[JP] Marshall & Sienelis - Road Trip (Part III)

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Quinn Reynolds

Apr 30, 2019, 8:30:53 PM4/30/19
to Gorkon (IC)

((Cabin, the Unicorn))

Sienelis: You didn't have to do that.

O. Marshall: Is that right? ::His eyes flashed up to hers.:: Because you were doing such a good job of leaving before that.

::Her expression darkened, tight bands squeezing her heart, drumming the anger through arteries and into rigid muscles.::

Sienelis: You didn't have to do *that*.

O. Marshall: It wasn't personal, if that's what's bothering you. ::His eyebrow arched at her reflection.:: I don't make a habit of breaking hearts.

::Valesha's cheeks flushed and she opened her mouth, drawing in a breath to retort. But as the words bounced around in her skull, along with those last echoes of Chris, last she clamped her jaw shut. He'd be fine. He had plenty of people around him who cared, a future that was his own to make. Some time, no doubt plenty of tequila, and he'd be fine.

::And hadn't there been an expiration date on it all, anyway? His transfer recommendations had been filed, ready for the end of his enlistment. It had been barrelling straight toward a conclusion, one way or the other. This was a far uglier ending than she might have anticipated, but it was more decisive, and maybe that was a good thing. Maybe.

::She just wished she hadn't been so stubborn about sharing a dance. The Romulan swallowed down the tug at the back of her throat, and forced a shrug that wasn't nearly as apathetic as she tried to convey.::

Sienelis: I guess it doesn't matter. It's done.

O. Marshall: I guess not.

::Contained therein was a lie delivered with conviction. Expert in matters of the heart Bear was not, but with one look at the Russian's face behind that amethyst shield, he'd recognised the expression well. Recklessness. Worn it himself, on occasion. The man would have tried to shift planets to get her back, and that foolish notion was what they didn't need. Chris had to believe she didn't want him to; for his own safety, for Valesha's, and selfishly, Bear's as well.

::Not for the first time, his thoughts deviated to Samira and what she would be thinking of their flit into the ether. Or Jo, for that matter. Keeping those closest in the dark was a hard line to walk. The thought left him fatigued, with a cold feeling wrapped around his sternum that refused to leech elsewhere.

::With a hefty sigh, and wavering strength to ignore it, Bear checked the readout for their current heading and speed, trying to find something to alleviate the loaded silence.::

O. Marshall: You should try and sleep. I'll wake you when we're closer.

Sienelis: What about you?

O. Marshall: I'll be fine. ::His lips twitched.:: But your concern is touching.

Sienelis: Enjoy it. That's my quota reached for the year. ::She shifted in her chair, trying to find some position at least part way conducive toward sleeping. A Romulan curse escaped her lips, and she grumbled, shifting onto her side.:: Someone needs to talk to MacFarlane about reinventing the square wheel.

::The man chuckled, sitting back in the chair that cradled his form quite well, and, crossing his boots, kicked his feet up onto the console.::

O. Marshall: If we make it back, that particular death sentence can be all yours.

::A quiet, muffled snicker came from the back of the cockpit, and that was all the answer he got.::



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