eyed her friend suspiciously.

sh'Shar: Chief says to strip and fully rebuild it. The ports are designed not to get clogged, so if it is being fouled, it's likely to be some kind of systemic issue throughout the system. You can't just clean the clog.

Catscratch's response was singsong.

Catscratch: Yeah, but if I find that systematic issue and fix it, I get to go home early, right...?

It just didn't work that way.

sh'Shar: Look, it says to fully strip and rebuild the thing, so... please just do what's on the maintenance list.

Grumbling a dark curse, Catscratch kicked the toolkit, taking a loud, angry slurp of her liquid breakfast.

sh'Shar: Well that'll take you all day. Since you volunteered.

Catscratch: Hey, I said no!

Aggravated, Mikali tapped on the edge of her PADD.

sh'Shar: You said no because you thought it was hard, then you said yes because you thought it might be easy, now you're saying no again when you realise it's actually a lot of hard work. ::Her voice softened.:: Catscratch, come on, you know that isn't a good look. This program is supposed to help you. But you gotta work with it.

Catscratch said nothing.

Mikali tried again.

sh'Shar: Things have been different for you lately. ::She inhaled, her voice quiet.:: I'm here if you need to talk about something. Anything.

Catscratch just slurped loudly again, eyes flicking off to the side grumpily.

Mikali nodded as though that was an answer. There was no getting through to her when she was like this.

sh'Shar: Right. Well, if you take care of that, I'll take whatever's left.

She consulted her PADD and her eyes slowly widened at the next item on the list.

A flight of Valkyrie-class fighters was coming in just after lunch. 

Fighters. They were doing endurance qualifications—taking the nominally short-range fighters out for long-duration expeditions, where the two-person crews would fly, and sleep, in their ships for days and/or weeks. Not designed for such trips except in emergencies, the fighters would need a significant overhaul before they were spaceworthy again, including resupply and refit.

She had hated this part of her training when it was happening, but looking back she wished she could do it all over again. Although she'd complained loudly before, during, and after, there was something lovely and quiet about cruising along at low warp, as she had done for years on Xhard's ship with her crew and her illicit cargo.

Although initially hopeful, the more she read, the more Mikali's heart sank. There was no way she could even touch them. She could work on station equipment, but not Starfleet ships. She simply didn't have the clearance.

Instead they needed her to clear up some of the backlogs of shuttle repairs to make Starfleet crews available so they could work on the visiting ships.

She steeled herself, took a breath, and tried to put it out of her mind. Mikali had been a Maul jock anyway. Mauls rule, Valkyries drool.

She looked up the logs on the work. Warp nacelle diagnostic. Apparently, it was "making a noise" at warp. Frustrating, as these kinds of bizarre incidents tended to not be reproducible, especially without taking the ship out into space. Which was once more beyond her.

Most likely she would waste her time doing nothing and have to turn it over to Starfleet who would be able to properly diagnose it.

Still, it would give her something to do at least. She might even get a good look at the fighters as they landed...

sh'Shar: A'right then, worker bee for you, shuttle for me. Let's get started.

Catscratch moaned pathetically and shambled off to her task.



Lieutenant (j.g.) (ret) Mikali sh'Shar


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