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Aaron Schimmel

Jun 24, 2019, 2:15:08 AM6/24/19
to SB118 Gorkon (IC)

(( Vortex, Nassau ))

:: A cacophony of eclectic music and strobing lights pervaded the large, main room of club Vortex. The booming electric music blasted around the acoustically-designed room at shrieking decibels, drowning out any conversations beyond a few feet, and blasting out the eardrums of the unprepared. It was a roughly cylindrical establishment with three levels, each cascading towards the center more than the one beneath it. Lining the walls of the main floor were semi-private booths, inside of which all manner of “entertainment” and deals went down. A large bar completely encircled a dance column in the center of the club, rising several meters into the air, upon which danced scantily-clad males and females from several species. Numerous open tables dotted the floor, with a couple of dedicated dance floors, each packed with bodies caressing and contorting around each other in drug-infused ecstasy. ::

:: The circular wall was broken by three doorways at 120-degree intervals; one leading to the entrance, which was guarded by bulky Orion doormen with more brawn than brains; and another led down to the sublevel where the club’s casino further parted patrons from their latinum. Finally, the third doorway led to the elevator manned by another burly Orion. Taking the elevator to the second level would bring one to the private skyboxes which ringed around the club, whose occupants could look down on the “little people” dancing away their life’s troubles below, free of the deafening music thanks to top-notch soundproofing. The elevator operator was not standing in it for show, however, as he was the only way to access the third level which consisted of the VIP lounge which ringed above the skyboxes. ::

:: A full third of the VIP area, which had its own bar, was dedicated to the owner of Vortex. Leelou’s private meeting area, where she sat on an exquisite Tholian silk couch, was where Leelou managed the day-to-day business of what was left of her criminal enterprises; which included meeting everyone from rival gangs on the asteroid to business acquaintances and the occasional honored guest. The only entrance to her area was by way of a lightwall doorway flanked by two Orion guards. Two more Orions remained inside the meeting room itself with Leelou at all times; wherever she went, they went. ::

:: Today was a rather quiet day for Leelou with no meetings to speak of; she simply sat idly watching the throngs of people below. She wore a revealing leather corset attached to a full-neck choker, leather pants, and boots, sipping a clear, bubbling concoction as she contemplated her criminal enterprises. This single establishment was all that was left of Leelou’s formerly grand operations, operating at the pleasure of the Orion Syndicate. ::

:: Her first major foil was over three years ago on Palanon, where she was attempting to buy and influence the economies of the major Alpha Quadrant empires in the region: the Federation, Klingons, Romulan Republic, and Romulan Empire. She was ultimately discovered by a team from the U.S.S. Gorkon, led by Lt. Commander Ayiana Sevo; Leelou narrowly escaped being discovered by pretending to be a hapless slave of the Orions they discovered. ::

:: It was not until a year later that Leelou again encountered the Gorkon, this time on Starbase 173 at the edge of the Tyrellian sector. She had come with a squad of Orion troops to secure a strange artifact that had somehow displaced the station’s entire population, and releasing a terrifying alien creature. Ultimately, Admiral Reynolds managed to trap her in the security center with one of the creatures. By literally sacrificing her own men to the thing had Leelou managed to survive, but she was ultimately taken into Starfleet custody. It took considerable resources for the Syndicate to rescue her from the detention facility she was being held at. Since then, the Syndicate bosses had cracked down on Leelou, repossessing most of her assets in order to recoup the losses in resources and manpower they sustained in retrieving her, not to mention simple punishment for being foiled not once, but twice by the same Starfleet crew. ::

:: So here she was, on this roving asteroid in the middle of a cosmic hurricane, trying to keep a low profile as she rebuilt her assets. Ultimately she planned to break away from the Syndicate, far away from where they could reach her, but she needed substantial funds to do so. Her reputation had gone down the waste extractor since her retrieval; few people wanted to do business with Leelou until the Syndicate reaffirmed her reputation and loyalty. Thus she was scraping the bottom of the barrel in terms of business partners; she was even having trouble finding some bodies to do simple salvage work around the asteroid! It would have been unthinkable just a few years ago! ::

:: In just a few months, however, Leelou estimated she would have the necessary resources to pay off her debts to the Syndicate and flee far away from the quadrant that had plagued her for years. She had been contemplating setting up a small enterprise in the Gamma Quadrant in the lawless areas outside Dominion space. Just a few more jobs, some more high-rollers in the casino, and she was free, never again to be pestered by superiors who sat on their rears, taking a cut of everything she did. Never again to be defeated at every turn by the damned Gorkon and her even more damnable Admiral. Soon, she would be free. ::


MSNPC Leelou

Syndicate Underboss


Written by


Lt. Commander Ayiana Sevo
Research Coordinator

U.S.S. Gorkon

Image Collective Facilitator

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