Lieutenant Cory Stoyer - Showing him a good time

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Cory Stoyer

Jun 26, 2022, 9:12:30 PMJun 26
to USS Gorkon – StarBase 118 Star Trek PBEM RPG
((Outskirts of Yarista, Palanon))

Cory just cleared a drop off by bouncing the SAG into the air following Alieth’s example.  He had to give grudging respect for the lady’s skill at driving.  but in his mind he was better and quickly caught up.  

Stoyer:  =/\= Alieth, just so you know, I would follow you on another away mission anytime. =/\=

Cory spoke the truth.  But of course the typical stoic response from Alieth didn’t surprise him.  

Alieth: =/\= I appreciate your trust, Cory.=/\=

Cory fell back into enjoying the scenery and driving the SAG.  He was having too much fun.  Hemissed flying while he was the Chief Engineer and Mission Specialist.  He hated the demotion at first and it still stings, but the skipper in her infinite wisdom was right, he needed to get back where he belonged.  While he was an Ok Chief Engineer, relying on talented subordinates, he could fly and go it very well.  He thought of Zaaia Leix onboard the Chin.   He wondered how well he could fly one of those fighters.  Just to see who was better.  Suddenly Alieth moved closer and was almost knee to knee with him.  

Alieth: =/\= And I expect you to keep trusting me today, so.... duck.=/\=

Cory wasn’t sure he heard her correctly.  

Stoyer:  =/\= What? =/\=

Alieth: =/\= Duck! =/\=

Then he saw it.

Stoyer:  =/\= I got it. =/\=

Cory watched out of the cover of his eye as Aleith flattened herself against her SAG.  Cory was too big to do tha, so he leaned over to the side as he had done countless times on horseback. Keeping his eye on the area ahead, he saw the growth come in densely.  He was tempted to slow down, but thought nah.  Soon the pair was separated by the dense growth.  Cory slid back upright and looked around for Aleith.  He caught glimpses of her between trees and brush.  The ground went from solid to marshy.  They were entering a peat bog.  Cory smiled as he lowered the SAG a bit to throw up a nice little rooster tail over the water.

Alieth: =/\= No matter what happens, keep heading north. Keep heading north and do not wander out into the glade.=/\=

Stoyer:  =/\= May i ask why? =/\=

Alieth: =/\= Because they are faster in open fields.=/\=

Cory smiled at that.  Then he caught her meaning.  He heard the cries of something large and seemingly hungry.  They seemed to be coming from everywhere.  Before Cory could do anything, he had large feathered creatures on either side of him.  All Cory could see was a large mouth with equally large teeth.  Now, it was getting fun.

Stoyer:  =/\= Yeah, I see them. =/\=

Cory was jostled by one of them as it slammed into the side of the SAG.  Cory fought the controls and kept moving.  He started moving between what trees there were to keep them from keeping up.  His heart was beating hard in his chest, but Cory had to admit he was having fun.  Ayiana would scold him for this later, when he told her.  

Stoyer:  =/\= Aleith, how are you holding up? =/\=

Alieth: =/\= Response =/\=

Cory caught sight of one on an outcropping, about the jump at him.  He waited for the creature to leap and hit the brakes and swerved.  Gunning the engine to keep up momentum, he headed on a northerly track. More and more creatures could be heard.

Stoyer:  =/\= Hey, you sure know how to show a guy a good time. =/\=

Alieth: =/\= Response =/\=

Lieutenant Cory Stoyer
Helm/Comms/Ops Officer
USS Gorkon
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