Lt (jg) Loxley - Mopping Up

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Oct 15, 2021, 7:25:48 AMOct 15
to USS Gorkon – StarBase 118 Star Trek PBEM RPG
((Field Hospital, Darime Colony))

The probable-saboteur had been found. And shot.
Although Sevo’s report on the stolen commbadge just added to Loxley’s fears that the Gorkon was down by one security officer.
He was still running medical scans, bothered by some of the readings of the infection, when the ‘Vulcan’ broke free of his bonds. 
Commander Marshall stuck out her arm, ushering Lox backwards like an over-protective mother hen. Well, maybe not ‘over’ protective in this case.

Marshall: Ohhhkay, let’s not do anything hasty right now. Just back up slowly. 

The Vulcan-ish person was clearly angry. Apparently having a dose of combat enhancers and then getting stunned made you angry. Who knew?

Lox merely nodded and was cautiously backing away when the figures arm shot out and grabbed Sevo, lifting her into the air with ease.

Sevo: *hurk* 

Marshall: Or backup quickly. That’s a better option. Drop her! Bad Vulcan! 

Sevo: N-no! D- *hack* -don’t drop! Bad choice- *hurk* -of words!

As Sevo struggled in the grip, there was a brief standoff. Lox considered the options from a medical perspective as Jo grabbed up her rifle and, in his peripheral vision, he saw Pira holster her own weapon.

Loxley: A heavy stun blast *might* be enough to put him down, but…

Sevo: N-no! *hurk* Don’t shoot him! :: 

sh’Qynallahr: ::Quietly:: The one time I leave my Ushaan-tor behind...

Lox glanced in Pira’s direction. He wasn’t sure that stabbing the guy would even slow him down at this point. Although if she cut his tendons or something, that would do the trick…

Marshall: Response

With another roar, Sevo was hurled halfway across the tent, colliding with the medical equipment. Lox followed her trajectory with his eyes, his medical training moving him in her direction even as Pira jumped towards the assailant.

Marshall: Response

Lox heard a serious of meaty blows and roars of pain/anger as he navigated his way past toppled biobeds to arrive at Ayiana Sevo’s crash site.

Sevo: D-did anyone get the registry number of that starship?!

She was conscious and up on her knees, which Lox took to be a good sign. The black eye and potentially broken nose were less promising.

Loxley: I’d suggest keeping your head down, Commander. 

Marshall: Response

Another roar, this time with a warning shout from Pira.

sh’Qynallahr: Watch out!

And a metal crate crashed into a pile of equipment next to them, scattering medical tools across the floor.

Marshall/Sevo: Response

sh’Qynallahr: Someone grab a phaser and get ready!

Lox looked over to the fight as Pira weaved and jabbed. Small, precise blows struck at the Vulcan’s vulnerable spots. Lox nodded appreciatively – combat drugs may have enhanced the guys strength and reflexes and pain threshold, but there were still some inbuilt instincts to getting poked in the windpipe that drugs couldn’t override. And Pira was using that to her advantage.

Marshall/Sevo: Response

With a crash, the assailant was down. Pira honoured him with a bow before ending things more permanently. 

Piravao: Stun him.

Marshall/Sevo: Response

Lox was already rooting around on the floor for the spilled medical supplies. He gave a small cry of triumph as he found something useful, tossing a hypospray towards the Andorian.

Loxley: Here! Axonol, dose him up and that should go some way to negating the stimulant in his system. He’ll stay down this time. ::he glanced at the Mission Specialist beside him:: It might help with your pain, too.

sh’Qynallahr/Marshall/Sevo: Response

The Starfleet officers gathered around the body once more, looking down.

sh’Qynallahr/Marshall/Sevo: Response

Loxley’s tricorder gave a little beep – signalling the end of a scan he’d started before the fighting had started. His eyebrows lifted in surprise as he viewed the results.

Loxley: Well, he’s not Vulcan. Not fully anyway. He’s a hybrid, Vulcan-Arcadian, I’ve never seen one before. He’s also not exactly infected, as such.

sh’Qynallahr/Marshall/Sevo: Response

Loxley: The scan detected the diseased cells sure enough but look;  ::he turned the tricorder display towards his companions:: Our friend has a Pelian thymus, and there’s no way that evolved by accident. It would explain the cervaline in his system, it looks like it was recently implanted. It's not even connected to the rest of his immune system.

sh’Qynallahr/Marshall/Sevo: Response

Loxley: My best guess is that it’s a rather unorthodox way of smuggling a sample of the disease. He just needed to inject his Pelian organ with a dose of the nanites or whatever and then get somewhere to have them removed before they killed his purloined Pelian thymus.

sh’Qynallahr/Marshall/Sevo: Response
Lt (jg) Loxley
USS Gorkon

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