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Aaron Schimmel

Jun 25, 2022, 9:14:41 PMJun 25
to SB118 Gorkon (IC)

(( Commercial District, Section 24, Iana Station ))

Crauw: How about we end this perfect afternoon with dinner or maybe our youngster would prefer a movie?

M’Rish: What's a “movie”? 

L’rann: It’s like a holonovel, but it's two-dimensional and you don’t interact with it. You just sit and watch a screen. Not many are made anymore. :: M’Rish looked at her quizzically. :: What can I say? Humans are nostalgic.

Crauw burst out in laughter.

Crauw: What’s not to like about a movie? Sit back, do nothing, lose yourself in the story, be carried away with too loud music. Nibble on some popcorn, have a drink.

L’rann: That said, perhaps the movie first, then maybe we’ll be hungry for dinner, since we ate lunch recently. What did you have in mind?

Crauw: That sounds like a perfect plan, miss L’rann. What about something adventurous but not too scary?

L’rann: What do you think, M’Rish? 

M’Rish: Yay!

Crauw: I think I saw a holosuite slash theater on the map, a few blocks away if I’m not mistaken. Let’s see what they are playing. Because believe it or not, most movies are played in holodecks these days. It’s easier to create that authentic feel.

L’rann checked her map to find exactly where the theater was. Once triangulated, the trio decided to walk over instead of transporting or taking the RapTram. Along the way, they passed through a produce market, which caught Crauw’s eyes. At the end of the block was a fountain. On said fountain was a figure of which was the subject of a painter sitting nearby. A small crowd had curved around them as they watched the painter create his masterpiece.

Lachlan: That’s just amazing, isn’t it? It looks so real and all that with just a pencil.

L’rann hadn’t noticed that he was not using paint as she originally thought, but was indeed using an archaic graphite pencil, or rather several from the look of his tool rack. Some were thick, some thin, a few were different sizes of flat heads; all to get that perfect sweep on the equally archaic paper canvas. On said canvas was an extremely detailed reproduction of the marble fountain and the man sitting on it.

L’rann: That looks amazing!

M’Rish: Wow!

Crauw: Response

L’rann: Lots of years of practice to do that, especially in this day and age. Not many people use pencil and paper anymore.

Crauw: Response

After watching the street artist for a few minutes, the group moved on to the next block, which held the holotheater they were after. It anchored the block; a large edifice surrounded by restaurants and vendors. The holographic marquee of the holotheater displayed the attractions currently running. Most were modern interactive holonovels, but they also had a couple of 2D movies, with the choice to either watch them as intended on a 2D screen, or upscaled to 3D non-interactive holograms.

L’rann: Right, there it is. What catches your fancy?

Crauw: Response







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