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Jona ch'Ranni

Oct 16, 2021, 4:37:58 PMOct 16
((Lab, FedSec HQ))

The Pelian FedSec agent stood quietly as the three Starfleet officers discussed their path forward in the investigation. He added to their list of potential leads that Sylan and Bisul often met to peruse bookstores and stop for lunch at The Burrow diner. The offworlders thought that might provide some eyewitnesses to the last time someone spotted the two together. 

Lynas: One last thing I should mention that has become relevant. Bisul's attendant mentioned in his interview that His Eminence was set to announce an understanding with our Romulan brethren. 

Stoyer:  Really?

Tahna: What sort of understanding?

Lynas: Apparently some of the Romulan colonists expressed an interest in converting to the Pelian faith. It would be a controversial step.

Stoyer:  Wow, that is surprising.

Tahna: What do you mean controversial? Were Pelians opposed to it, or Romulans? Both? 

Stoyer:  That is a good question.

Lynas: A subset of traditionalist Pelians think the Romulan converts are insincere and simply wish to infiltrate our society. ::scratching at a leathery ear:: Interestingly, there is likely to be some overlap with those drawn to beliefs of the Pelian Way.

Tahna: Could we have some of the more prominent people opposed to Romulan conversion brought in for questioning while we look into any sightings of Sylan? 

Stoyer:  ::returning from his search of the New Sybek database and interrupting with his report, broad shoulders and all:: I was able to find a bookstore with a couple of diners nearby.  

Neathler: Take the one closest to The Burrow.

Tahna: We should also get information about any prominent figures in the Pelian Way. Who's still around, who might have the resources to cultivate Gorak. 

Neathler: I’m sure that is something Lynas can look into? Or have some of his people set to work on that?

Lynas: I'll see to it immediately.

Stoyer: Ok, hard would it be to cultivate Gorak?  Do you need anything more than soil, fertilizer, sun and water?

Lynas: ::interjecting:: I'm not versed in botany. But the Gorak was an invasive species. It is likely that it could easily be cultivated with minimal effort.

Tahna: Response

Stoyer:  Also, how long does the poison stay potent?  Is it something that has to be worked up quickly and administered or something that can sit around till needed.  

Tahna: Response

Stoyer:  Last question… the poison as simple to make as grinding up the mushrooms or ::waving to the lab:: is something like this needed?

Tahna: Response

Neathler: We’re going to have a look at those bookstores near the Burrow and the restaurant itself. Do you want to join us? Oh, and if you have a picture of ... ::Commander Neathler paused for a second and then continued:: ... Sylan, that might be useful too.

Lynas let out a breath he hadn't realized he was holding. Fortunately, the Starfleet team leader had said Sylan's name correctly this time. To mispronounce it twice could hardly be overlooked.

Lynas: I can transmit a copy of a recent picture to each of your tricorders. ::a genuine smile graced his face:: I'd love to join you on the chase but perhaps it is in the best interest of the investigation to part ways. I will follow up with Bisul's attendant and see if I can find any more relevant information on the Pelian Way.

Stoyer/Tahna: Response

Lynas led the three to the entrance of the precinct and pointed to the transport they had arrived in.

((New Sabyk, Darime Colony))  

Lynas: I'll contact you when I have more information. Be safe.

Neathler: You have the address, Mister Stoyer?

Stoyer/Tahna: Response

The Pelian FedSec agent climbed into his own personal transport with a parting wave to the three Starfleet officers. His ride was one of the new units, with top-of-the-line soundproof shielding. He drove away and was far too distant anyway to make out the faraway explosion of the other transport. 

However, he was quite close to the explosion that rocked his own transport as a fireball tore through the compartment. Then he heard nothing.

Agent, Federation Security
Darime IV

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USS Gorkon (NCC-82293)

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