[JP] Lt. JG G. Xerix, Lt. S. Neathler - The Clash For Victoire (Part VII)

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Ghant Xerix

Jan 1, 2020, 9:23:36 AM1/1/20
to UFOP: StarBase 118: USS Gorkon
((Sevruga Woods, Betazed))

Ignoring the tingling feeling going through her arm, she hit him again and he now stopped moving. She freed the knife from his hand, putting it between the belt of her trousers and then reached for his phaser, shooting a few times in the air, to give a signal to the others of her current location.

It didn’t take long before she heard shouting and voices coming in her direction. A few men approached her, phaser rifles pointed at her and she raised her hands, it was only now she felt the blood trickling down on her cut arm. She noticed the familiar face of Ghant behind the men.

Xerix: ::Fear in his voice:: Sami! She’s hurt, help her!

Lowering her hands she handed over the phaser to one of the men, yet keeping the knife with her.

Neathler: It can wait, I’d rather have them taking care of ::She nodded towards the attacker.:: him. ::She looked at Ghant.:: Are you ok?

Xerix: ::He started laughing out of embarrassment.:: Me? Sami you just saved my life.

As the guards picked up the attacker, she crouched down on the boulder picking up the PADD and the tricorder. Skimming through both of them before she handed over the PADD to Ghant.

Neathler: Looks like he was after the Gorkon’s most handsome pilot.

Ghant’s hands were shaking as he looked everything over. The unconscious Dopterian was beamed out, and Xerix ripped his pant leg to make a tourniquet for Samira’s bleeding arm.

Xerix: ::Wrapping her arm.:: Don’t start flirting with me now, or I’ll worry you’re delirious from blood loss.

Neathler: And here I thought, you’d love a bit of flirting. ::She nodded when he was done wrapping her arm.:: Thanks.

Grexan: Excuse me, I’m Captain Grexan of the Home Guard. Can you tell me who you both are and what happened here?

Xerix: I’m Ghant Xerix. This is my… friend seems insufficient at the moment.. Lieutenant Samira Neathler. The Dopterian fired upon us. Samira intercepted the man and saved me.

Neathler: You’d better make sure he was acting on his own, I don’t want any more persons shooting at us.

Grexan: Well let’s get you medical attention, Lieutenant. Then I might have a few more questions.

Neathler: Likewise captain, likewise.

((Three days later - QSD Transport vessel Hierophant))

Ghant ended the call with Captain Grexan and turned to Standiford, who had been shamelessly eavesdropping.

Xerix: You know, privacy is going to be important to me at some point in my life, Maven.

Standiford: Perhaps when you’re not being sniped at. What will you tell Victoire?

Xerix: ::His eyes flicked over to the auburn-haired girl, who was clutching Ciel as she slept.:: I haven’t decided yet. Being a father is new to me. And this isn’t exactly in the parenting guides.

He stood and pocketed a small green drawstring bag, a muffled metallic clink accompanying the action.

Xerix: Keep an eye on her, I’m going to talk to Sami

Standiford: I’d tell you to stay out of trouble, but what’s the use?

The Betazoid walked out of the cramped quarters and a short ways down the corridor he chimed at a door, patting his hair as he waited for a response. Using the downtime to write to her brothers, Samira looked up as the door’s chime rang.

Neathler: Come in.

She put down the PADD and stood up from the small bed that stood against the sidewall in the small quarters.

Xerix: Hey, how’s the arm?

Neathler: You’re almost sounding as worried as Standiford. ::She grinned at him.:: It’s fine, doesn’t bother me anymore.

Xerix: :: He stepped into her equally diminutive accommodations:: I just spoke with Captain Grexan of the Home Guard. ::Taking a breath.:: Herrick, the attempted assassin, has made a deal, exchanging information for a shortened sentence.

Neathler: Maybe he’ll give up the names of those behind the attempt. ::She paused for a moment.:: At least Victoire hadn’t been with us when he made the attempt. Who knows what it could have done to her.

Knowing the girl had already witnessed the death of her mother, she had no idea what it would have done with the girl, seeing something similar happen with her father this time.

Xerix: He has. It seems it was Olympé Seastri. To say I’m surprised would be a tremendous understatement.

Neathler: So this had nothing to do with the terrorist group that’s responsible for… ::She didn’t even bother to finish her sentence.:: I thought the higher the Betazed house the higher the reputation and upholding?

Xerix: While they might not seem it now, they were once a reputable family. So much so that my parents saw fit to betroth me to Mara.

Neathler: But to make an assassination attempt on their own family? Even if they’re not blood? You are now officially the father of Victoire.

Xerix: I suppose I am now...Well, they are continuing to investigate. But that brings me to your part in all this mess.

Neathler: What mess? Compared to what happened with me on the Njörðr and the Juneau, this was a holiday.

At least she hadn’t been crawling through Jefferies tubes or running through corridors for her life, with closing bulkheads behind and in front of her and a ship eating nebula that wanted to jettison her into the void of space or hadn’t been faced with another warp core breach.

Xerix: ::He huffed a laugh at her quip.:: I dragged you into this fiasco, and you had no obligations. You came with me halfway across the quadrant and risked your life to save my hide.

Neathler: I hardly risked anything Ghant. I’m just glad the guy didn’t succeed in his plans and that you and Victoire can be together now, form a family.

Ghant pulled the small bag out his pocket, tugging at the drawstrings to reveal a brooch of circular metal designs set with small gemstones of differing colors.

Xerix: This is the Beta Veldonna medal. Awarded to off-worlders who have shown heroism for Betazed. You certainly qualify there.

Frowning she looked to the brooch and then up in his dark eyes, shaking her head.

Neathler: Ghant, I already told you. I did nothing. All I did was join a fellow crew member to his home planet and… ::She paused for a moment.:: and knocked someone down.

Xerix: ::He smiled warmly.:: I’m afraid you and I will just have to disagree, there.

She grinned, not the first time and not the last time they’d disagree either. Her gaze lowered to the brooch again.

Neathler: It is lovely though. But if you hadn’t bent down, it would have ended totally different.

Something she preferred not to think about, she wouldn’t be talking with Ghant at all anymore and Victoire would… she stopped her train of thought. Victoire did have someone she could see as her father figure and both were now en route to the Gorkon to pick up their lives and make the best of it. Although it would be a huge change for Ghant and she hoped he was up for the task.

Xerix: Please accept this, and my sincerest thanks. :: He paused for a moment:: you know, it’s funny. I feel somehow that Victoire and I will be safer on the Gorkon than we were on Betazed.

Ghant considered that thought for a moment. He and Victoire were beginning a new life together. In a situation neither of them had asked for. In all of the struggle, he really hadn’t had time to consider the results. He was a father now. It certainly hadn’t happened the way he had imagined it would. And it would change his life from now on. But despite the uncertainties, he knew he had made the right choices.


Lieutenant JG Ghant Xerix
HCO Officer
USS Gorkon


Lieutenant Samira Neathler
Assistant Chief of Security&Tactical
USS Gorkon

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