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to UFOP: StarBase 118: USS Gorkon

((Personal Quarters, USS Gorkon))


On the far end of the arm, swimming through uncharted waters, Chris rubbed the centre of his forehead and took a breath — the centre of his smooth forehead, where his daughter would have hybrid Romulan ridges and be apparent to the universe who she was before words were exchanged. All they would see was the Romulan, not the wonderful woman his wife was; none of the intelligence or the tender-mindedness, the love, the vulnerabilities, or the humour. 


C. Sienelis: We can't protect her from people like that, Vee. We just can't. They'll exist no matter what we do. The best we can do is help her prepare for it. 


Sienelis: That’s not good enough! ::A trill of desperation and dread resonated through her voice, rubbing it raw.:: My people despise others for being the wrong species, that’s not meant to happen here. This is the Federation, it’s Starfleet; it’s supposed to be better than that. I had to be better than that, why aren't they?


C. Sienelis: Because they're not! ::The gruff voice rarely heard from the Russian descended as he responded in kind, like a thump in the pit of his stomach.:: Because they're not better than that. They've never had to be better than that because their entire experience is of Romulans being their enemy, and there are too many people in the Federation who would love nothing more than to agree with them. 


That phrase alone tipping through his lips was like a sucker punch to the guts of his entire existence. The woman he loved suffering through the years of this, the backhanded compliments, or the sleazy come-ons from those who treated her like an exotic entity, instead of the person, the scientist, she was. Trellis had his hangups. Sevo had her distrust. All unfounded, and all so petty it grated on every inch. 


In the ensuing silence, the light cast across the floor in a gentle wave, like the stroke of a paintbrush, leaving a patterned stipple of illumination on the carpet. 


Sienelis: I just—


She paced away, stalking across their living room; the need for space, to move and expend the energy doubtlessly thrumming through Romulan limbs. Chris reminded himself to breathe as his exhale came out in a sigh, taking the hunch of his shoulders and tightness of his muscles with it. 


Sienelis: Where do we fit, Chris? Back in the Empire, I’d be forced to be someone I’m not. Here, I’m hated for whoever or whatever I try to be. When do I get to feel like I belong somewhere? When am I allowed to forget that I’m an outsider?


Questions he didn't have an answer for but wholeheartedly wished he did. 


Valesha sank down on their sofa, long legs stretched out in front of her, the curvature of her belly difficult to ignore. The energy drained out of the room with the whoosh of a sigh from her lungs, the lights from the carpet disappearing with them, blending them into a darker rendering of their quarters usually so full of peace and stillness instead of heated disputes slung back and forth between husband and wife. 


Sienelis: ::Quietly,:: How do I prepare Rybka for this when I don’t know how to handle it myself?


He didn't know how to deal with it either, having never been put in a situation where his wife—the woman who could dig deeper than anybody to reach an inner strength most could only dream of—was despised just for being herself. It ripped ribbons from his Russian skin and made him feel more exposed than ever before.


Chris knelt in front of her, held her balled fists in his, and kissed the back of her fingers. They didn't have much, but they had each other, and that had always been enough.


C. Sienelis: We'll figure it out. Like everything else, we'll figure it out. ::His hazel gaze dropped to the curve of her belly, his heart thumping.:: For what it's worth, I'm sorry. I'm sorry it's so hard. 


Sienelis: Response


C. Sienelis: It's why I suggested moving to one of the Romulan colonies. It would be a struggle, but she'd have half of herself there, be among people who look like her, and less among the outliers in Starfleet who would make her miserable. 


And yet, even that wasn't an exact science. Their little fish would be half Romulan, and half Human, therefore courting flack from either side of her parentage. Chris chewed the inside of his cheek, feeling the soft tenderness of his skin, and the sweeping sadness running coarse and choppy through veins. 


Sienelis: Response


C. Sienelis: We could always see if we can get our own private planet somewhere. Just a small one. Orbiting a distant star, so far removed from all of this. ::His smile twitched at the corner of his mouth, daring to try and bring levity into it.:: Line up anti-Vulcan phaser cannons along the watchtowers. 


Sienelis: Response


C. Sienelis: Then let's just… go away. Get back to Russia. Celebrate Christmas at home, in our place. I'll even put a Christmas tree up. 


Sienelis: Response 




PO First-Class Christopher Sienelis

Operations Officer

USS Gorkon



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