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Samira Neathler

Jun 17, 2019, 2:57:38 PM6/17/19
(( The Western Inn - Nassau ))

::Holding the glass at the top between two of his fingers, he swirled it around, over and over again, staring at the small, golden whirlpool his movement was causing to the liquid inside. Just as the thoughts in his head kept tumbling over and into each other. And that was something he didn't like, afraid that his thoughts would one day of these days betray him.::

::One of the initial things they had taught him, was how to avoid personal thoughts. At first that didn't cause any problem, he had been too focused at his job to avoid making mistakes. But now as time progressed and the uncertainty of his situation lingered on, it became more and more difficult to keep those musings aside. Who would have believed a year ago that he'd be working on this piece of rock for the Orion Syndicate even if it was as a spy?::

::It had taken him some time to infiltrate into the organization. He started out by doing inferior tasks and showed that he wasn't scared of getting his hands dirty, while he worked on gaining the trust of an Orion named Daii. In the end, he was only taking tasks from Daii and it was this Orion male who introduced him to the Syndicate. And from then on things changed rather quickly. Gradually he was assigned different, more important tasks, and when others from the Syndicate noticed he could be trusted, his workload never stopped.::

::But it gave him time to get to know the organization and to find out who was pulling the ropes. Of course power struggles happened everywhere, even within the Syndicate so he saw people come and go. Yet lately something had changed, and it all started with Daii asking him questions he never asked before. And he was also struggling with the latest assignment he had been given, if he were to complete it, it would cost the lives of innocent people and children and that was a line he refused to cross. The minute he heard it, he had reached out to Federation, which had set a few things in motion. Maybe that had been his mistake.::

::To his surprise, instead of making sure that there wouldn't be any casualties while he performed his task, cause if he wouldn't, someone else would execute it, the Federation had opted to extract him. So now here he was, sitting in the unknown, cause the last communication he had with Federation, he had to cut off unexpectedly cause he suspected someone had been eavesdropping on him. He had left the contact place and never returned, so he had no idea if they had tried contacting him again. Nor did he know who was going to extract him or when, the only thing he knew was the rendez-vous point.::

::Luckily for him it had been one of the inn's that was frequently visited by Lishesaa, one of the Orion's, who he done the odd job for now and then. It didn't take him long to get in her good books again, which gave him an excuse to frequent the Western Inn more often and keep track of any newcomers, which until today he hadn't seen.::

::He stopped turning the glass and once the liquid stopped swirling, he gulped it down and with a thud, placed the glass back on the table. The only drink Lishesaa would allow him to have. At least if the extraction would succeed, he'd be able to eat and drink with taste again. Having spend so many months on this rock, everything flavored and smelled the same way. And what he wouldn't give for a breath of fresh air, he thought as he stood up and and walked over to the railing. By the sound of it, another barfight was about to happen.::

::A barfight he'd gladly watch from up here instead of being in the middle of one just for the entertainment of the Orions. He looked down expecting to see the usual faces, yet this time one of the table had a few newcomers. A Denobulan male and three females. Could those be? Was this the moment he had been waiting for or was it a trap? One of the blonde females looked up at him and he winked at her before he quickly disappeared in the room behind him. The room was sparsely furnished, a bed, a nightstand, a small table and two chairs.::

::Yet he didn't care for all that, he walked over to the window, opened it and looked down. Memorizing an escape route when needed. If those strangers down there were his ticket out of this rock, they'd try to get in touch with him. If it was just a co-incidence, he'd just wait out his turn. Yet if they did made contact, he had to find out if they were genuine or a trap setup by the Syndicate. Only one way to find out, as he took out an old piece of paper from the drawer on the table and a pencil, scribbling something on the paper and quickly folded it together, as he waited for what was to happen or not.::

Undercover Agent
The Western Inn - Nassau

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