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Meru Tahna

Jun 26, 2022, 10:34:44 PMJun 26

((Cabins, Mindirra Mountain Range, Palanon))

The morning had gotten off to an early start, with Cory and Sirin beating the others up to fix a breakfast fit for royals. Meru shuffled to the replicator, stifling a yawn. In this case, at least, the yawn was more a side effect of waking, more than a symptom of unrestful sleep.

Tahna: Raktajino with kava, extra sweet, thanks. 

Sirin: I think I see a juicer on that shelf above your head, Cory. Perhaps I shall make some juice to go with our meal. Or you all can replicate some if the fruits here are not to your liking.

The red-headed vulcanoid was currently working on a fruit salad, adding something vinegar-y and aromatic that Meru thought ought to balance nicely. That and the juice ought to go very well with the food Cory was making, a full, delicious breakfast. 

Tagren-Quinn: Response

The coffee materialized, hot and sugary and caffeinated, and she turned back to the others, taking in the complex, spiced aromas of the brew. 

Tahna: So, breakfast and games. ::She smiled at Sirin.:: You mentioned dabo and poker last night, I think?

Stoyer:  Well, I have breakfast covered.   And poker, I can play.

Sirin: I’m willing to play whatever games the rest of you would like to try. Poker is a favorite, but I’m happy to learn some new games.

Tagren-Quinn: Response

Tahna: Sounds fun!

Sirin: Indeed.

Tagren-Quinn: Response

She’d played poker once at the Academy. It had ended in a brawl, and she’d avoided the game since, so she wasn’t sure she remembered the rules. She wondered if she should admit that they might have to re-teach her, or see if she could just bluff her way through the game. Bluffing was an important part of poker, right?

Now she turned to Cory, slowly sipping at her raktajino. It really was good, for replicated coffee. Some people claimed to be able to tell whether any coffee was brewed or replicated—she did too, really, because that was just the sort of thing one did at cafes—but if it was anything other than her standard order, Meru really couldn’t taste the difference. 

Tahna: Need any help with that?

Stoyer:  Yeah, you want to get some plates and such out, if you don’t mind.  It's about ready.

Sirin: I’ll bring out the juice and fruit salad.

Meru nodded, finding plates and cups in one of the dark wooden cabinets, and utensils (fashioned almost to look like they were carved from talons) in a nearby drawer. She set them out on a clear area of the bar

Tagren-Quinn: Response

Cory piled serving plates with sausage and scrambled eggs, bacon and toast. Sirin’s juice and fruit salad completed the breakfast buffet. And just in time too, as Meru had just finished slurping down the rest of her raktajino. She wasn’t sure what was in the juice, but it was a pretty orange, so she was willing to try it.

Stoyer:  Breakfast is ready.  

Sirin: Everything looks delicious. Well done, Cory.

Tahna: Well done, both of you!

Tagren-Quinn: Response

Stoyer: Help yourselves.  I will get a plate after y’all.

Sirin: After this, we can clean up and decide on the rest of our day.

Meru frowned slightly, another tiny crease forming between her brows. Back home, if you cooked, you were the first to be served, though that was mostly just her own family’s tradition. She didn’t let it stop her, though, stifling another yawn.

Tahna: Bajor waits for no one. 

Tagren-Quinn: Response

She took a plate, filling it with a little bit of everything, and a glass of the juice, before sitting at the dining table. Napkins, she’d forgotten napkins earlier. She’d seen some cloth ones in a drawer last night when she was digging around…

Tahna: Sorry, excuse me, grabbing napkins for everyone.

Stoyer/Sirin/Tagren-Quinn: Response

She wriggled her way back into the kitchen, retrieved four black cottony pieces of cloth, and set them at each place at the table before sitting again. She tried the juice first—slightly sweet, mostly floral and citrusy. The bacon was nice and crisp, too, just the way it should be.

Tahna: This is all delicious, thank you.

Stoyer/Sirin/Tagren-Quinn: Response

She smiled at Sirin.

Tahna: What type of fruit did you use for the juice? It’s really good. 

Stoyer/Sirin/Tagren-Quinn: Response

There was a brief silence as they all dug into their food, savoring the tangy fruit salad, the comforting scrambled eggs and bread, the salty bacon. She should eat earth breakfasts more often, really. She usually stuck to the bread and jam she’d been used to all her life, but this was so good, with such a variety of flavors and textures, she figured it was impossible to get tired of it. Eventually, she paused and broke the silence.

Tahna: So, poker when we’ve cleaned up? I’m amazing at poker.

That was a lie—a bluff. Because poker was about bluffing, right? So she should start now, get ahead of the game. 

Stoyer/Sirin/Tagren-Quinn: Response

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