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((Sickbay, USS Gorkon))

Normally, an emergency involving a strange person with blood poured all over them was meant for Medical. She tended to take care of the after, once they were stitched up and able to muddle through their mind a bit better. But the man they'd taken on was lost in a whirlwind of emotions, denying anyone with medical expertise near. It was a combo attempt this time, her hands running over each other over and over nervously, her lower lip disappearing beneath her teeth as she worried it.

At least he didn't appear to have a weapon, but it was never safe to approach someone who definitely appeared to be spiraling either into shock or despair. She heard Taeval sigh, and could imagine he was feeling as stuck as the rest of them. She looked over at him, letting out a sigh herself, her hands dropping to her sides for the moment.

Taeval: I don’t think sedating him is an option. He won’t be able to tell us anything, and getting pinned down and knocked out is only likely to make him more agitated when he comes back around.

Fortune: Absolutely. ::she kept her eye on the man, just in case he decided backing away was no longer an option, and charging was.:: It would create a negative response between him and us, and we'd do far better garnering a positive one.

Loxley/Saralai: Response

She shot a look at Loxley, giving a small, quick smile to him before returning to the situation at hand. Ah, to think, they had just been planning on meeting up for dinner later on and watching a new show. That was Starfleet for you, always a new adventure around the corner!

Taeval: We need his name, at least. ::He paused for thought, and looked at his colleagues.:: We have the Triumphant’s manifest, yes? Could one of you check that? I don’t have the authorisation.

Her head turned a little to look over at them, only to swivel back to their guest. His anxiety and fear was crawling over her, sending a shiver down her spine. The blood shining on his shirt was hopefully not from him, but if he did have any wounds, it was only going to get worse the more he tensed.

His swirling emotions pushed at her netting, and she had to tighten it against the constant, intense stream.

Loxley/Saralai: Response

Taeval: ::Low,:: He’s got more agitated each time we’ve taken any equipment near him. Maybe Corliss could distract him, try to talk him down while we try to take some basic scans? I don’t think he’s hurt, but I’d hate to be wrong and only find out when he collapses.

Fortune: That's a good idea...okay, easy enough, I hope.

Loxley/Saralai: Response

She took a breath, sweeping both hands on her thighs before holding them out, palm up. She kept a small smile on her face, teeth covered, voice soft. An open, trusting source, to keep focus on, radiating calmness as best she could.

Fortune: Sir, I understand, you've been through a lot today, yes? All we would like to do is help you, okay? My name is Lieutenant Corliss Fortune, you're aboard the USS Gorkon.

??/Loxley/Saralai/Taeval: Response

Fortune: Hey, hey, focus on me, okay? Look, let's take some deep breaths, okay? ::she placed a hand on her chest, taking one step forward but no more.:: Deep breath in, deep breath out. Deep breath in...

She mimicked the breathing exercise slowly. It was one of many techniques they'd been taught in the beginning, how to mirror your movement with the patient to garner trust between each other. She took another breath in, looking him over before chancing another step forward.

Fortune: Deep breaths. I've got nothing on me, okay? We just want to help. Just focus on me, okay?

Reassure, repeat, relieve. Reassure, repeat, relieve. Although, it wasn't exactly true, she did have a phaser hidden away, and she wasn't exactly defenseless without a weapon. But if seeing them without weapons helped him, then that's what she would say.

??/Loxley/Saralai/Taeval: Response

Lieutenant Corliss Fortune

Highest Quality Counsellor Brain

USS Gorkon


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