Chief Petty Officer Makkor - Andorians versus Klingons

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Samira Neathler

Jun 26, 2022, 8:29:24 AMJun 26

(( Exit Gym - Deck Five - USS Gorkon ))

He waited rather unpatiently until the Lieutenant had stored away her weapons and gear. Why it took so much time was beyond him. None of the weapons were smeared with blood, so they didn’t need thorough cleaning before stowing them away. Unless it was part of a certain ceremony he didn’t know about.

Arms crossed in front of him, wearing a black tunic, seeing he was off duty, he watched the other activities in the gym. With most of the crew being on the station or planet, the gym was rather empty, a feat he liked. It meant he had to pay less attention to those who had rather short toes when he let out a loud cry of frustration during training.

He’d seen the Andorian at work several times. Their fighting styles couldn’t be any more different. Admittingly, he had quite the admiration for the Lieutenant’s work. The elegance, the timing, the fluent motions, it all came together as one. Whereas the Klingon style was brutal force, blocking and pounding and the occasional frowned upon yelling.

Finally, the Andorian approached the exit and he lowered his arms, walking out of the gym, next to the Lieutenant.

Makkor: Lieutenant, that was an impressive training session.

sh’Qynallahr: Response

Makkor: Can I spare a moment of your time?

Qynallahr: Response

He filled his lungs with air, as if that would make what he was about to ask any easier. They reached the bend in the hallway before he finally continued.

Makkor: Do you iceskate?

sh’Qynallahr: Response

CPO Makkor

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