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Aaron Schimmel

Jun 25, 2019, 8:19:47 PM6/25/19
to SB118 Gorkon (IC)

(( Vortex, Nassau ))

:: Leelou was sitting on her couch in her private area in the VIP lounge, idly watching the Ferengi Market Exchange, keeping an eye on the various metals, resources, and companies she had a stake in. Of course, she had accountants to pay close attention to those things, but it didn’t hurt to keep tangentially aware of the goings on of her financial portfolio. Just as they were getting to a report on the sharp hike in benamite crystals due to the growing demand of Quantum Slipstream drives, one of her guards’ communicators chirped with an incoming call. ::

Orion Guard: Boss, a bartender downstairs is saying one of her customers is ranting and raving about Admiral Reynolds and the Gorkon. 

:: Normally, Leelou would keep up the facade of being the implacable Syndicate boss, barely even twitching at any news that came her way; this news was different, however. She had long since set standing orders to all her employees to inform her of any news related to the Gorkon and it’s Admiral, who managed to capture her back on Starbase 173. Leelou had a deep loathing for Reynolds for outfoxing her so deftly and casually. Reynolds trapped her in the security center with a monstrous alien creature that killed everyone on sight. If she hadn’t sacrificed her own men to buy time until the Starfleeters inevitably sent it back to wherever it came from, she probably would have been killed as well. The unnatural screams of the creature still echoed in her nightmares from time-to-time, and just thinking about it gave her shivers. ::

:: She raised a dark eyebrow as she heard the news; while it was great to hear something of the Gorkon, it seemed a little too convenient that it happened to be right in her own bar, in a hard-to-reach asteroid in the middle of nowhere. It could be a trap, but it also could be a genuine lead on the damnable ship. There was only one way to find out. ::

Leelou: :: Idly taking a sip of her drink. :: Send them up.

:: The guard nodded then spoke into his comm unit. One of the bouncers down on the main floor would “escort” the person in question up. Sure enough, after a few minutes, the elevator doors to the VIP lounge slid open, a diminutive Human male being escorted by a burly Orion man nearly twice his size. With no time to let him dawdle, the bouncer quickly escorted the human up to Leelou’s area. Nodding to the two guards flanking the lightwall, the bouncer returned to his duties downstairs. ::

:: Leelou purposefully ignored the human for a minute, letting him sweat while the two guards scanned and patted him down for any weapons. They “temporarily confiscated” his pistols strapped to his thighs, then nodded to Leelou, confirming he was clean of any other weapons. She quietly nodded her head sideways, indicating to her guards to let the man in. With a snap, the lightwall which would atomize anything that touched it disappeared, and one of the guards forcefully shoved the human in. As quickly as it had disappeared, the lightwall snapped back into existence mere moments later. ::

Leelou: :: Forcefully. :: Sit.

Stoyer: Response

:: She eyed the man for a moment, taking in his clothes which were slightly too clean and the hair on his jaw indicating he had shaved only a few days ago. Somehow, he looked vaguely familiar; had he done work for her at some point in the past? ::

Leelou: :: To her servant. :: Get this man a drink.

Stoyer: Response

Leelou: I insist. :: She said forcefully once again. ::

Stoyer: Response

Leelou: So...a little leopard told me you have a thing against an Admiral Reynolds. Explain.

Stoyer: Response


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