Rear Admiral Reynolds & Commander Ross - Wolves in the Night

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Quinn Reynolds

May 15, 2019, 9:16:24 AM5/15/19
to Gorkon (IC)

((Personal Quarters, USS Gorkon))

Reynolds: This has taken much longer than I'd like, Harry. I wanted to be underway by now.

::The Gorkon's captain had an small office set aside in her quarters, rather than dealing with large a desk squarely in the middle of her living space. Along with the obligatory workstation, there was a large screen on the wall, usually displaying a rotating selection of paintings. Pictured today were images pulled from personnel and intelligence files; the sweeping, yet bulbous lines of an Orion corsair, an asteroid that looked like a giant peanut shell painted in slate and lead, a bearded Andorian in his later years, a striking Orion woman, and a handsome young human in Starfleet colours.

::Quinn was stood there, looking as though she'd pulled from her bed ahead of schedule — and indeed that was exactly the situation. Her hair was in a somewhat untidy braid, her clothing a comfortable, loose pair of pyjama pants and a vest. She was sporting a disappointed frown on her brow, bare arms crossed as she stared at the screen.

::Beside her was a tall, slim man, one who was built like a runner than a bruiser, with hair so fair it almost seemed to vanish in certain lights. Tiredness hooded his pale blue eyes, his uniform creased through long hours of wear. A close friend, the father of one of her children, and more pertinent to this situation, the Tyrellian Sector's appointed intelligence director.::

Ross: I know. But you know that getting information out of Ma no Umi is difficult.

::Her lips pressed into a thin line, unable to deny it. There were very good reasons it had a reputation as a pirate haven, and that was one of them.::

Reynolds: What else do we know? Anything on Sienelis and Marshall?

::Harry leaned forward, his long, slim fingers on the controls to change the on screen images. Replacing the pirate's parade was a certain Romulan, a certain Ranger, and a settlement that looked less like a settlement and more like a crash site that people had decided to live inside.::

Ross: They got to Hai Tac without incident. ::He scratched just under his ear.:: Then the incidents began; a couple of Syndicate opportunists tried to pick them up without success, and later a group of Romulans tried the same thing.

::Her hazel gaze snapped away from the screen toward the much taller man, barely lifting her chin as she looked up to meet his eyes.::

Reynolds: Romulans?

Ross: None other.

Reynolds: Do we know who they were?

Ross: I can tell you who they weren't. There were no indications it was a state operation.

::She lifted one hand, resting the back of her forefinger against her lips as while she thought, her breath tickling the delicate skin. Mercenaries, though a notable rarity among the Romulan people, were a possibility. A private action of a House-Clan seemed more likely. If that was indeed the case, she could think of a couple of likely offenders, and neither option left her feeling particularly settled.::

Reynolds: That either complicates the situation, or suddenly everything makes a lot more sense.

Ross: You know Romulans better than I do.

Reynolds: E taeth rudhaien.1 ::She cracked a grin, and Harry chuckled.:: You said they tried? I'm assuming your general lack of a grim disposition means they failed.

Ross: Zuccaro and Josett got them out. They're heading to Thertas' ship as we speak.

Reynolds: That's ahead of schedule. Might not be a bad thing.

::And it might be a *very* bad thing, given that they were supposed to be waiting for the storms to subside before travelling. Then again, it could be argued that plasma fields with the ability to vaporise ships were the least of the duo's problems. Marshall was capable, but cocky. Sienelis was quick-witted, but inexperienced. The pair of them were walking into a literal den of thieves with no promise of back-up except one another.

::Quinn drew in a deep breath, feeling a knot of worry pushing against the underside of her ribs. A useless emotion, given that she could do nothing for them, not yet. But there it was, lodged in her chest and unlikely to shift any time soon. Movement caught her eye, Harry rubbing his jaw in a tic she recognised too well. He had something he needed to say, and he didn't want to say it.::

Reynolds: What's on your mind?

::Harry laid the palm of his hand on the wall, leaning toward her. In the confines of her office, there was no need for the impromptu privacy shield he had created with his body, but that he'd made one was telling in itself.::

Ross: ::Low,:: Quinn… are you sure trust that intel officer of yours? Marshall was aboard for a long time and it was only by fluke that Vondaryan came to investigate what the man was up to. ::His eyebrows twitched upward.:: Did he miss it, or did he "miss" it?

::The pyjama-clad admiral frowned, her hazel gaze wandering back to the image of the handsome blond on screen. She'd known Marshall was in the clutches of the Syndicate since he'd come aboard — it was *why* she'd brought him aboard — but was it really Vondaryan's fault that the former Ranger had so effortlessly flown under his radar?::

Reynolds: I don't subscribe that tired notion that intelligence officers should trust no one. It's usually spouted by someone who acquired most of their experience behind a desk, thinking it's actually possible to function effectively aboard a starship or in fieldwork with that attitude. ::She glanced toward him.:: Or by sociopaths using it as a cover for their sociopathy.


Ross: But that was a long time to miss something. If not for Sevo's chance finding, he would have kept on missing it. ::He paused.:: And there's no indication whatsoever he caught on to Zuccaro.

::Quinn thought on that, brushing strands of hair from her forehead as she rubbed the skin underneath. Instinct told her that it was nothing, but she had learned a while ago that gut feelings were a poor basis to make decisions upon.::

Reynolds: You want to keep an eye on him.

Ross: I do.

Reynolds: Once upon a time, I was just a girl who looked up at the stars and dreamed of adventure. ::She breathed out a reluctant sigh, and nodded. If he was thinking it, others would be too, and some hard evidence to contrary could be useful.:: Alright. But a tight leash, Harry. I don't want a man's career ruined with unfounded suspicions, especially if it's just the case that they were better at playing the game.

::The tall blond nodded, and of all people she'd trust to take care with another man's career, Harry was it. He understood on a very personal level that once tarnished, it was very hard to regain one's former lustre. His pale blue eyes went back to the viewscreen, and the people displayed upon it.::

Ross: If we can pull this off, it's going to be quite a coup.

Reynolds: I don't know what you mean. Convincing a Syndicate captain to defect to the Federation as unbeknownst to him, undercover agents conduct a heist on his very own ship, while simultaneously infiltrating teams into one of the most notorious pirate havens in order to capture a fugitive crime boss, extract an operative and steal data from their servers, while convincing Starfleet Command that this was in fact my plan all along. ::She paused to recover her breath, and grinned at him.:: What's so remarkable about that?

::He grinned right back, his eyes twinkling in that boyish way that had never failed to set her pulse racing, many years ago. These days it sparked a cosy, warm affection; endearing, rather than entrancing. With a long finger, he tapped the picture of Sienelis using the flat of his nail.::

Ross: She must mean a lot to you.

Reynolds: We're not friends, but… ::She frowned, finding her peculiar connection to the Romulan hard to put into words.:: She told me once that if given the chance to change history, she wouldn't. Because Hobus took everything from her, but it gave something back she never thought she'd have; a chance to live her life the way she wants to. To pursue her dreams, to love who she wants, just... to be who she really is. It's a freedom we take for granted in the Federation, but it doesn't really exist in the Empire. And someone's trying to take that away from her. ::She shook her head, a frown carving its way onto her forehead.:: I won't have it.

::It was a homely silence that blanketed them, two people who didn't feel the need to fill the quiet with words while they ran with their inner thoughts, contemplating what lay ahead. Possibilities, pitfalls, consequences… there was a great deal to consider, but as ever, there was only so much she could do. Eventually, one just had to trust in the ability and skill of one's crew, and have confidence they could do what was necessary.

::She pulled herself out of her reverie with a deep inhale and exhale, looking back toward Harry.::

Reynolds: Well, anyway. Thank you. I'll brief the crew in the morning, and we'll get underway not longer after.

Ross: Try to get back to sleep.

::She shot him a sly grin, and he chuckled, knowing what was about to come next.::

Reynolds: I always do enjoy your optimism, Harry.

::The tall blond stooped to press a kiss to her cheek, and she patted his arm with a smile. It had been a favour to him to bring him to the Tyrellian Sector, to give him the chance to spend more time with their daughter. Rarely had she been so glad to have pulled strings for someone else as she was now. His experience and competence was a boon in this situation, and his presence was a balm.::

Ross: Good night. Can I poke my head in Amelia's room on the way out?

Reynolds: Of course you can.

::With smile nothing short of delighted, he ducked out of her office, leaving her to stare at the images of the two officers she had thrown to the wolves. Their fate was in their hands now, and all she could do was hope.::

1 For my sins.

Rear Admiral Quinn Reynolds
Commanding Officer
USS Gorkon


Director of Intelligence
Tyrellian Sector
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